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James Dewar: Stumbledown Romancer

Joan May's catalogue-blurb

Joan May writes: here's the ad I wrote for the CeeDee mail catalog for Stumbledown Romancer (Chrysalis 7243/4/93153/2/7)

From Page 11 of CeeDee Mail Catalog Number 27/28 (November 1998) accompanying a black and white photo of the CD cover:

EMI CD of the Month: James Dewar Stumbledown Romancer

This album was recorded in 1980 but not released until now. James Dewar was the singer for the Robin Trower Band at the peak of its popularity. Procol Harum's organist Matthew Fisher, who enchanted millions on A Whiter Shade of Pale, produced, played keyboards and co-wrote three of the songs with Dewar. Also included is a Trower / Dewar composition. The title track features one of Fisher's trademark Hammond solos, and all of the songs boast Dewar's beautiful soulful vocals. Other highlights: Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks, and cover versions of the Rolling Stones' Out of Time, Buddy Holly's Heartbeat and the Drifters' Dance With Me.'

My name isn't there so does that make me the Ghostwriter? <g>

A couple of months ago they also advertised the CD as 'EMI CD of the month' they have a page for each record label they carry, and one or more CDs of the month for each page but there was no text to accompany the CD photo and title. So I thought more people might take an interest if there were a few words associated with the ad AWSoP, Procol, Trower, etc... I'm honored that they accepted my copy. I just wish EMI would promote the CD at LEAST offer it at a big outlet such as!


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The price is 9.99 sterling delivered in UK, or 11.99 sterling delivered outside the UK.

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