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Three Procol Harum members write/record a charity song

Pictures and captions from the BBC site Friday 13 March 2009

A Little Life written and recorded in six hours by the team below includes three members of Procol Harum.
Download the song by right-clicking here or listen to it streamed by clicking here: then make your donation to Comic Relief

So far 59,187,065 has been raised an excellent sum!

A familiar-looking music-stand
The presenters laying down the final vocals! Gary records his vocal.
Georgia adds her vocals. Chris, Gary and Georgia who is hiding inside her jumper.....not sure why!
Now, if no-one is looking I'll just have this red nose for my collection.... Organised chaos!
Jim Cregan who happens to be Rod Stewart's band leader... and Mark Brzezicki
who is a general all round Rock God! How cool is this?
Josh, Jim, Mark and Gary discuss the lyrics to
A Little Life which is the new song's title.
Josh Phillips wondering what he has let himself in for..... Josh Phillips, Georgia Mason and Gary Brooker MBE, get into the spirit of the event!
And they're off! From left: Chris, Mark, Josh, Nick, Jim (top), Gareth (below), Georgia, Mick, Gary (seated), Michael and Alvin! Mark Brzezicki gets the rhythm going!
Vocal coach Jess waiting to see
if her pupils make the grade!
Everything you need to make a hit song!
Tea, words and a small red nose....
The lovely Clare Dutton, our
Red Nosed Roving Reporter!
Clare Dutton, Ali Ferns, Suzanne Bamborough
and producer Jack Fiehn!
Alvin and Georgia
Ben Kerrigan "impresses" vocal coach
Jess Boyes-Korkis with his singing prowess!
Alvin pulls his best funny face for Comic Relief!
At least, we think that was what he was doing!
Chris from Felix Fables
getting into the swing of it!
Felix Fables Gareth Aled and Chris, our sound engineers from the University
of Surrey, keeping everything together!
Nick, Mick, Michael and Georgia work on the tune. Michael Baker from Felix Fables and his rather snazzy guitar.
Georgia from Felix Fables deep in concentration! The team at BBC SCR get ready for their singing lessons!
Vocal coach Jess Boyes-Korkis has her work cut out to shape them up
in time to record the song with our top musicians!
Hello John Magner (bottom right)
Mark Carter practices an aria or two.... er, don't call us! Nice nose, Alvin Stardust!

BBC Surrey took eleven world-class musicians, five BBC presenters, five sound engineers and one Radio 2 music producer and asked them to write and record a song for Comic Relief. In six hours, this is the result. A Little Life was written and performed by Gary Brooker MBE, Alvin Stardust, Mark Brzezicki, Josh Phillips, Jim Cregan, Mick Clarke, Michael Baker, Nick Roberts, Chris Horsfall, Gareth Roberts, Georgia Mason; they were joined by the BBC's Clare Dutton, Neil Pringle, Suzanne Bamborough, Ben Kerrigan and Alison Ferns. Engineering was by: Aled, Kris and Hedd from the University of Surrey, and John Reynolds and Nick Chandler for the BBC. Production by Richard Masters, supervision by Head Nose Heather Driscoll-Woodford

Gary Brooker MBE | Josh Phillips | Mark Brzezicki

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