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Procolabilia for sale and wanted

Name your price, and make your sale!

1 April 2003: from time to time BtP gets messages from Palers asking us what is the value of a particular record or other collectible item, and of course we are not in a good position to offer such advice. But the value of an item is only what someone else will pay for it, and that someone is likely to visit BtP before long. If you have items to sell, or items that you have always wanted to acquire, feel free to contact us with details of the item and we will add them to this page. And if you see anything here that you like, click the 'Place your Bid' logo and tell the webmasters what you're prepared to pay, and we will put you in touch with the right person.

Do read the whole page right the way down to the bottom.

For sale
Large collection Procol albums (all now upgraded to CD format) including Regal Zonophone (blue label) British 'Procol Harum' w/o AWSOP and Homburg. Large posters of the band in some of them, lyric sheets etc.

Wanted to trade
12 inch LP record Procol's Ninth signed by six members of band in dark blue ink, will trade for any album by Beatles, Stones, Ramones etc, signed in similar way.

For sale
Procol picture sleeve 45 rpm singles inc. Wee Small Hours of Sixpence (Radio Luxembourg) on the '208' label (collector's edition) c/w fold-out poster feat. Chris Copping

For Sale
Bundle old contracts, mostly blank, not including Procol Harum. Offers.

Very rare
One only, acetate copy in mint condition of The Poet recorded by Procol Harum 1975 and self-produced at Phillips Studios London. Very different from released version (re-titled Without a Doubt). Cannot divulge source or in fact release this item at all but it's nice to be able to let fellow fans know that I possess it.

Movie, Separation, featuring music by Procol Harum and Matthew Fisher with Stanley Myers. Rare film, never had general release. Of great interest to Procol fans. Will pay to own copy, but would prefer original

For sale very rare
CDR copy of German single Procol Harum Into the Flood feat. Bobby Mayo lead guitar, inlay sheet missing but can supply photocopy

Free to enthusiast
I have many full reels of original one-inch studio masters, Abbey Road, Trident, Morgan, Chalk Farm, etc etc originally bought cheap for re-use but I no longer have suitable mixing desk etc due to retirement. Most boxes still with original labels, Procol, Move, Joe Cocker etc. Will wipe on request with industrial electromagnet, guaranteed a clean sweep ready for your own project.

For sale
Big Crate containing pretty well everything Procol Harum ever recorded before 1976 including albums, singles, 8-tracks and compact cassette formats, promo films including Endoscope and Videodrome, many signed items, press-kit etc; used to be big PH collector, now disillusioned. Will trade for anything they recorded after 1990, all formats.

For Sale
Large pile of full-color posters 'Procol Harum w Pipes and Drums of the Black Watch at Carnegie Hall July 1973 special guests The Osmonds' printed in error, should have been Bachman Turner Overdrive

Procol rarities for sale

For sale
Photos of Burmese Blue cats, 10 x 6, 8 x 4, 6 x 5, etc. Photos all 10 x 8 and in very condition for their age. No refunds

Missing tracks from Edmonton 1971: Repent Walpurgis, Albinoni's Adagio, Shine on Brightly, Simple Sister: can't stand Procol Harum actually but my father used to play audience recording of these songs to me when I was born to send me to bye-byes and he has gone away in a balloon taking tape. Cannot now sleep. Would like to hear the real tracks mixed in 5.1 surround-sound by Wally Heider and Chris Thomas. Cannot pay much in money but please get in contact and suggest mutually acceptable arrangement. Savage Rose, 32 years old, slim 5'9, not peroxide. No time-wasters.

Wanted by private collector
Lost in the Looking-Glass by the Palers' Project, out-takes wanted from this highly sought-after double CD album by Procol fans made in studios worldwide and much praised by Reid and Brooker. Esp. wanted, information on Derren Brown and on the Oakes Brothers (pictures, recordings). Will swap for similar unwanted items from private collection.

Miscellaneous wants (Procol-related)

For Sale
Autographed items including mattress

From the Cutting-Room Floor
The Beatles loved Procol Harum and A Whiter Shade. So, were Procol invited to attend the broadcast of All You Need is Love? Did they go? They weren't on the broadcast film but lost footage, freshly discovered on the cutting-room floor, shows that they were never there at all. Make me an offer. A large offer.

