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Keith Reid book

Charnel House releases a limited edition of his works

First news, August 1998
Joe Stefko is working with Keith Reid on a limited edition book of his works.  His company, Charnel House, will publish this book in a signed, numbered edition of 1,000 copies.

Charnel House has won awards for designing and publishing lavish editions for Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Tim Powers, and although this is a departure for them, it is a project dear to their hearts.

Keith and Joe are finishing the editing process and the typesetting is the next step.  They are looking at a summer '99 release at the latest [sic]. (full spec. here and 'setlist' here)

12 June 1999: Joe updates BtP on progress
My Own Choice: a selection of lyrics by  Keith Reid  is now an early 2000 Charnel House release.  Both Keith and I took a lot longer in getting this together because the book kept changing.  We had no real pressure for a deadline so we let it get its self together and we had a drink.  However, everything has been picked and checked and rechecked and it's finally on its way to be typeset.

You can contact Joe Stefko by e-mail. To read more about Joe's musical history, visit

October 1999: Keith Reid updates BtP on the progress (see interview here)

Joe Stefko sends us the full specifications of the book including how to order

January 2000
Long and illuminating BtP interview with Joe Stefko about the Keith Reid book and his Procol connections

23 March 2000: Joe updates BtP on progress
Well the book is printed and at the bindery, and it looks like I will be shipping books at the end of April. Each book and slipcase is being hand bound so it will take a minute. Keith and I took a long time proofing and moving things around, we wanted it to be right and didn't rush. We hope it was worth the time and effort. Also, the pre-production price will no longer be offered starting April 1. The books will be $200. & $600. It's looking brilliant. You're going to like this one.

5 May 2000: Joe updates BtP on progress
Hi Roland, The books are here and they look beautiful. The slipcases are two weeks behind, May 15 I'm told. I will ship immediately. Keith hasn't even seen them yet. He is coming over on the 15 so he will get the whole picture in one go.

Keith Reid's page at BtP This book can now also be ordered from Amazon USA


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