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Shine On

Procol Harum

Palers and the Shine On mailing-list

September 1999
and SO have met and talked about the future and how we can better work together for the benefit of Procol Harum and their fans. This message is posted by request from Diane Rolph and John Grayson.

The cost of mailing the Shine On newsletters all over the world is very expensive. Still Diane and John wish to keep Shine On a free publication. As the Shine On newsletter is already published in Beyond the Pale in a text version, with the possibility of publishing a fully illustrated version, there might not be a need to pay postage for sending SO out to Palers.

So, if you are connected to the Internet, and quite happy to receive Shine On through Beyond the Pale only: please e-mail John Grayson and let him know that you really don't need the paper copy because you read it at 'BtP'.

Shine On and Beyond the Pale will make sure that all information from Shine On will be published on BtP before anybody is removed from the SO mailing-list.


Shine On is a free newsletter that comes out every few months. It contains the latest Procol Harum news, features (a recent edition had good-sized interviews with Keith and Gary) and pictures; it includes booking and merchandise information relating to Procol Harum and their musical spin-offs.

It is produced (and written) to professional standard by Diane Rolph (editor) and John Grayson (circulation), long-term fans of the band: they operate it entirely on a non-profit-making basis.

Between them they conceived and organised the magnificent 30th Birthday Celebrations at Redhill, July 1997: read about the Glossy Souvenir Programme here.

Shine On welcomes readers' letters and articles for publication. They can be submitted in any form, but the most welcome is on floppy disc, in an .rtf file, or in Word for Windows.

Mailing list: John Grayson, 56 Brecknock Road, London N7, 0DD, UK

Editorial: Diane Rolph MIEAM, 'Rustles', 9 Bushetts Grove, Merstham, Surrey RH11 3DX, UK

Click here for information about Shine On merchandise

From November 1998 onwards you can read Shine On-line, a text-only version, by clicking here.

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