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Whaling Stories

The International Gary Brooker Fan Club

Michael Ackermann, Zur Kaisereiche 74, D-42349 Wuppertal, Germany

Michael is a devoted Procol Harum / Gary Brooker fan who sends out occasional and highly-interesting newsletters to Whalers all over the world, sometimes including contributions from Gary himself.

From time to time he designs and manufactures Gary Brooker merchandise (sew-on badges, for example); last year there was a (free!) Whaling Stories pen for all members at Christmas. Summer 2000 saw the unveiling of the new Whaling Stories sew-on patch.

Write to him for details, enclosing IRS to cover postage, or send an e-mail

1997 October: the latest publication from Michael includes a form which readers should fill in and return indicating that they wish to continue receiving his newsletter, including any other helpful feedback.

1998 April: Whaling Stories newsletter contained European dates for this summer's Ringo All-Starr tour, and some alluring pictures of Christiane Schmidtmer, honorary Whaler, who sends Gary a big kiss. If you wish to participate in the Whalers' sampler CD, write to Mirek or Charly.

1998 November: Whaling Stories newsletter contained Gary's comments about the Ringo and Wyman tours, dates for Christmas 1998 gigs, and mentioned the recent Paramounts release. It also featured a great new colour picture of BJ Wilson in Berlin, and one of ultra-vixen 'Kitten' Natividad. Michael asks that his newsletter should not be put on the internet ... so join the Whalers to find out more!

1999 June: new-look Whaling Stories newsletter – eight colour illustrations! – in which Gary promises us 'something new before the Millennium celebrations are finished'; more news too about the Whalers' CD, thanks to Mirek and Charly.

2000 December: the Whalers' CD was shipped; orders closed 31 January 2001.

2002, 7 November: Whaling Stories is ten years old: full story here; foundation pictures and origins of logo here; gallery of Honorary Members here

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