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Procol Harum (and other music related) websites

Mostly fascinating: cobwebsites shewn in gray


Martin Awsop's website about his collection of covers of A Whiter Shade of Pale

A new Japanese Procol site came online at the start of October 2005

Paul Eisermann's 'GermanProcol': Die erste deutschsprachige Procol Harum-Website / the first German-language Procol website


EJ Haas's Searock site, a trove of soundclips and commentary, with jovial little animated Procol images 

The Palers' Project: here you will find literally hundreds of musicians worldwide, playing Procol and related songs in fresh ways. In Gary Brooker's own words, "The Palers' Project proved something I'd never dared to dream ... it's been compulsive listening".

Joan May's Whatnot: pictures and opinions from a well-known Paler … with a selection of picture sleeves from the 'founding band' … ie the line-up from Homburg onwards


The Danish Society of Procoholics: Denmark has a marvellous profusion of dedicated Procol Harum fans and this is a lively and informative web-site run on suitably scholarly lines


José Roberto Miccoli's Brazilian Procol Harum site

Some unusual pictures
Pictorial discography
Selected words from the songs

The Musicians' Olympus

Not Procol-specific, but it has good pages on Mick Grabham and there are other Procolers in preparation; all very carefully prepared and researched by Spain's Miguel Terol


Vroomfondel's Procol Harum website

Lots of information and personal views about the group and their music
The albums
1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide about Procol Harum

Steve's Robin Trower website 

Funky Paul's website.

Read his bio with several references to Procol Harum, Gary Brooker and Keith Reid

George Starostin's Reviews

Detailed, well-informed, and forthright commentary, at length, on all the albums. Well worth a visit

Michael P Dawson's page of Procol Harum picture-sleeves 

'Beyond the Pale' has an occasional newsletter which we send out to subscribers when there is Procol news: records, concerts, solo appearances, whatever it might be. Full details here


The Mickey Jupp website ... about Southend's "Long Distance Romancer".


Band Biographies: Biographies and information for several Bands.

Below ... Cobwebsites that used to be active, but aren't now (February 2006). We retain these dead links as a possible source of key-words for Google searches: let us know if you are able to track down the current whereabouts of any of this material:

Mike Ober's Yardbirds website


Dave Pettit's Procol Harum web-pages


Bridge of Sighs Scott Sutherland's Robin Trower website


Annabel's Random Gallery


Nomortal's Procol Harum web-pages


Mind on Music Procol Harum pages


A Whiter Shade of Pale


The Awe and Majesty of Procol Harum (website temporarily suspended)


Good old rock'n'roll page


Skipping the Light Fandango


The Weekly Classic Rock Music Charts
Not exactly a Procol Harum website, but here you can vote for your favourite classic rock music. And Procol Harum have been doing well. Help them stay high in the charts!


The Gigabeat spiral : an interesting site that sets out to chart the complex influences of one band on another


Walter Heger's deutschsprachige Procol site which includes a comprehensive chronology of the band's development, and a review of The Well's on Fire

Something Magic

A new venture (April 1999) from Cameron Devlin ... a nice page of album-covers ... more detail when we have it.

Classic Rock Page

This is Steve Tucci's site where BJ Wilson was voted world's greatest rock drummer, and where a splendidly complete tribute to him may be found in 'Rock and Roll Heaven'


John Ferrari's Procol Harum website



See also: Procol on The Net

Music Links - Links to music webpages not related to Procol Harum


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