For sale and wanted
Radio cue sheets for 'British Biscuit' 1976 live show from Earls Court Olympia featuring Barclay James Harvest and Procol Harum, two shows (both rained off). Buyer collects.

Guitar for sale
Air guitar (Les Paul sunburst, 1957, as used by Mick Grabham). Used a few times only at home, never gigged: not a mark on it. Bought for my son, who converted to air drums instead (has not got a very good ear). Comes c/w manuals and instructions. Will post anywhere in the world.

Rare, in concert
Sought by knowledgeable collector, concert photographs of Procol Harum with unusual line-ups, eg Roy Wood (lead vocal), Ritchie Blackamoor (lead guitar), ZZ Top (bass guitar), Arturo Ui (lead vocal), Alice Kooper (piano, organ), or specially any with young women or men eg strippers as used by The Stranglers.

Collaborated album by Matthew Fisher and Colin Bluntstone ... a friend borrowed all my albums and they went the way of all flesh with a vengeful girlfriend of his following a bit of a debacle. You don't want to hear the story. I do, but apparently too painful, grim muttering of the word 'Bobbitt' my only clue. Would pay good money to hear it. And the Fisher / Bluntstone record.

Press Kits
For many years I posed as a record reviewer and was sent Press Kits by the score for all my favourite bands, Tull, Fairport, Gentle Giant, Greenslade, Strawbs, Kinkajous, Mrs Mouse etc. On Procol, I have a.o. Grand Hotel 'hotel kit' complete with soap, monogrammed Procol face-wiper, Alan Cartwright toothbrush, etc. Broken Barricades unbreakable plastic ruler. No More Fear of Flying blindfold and earplugs. Exotic Birds and Fruit recipe book (used). Home novelty promotional coffin (miniaturised) and can of worms (life-size). Am now an actual music journalist on respected glossy mag, and bedevilled with guilt at my former deception, so am offering these items for sale to the highest bidder no holds barred.

Tour tee-shirts. 1967–1977, 1991 to present-day
For sale, tee-shirts in variety of colors and sizes, cotton, good quality, well-known make, suitable for printing front and/or back with Procol tour dates, motifs from album covers, etc. Mostly unworn, all freshly laundered.

For sale
Box of miscellaneous 7 inch singles (some 8 inch), 45 rpm but will play at any speed, include Procol Harum, The Nice, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, 1812 overture and similar. Also another box, larger, Songs of British Birds (birds no longer audible, but some nice cover illustrations: esp. song-thrush, now a relatively rare visitor to my garden).

Southend on Sea, 1960s
I was the Paramounts 'roadie' originally instructed to burn eleven hundred plastic penguins on the promenade when the Shades Club was being created, everyone knows the story. What they don't know is that I withheld the final penguin and am now offering it for sale to fund my dotage. An unique item of rock memorabilia, or memorabilium as there is only one. I am not offering this through Sotheby's or any other bunch of charlatans, only through this webpage, make me an offer you can't refuse. Penguin is one inch high and in moderate condition, which is excellent after all these years.

Conspiracy Theorists
Mugs, teeshirts, coasters, mousemats: all bearing the words 'Obie Clayton really is Matthew Fisher and never the twain shall meet'. Several cartons, unopened, free to good home.

Free to highest bidder
Original hand-written lyric sheet to Pennies on Your Eyes on sixties UK detergent packet (also collectible item in its own right). I was told this was an early version of Procol Harum's Pilgrim's Progress although they do not now have any words in common though you can in fact sing bits of Pennies to the tune of Pilgrim's and presumably vice versa.

Also for sale, music for Pennies on Your Eyes recorded on C20 cassette (Scotch brand) now very fragile, sung by bloke at party who was at one time a roadie for Lulu or claimed he was. I have not listened to this for thirty years but I bought it for good money in exchange for a handful of Green Manalishis (that sort of party, hey!)

Amateur musicians
If you run a band or even gig on your own, you cannot afford to be without the Gary Brooker joke book. Woo your audience between songs, whatever the situation, with off-the-wall humor and other crazy patter in a variety of languages. I have been to every concert Procol Harum have ever played since 1967, and used shorthand to write down every word uttered by The Commander. Now available in book form for the first time. 1,593 pages. If you can read shorthand, this book is a must for you.

