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June 2002: seventh Procol Radio Marathon from UCLA

With two new Procol interviews

Guest DJ No 6 at broadcast his seventh internet Procol Harum marathon on Saturday 15 June, 9am to 12 am California time. It featured new interviews with Matt Pegg and Mark Brzezicki; rare Procol Harum music; more solo Whitehorn, Brooker, and Fisher tracks; music from the Whalers' CD; live tracks from the Palers' Band, and music influenced by Procol Harum just 46 songs in all J

The Dead Man's Dream (from the Procol Harum documentary by Robin Copping)
Into the Flood German CD single

From Procol's Ninth
Typewriter Torment, Eight Days a Week

From Freedom at Last (Freedom with Bobby Harrison)
Cry Baby Cry, Time of the Season

Back-announcing and introducing the foregoing and the following: mp3 here and mp3 here

From The Best of the Whalers:
The Leaving of Wuppertal (Michael Ackermann); Love all around (Greg Panfile); One for the Boys (Larry Pennisi)

From Taking Turns in Trying to Pass it On (the Palers' Band)
Brickyard Blues, Not Her Fault, One Eye on the Future, Theme from 'Separation'

Announcing the Brzezicki interview: mp3 here

Mark Brzezicki interview

More continuity, announcing the forthcoming tracks: mp3 here

From Inferno (Greg Panfile)
I Don't Know Why, Fires of Ishtar

From Symphony in Six Major with Minor Variations (Number 6)
Parts A and B

From the Procol DVD, Pilgrim's Progress
Shine on Brightly
, In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence, Still There'll Be More, Pilgrim's Progress, Power Failure

Announcing the Matt Pegg interview, which was done on a boat at the British end: mp3 here

Matt Pegg interview

Announcing the Geoff Whitehorn cuts: mp3 here

From Big in Gravesend (Geoff Whitehorn)
Whiskey and What, The Widdler's Rap, Turn it up Loud, El Ballet, Beats Working

Announcing the Matthew Fisher cuts: mp3 here

From Strange Days (Matthew Fisher)
Something I Should Have Known, Without You, Why Can't You Lie to Me?, Can't Stop Loving You Now

Announcing the Gary Brooker solo items : mp3 here

Gary Brooker singles:
Chasing for the Chop, No News from the Western Frontier, Come Turn It All, Two Fools in Love (with Lori Spee)

Introducing the 'Weird Song of the Week' section: mp3 here

From Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends (with Matthew Fisher)
Roll Over Beethoven, Hands of Jack the Ripper

Announcing Willie and the Poor Boys: mp3 here

From Tear it Up (Willie and the Poor Boys feat. Gary Brooker)
High School Confidential, Ooh-Poo-Pah-Doo, Lovin Up a Storm, Land of 1000 Dances

Announcing the Procol Harum cuts: mp3 here

From the Procol DVD, Pilgrim's Progress
Quite Rightly So, Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone), A Salty Dog, Simple Sister

Announcing the Palers' Band once again: mp3 here

From Taking Turns in Trying to Pass it On (the Palers' Band)
Holding On and the bonus track, Holding On for DNA

Signing off mp3 here

From Number 6
Six of One and Half Dozen of the Other


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