Original (rejected) 1968 treatment and full screenplay set in swinging London, Where the Woozle Went; 44 pages (foolscap, front cover missing, page one torn, otherwise all intact though mostly scorched) film script for Procol (original music by the band was never recorded) featuring Gary Brooker as Pooh, Keith Reid as Wol, and Robin Trower as Piglet, and starring Matthew Fisher as Eeyore. Problem with this concept was that it had no really part for BJ Wilson or Dave Knights. I considered BJ as Tigger, and Dave Knights as Rabbit, but who would have played all the Friends and Relations? Maybe the Incredible String Band, I now realise. But too late.

Also for sale, separately, letter about the above project from Regal Zonophone (not very complimentary). Yet G Brooker went on to do Peter and the Wolf ... I should really have got a royalty for that whole idea.

For Sale Large Collection
Easy-listening hits of 60's including Moody Blues, Procol Harum, Irkbane Coalskut, Whistling Jack Smooth, etc. Not recorded by original artist but often by famous celebs incognito eg Elton John, Jimmy Page, Franz Sumatra and others.

Also Dansette record player, no longer working at present, but looks good, motor removed for another project but basically sound and could be revived by enthusiast probably.

Own a member of Procol Harum
Intimate memorabilia: Plaster casting for sale to discerning collector, discretion guaranteed. 'Owner' not identifiable but reputed to be a Procoler, definitely a man at any rate, with certificate of provenance. Very valuable, unique item, one of a kind. I have had a rubber mold made from this in case of damage to original in transit to buyer, so no need to bother paying for insurance.

Paramounts collectors (not a bootleg)
Just in, audience recording of the Paramounts in 1963 (Brooker, Wilson, Trower, Copping) which I've made up into a great VCD from the original quarter-inch tape. Set includes an hour of storming R&B ravers, plus encores of Dead Man's Dream and Barnyard Story from the band's later repertoire. Great sound, great audience. Lots of dancing and period atmosphere, Espresso machines, Milky Bar Kids, and so on. This is not a bootleg but has been made with the full cooperation of the person who originally taped it, so buy now with confidence.

BJ Wilson
Interfauna: we can send unusual pets all over the world. As of now, can supply various members of octopus family for use in your own bathtub. Comes in specialised container, very secure. Drumsticks extra.

Forget Gary Brooker, Procol freaks
Forget Harry Brooker too, Gary's dad, who played with Felix Mendelssohn and the Hawaiian Serenaders. I'm Larry Brooker, not a chip off the old block, no relation at all in fact, but something really new: I have just completed thirty home-recorded albums, all my own work featuring me in my basement on a number of home-made instruments playing my own one-off improvisations in my own style. I have no formal education and I despise Western Music and the Oriental system too naturally and have come up with a new approach to sound involving a lot of silence, and howling. These albums really are something, get in touch straight away as I will not be available for long. Now touring ... catch my moonlit shows on a rooftop near you.

For Sale
Kiddy's electronic training potty, plays Whiter Shade of Pale to reward toddler when filled up. Worked really well in my case though I wish the song did not keep coming top in Radio 2 charts and being played as background music in restaurants, as I have had a number of embarrassing accidents when re-hearing it. Batteries not supplied but comes with good stack of diapers (large).

For Sale
'My Way', self-pressed vinyl album of hits that moved a generation (includes Procol Harum's Hamburg and 11 others) white label vinyl album in plain white sleeve highly collectible, limited edition of 500 originally, only 499 for sale now. One owner, pristine condition. No reasonable offer refused.

Backstage photos
Great on your wall ... yourself hanging out with the boys from Procol, 1970-style. Just send photo of yourself and I will superimpose it on existing shots of Trower, BJ, Copping etc asleep in dressing-room after Fillmore show (probably). A seamless match. No hint of chicanery. Your friends need never know.

Can also graft your head on to Dave Ball's body. Subject to Mr Ball's consent obviously.

Fake Items
Supposedly related to Procol Harum, these were originally offered for sale at eBay and then withdrawn once people started bidding for them: they are mostly faked up in Photoshop by someone who knew a bit about the band and wanted some attention. The items still don't exist so don't bother to contact us about them.

Real items for sale (unbelievably we have had actual enquiries for items on this April Fool's page!)

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