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The List (2000-09-26 01:04:20) of the brood is misbehaving. ;-) Where's the tent?

The List (2000-09-26 01:01:55) of the brood is misbehaving. ;-) Shine On tents!

big ph fan who feels alone - loves HOME (2000-09-24 06:15:56)
Hi. I am sending this before even checking out your page. I love Procol Harum and am listening to the 30th anniversary anthology as I type. It seems hard to find anyone here where I live that even knows what Procol Harum is! By the way, home is Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, USA. God's alive, inside an movie. Well anyway, I bought A Salty Dog on vinyl about 15 years ago and have been hooked ever since. If this is the typical fan email you get, I apologize. I am just excited to know that there are other fans out there. Piggy Pig Pig changed my whole perspective on how music can affect our emotions and to some extent, the way we look at life. I am wondering if there is a piece that does the same for you. Anyway, it's nice to know I am not alone in my love for Procol Harum. Thanks for the web site(i'm sure it's great) and it would be nice to hear from you. I have nothing to offer in the way of rare records or the like...but I do have a love for the music. It would be great to just receive a reply from you just to keep my hope alive. After all, there can never be too much sea between Procol Harum Fans.
John none yet

A Whiter Shade of Pale (2000-09-23 12:00:09)
I'm interesting in all the cover versions of the best song of my life, A Whiter Shade of Pale , I have more of 100 and I still haven found for more and more in every languages or styles , can you help me someone , thanks.
Martin Jose Perez Barbero

Procol Harum, the greatest rock band ever. (2000-09-23 05:00:05)
I have been a die-hard Procol fan ever since 1967 and am almost as old as Gary. As a dedicated Procolholic I am always searching for any additional recordings (does anyone know where I can get a copy of "The Long Goodbye") and nothing that they have done cease to truly amaze me. Thanks Gary and company for the finest and most beautiful music that there is in existance. You have been " A cornerstone of my existance".
Bruce Grosvenor

What a weekend! (2000-09-19 10:26:52)
Saturdays Palers Convention was such good fun, and it was especially good for me to meet up with Dave Ball after 20 years, and play Conquistador with him. There were several magic moments - Roland's daughter singing the Swingle singer's part, Dave Ball (of course)and Gary's unscheduled appearance and performance. Well done Roland for organising such a daunting event. It seemed at rehearsal in the afternoon that we may have bitten off more than we could chew, but at the evening's performance all the musicians raised their game, and considering that none of us had played together it went very well. As my friend Richard said, it was 'far better than it had any right to be'. I'm sitting here in my studio this morning with a slightly fuzzy head after last night. What a gig! I haven't seen PH since the mid 70s, and so often when you go back to something from that long ago it can be a dissappointment, and you wonder why you bothered. Not this time. The band were simply awesome, and the concert is a memory I will take to my grave. My wife Carol, who has never seen them and doesn't really know their music was blown away as well. Their reading of A Salty Dog - for me their finest song - had me in tears. The band, orchestra and choir performed out of their skins. This weekend has helped me remember now why I became a musician in the first place.
Sev Lewkowicz

This weekend (2000-09-19 02:05:53)
Franky Brooker has asked me to convey to BtP an acknowledgement of the phenomenal contribution made by the website in bringing people together at the weekend. She wants Jens and Roland to know that Gary was 'touched to tears' listening to his music being played on Saturday evening and to thank you for organising such a wonderful event for those gathered. Franky also wants you to know that Gary is overwhelmed at the distances people travelled to attend Guildford and would like to thank everyone for doing so. Very special thanks are also due to Christine and John Grayson for getting 'One More Time' out on time, and all the care and effort they put into making our merchandise tent look so professional. I'm sure everyone will agree it was one of our most memorable weekends ever! Roll on the next time. Love to all Diane
Diane Rolph

One more time (2000-09-18 21:48:53)
Thanks to everyone for the great concert at Guildford. "One more time" please. James,Janet,Robert and Kate McCarthy of Green Lane, Chessington, Surrey.
James McCarthy

(2000-09-18 12:43:22)
We're doing a talk on Procol Harum and it's really fun, but which one of them is B J Wilson?! Hanna & Paula '´'´'´'´'´'´'´ By the way, The Milk Of Human Kindness is a really cool song!!! Paula thinks it's the best, she likes the ending! A Whiter Shade Of Pale is good too!
Hanna & Paula

(2000-09-18 12:41:13)

Hanna& Pal

guildford (2000-09-18 01:37:37)
brilliant,especially the orchestration and choir during homburg. please, this must be a candidate for a "gazza" release. really enjoyed ann murray as well.
michael wickens

(2000-09-17 12:41:17)

(2000-09-17 12:37:31)

Torgeir Hefre

I NEED A BASS PLAYER!! (2000-09-16 16:03:27)
G'day from Brisbane. Love this site, always something to look forward to after the long day. Anyway, I need a bass player for my band. If anyone knows an 18 year old bassist in Brisbane, please email me!!! PS> THORPEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THORPEDO THORPEDO!!!
James Lloyd

(2000-09-12 12:23:05)

SUNDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER (2000-09-10 11:21:12)
John Grayson, Roland, Jens and I look forward to meeting everyone attending next Sunday. As you may know, we have booked a tent which we understand will be sited near the bar. We are using the tent as a meeting place for Procolers, and will also have quite a few interesting items of merchandise on sale, including (if it's finished in time) a new CD of the band performing in Utrecht in 1992. It’s a simply stunning performance by the band and will be entitled ‘One More Time’. Tickets for the event will be on sale on the day, so do bring your friends along too. The band were sounding great at rehearsal last week, and I know we have a memorable day in prospect. See you there! Love to all Diane
Diane Rolph

(2000-09-10 11:19:03)

W Procol Harum (2000-09-10 02:44:30)
Iam an italian boy and i have only 19 years With my band i play some procol hRUM SONGS, for example Repent Walpurgis I love procol Harum, and i hope that they do a new cd.
Gianluigi Stella

Glad a Southend Band still playing (2000-09-09 13:43:45)
Glad a Southend Band still playing

procol harum (2000-09-08 02:26:06)
cesar mastrorocco I do not have

procol harum (2000-09-08 02:22:18)

cesar mastrorocco I do not have

A Whiter Shade of Pale (2000-09-07 19:24:42)
Martin Jose Perez Barbero

A Whiter Shade of Pale (2000-09-07 19:22:32)
Martin Jose Perez Barbero

To all the PH listees.... (2000-09-07 15:47:34)
HELLO!!!!!.....;-) Shine On Bill!

(2000-09-02 18:16:06)
I can't tell you what a great surprise and joy it's been to discover this website and other Procol Harum fans. I saw them live many times from the Chicago area (my home) to Tucson AZ to Santa Monica CA, from 1967 to the "9th" tour. I love BJ Wilsons drumming and was very sorry to hear that he passed away. I hope PH has more old tapes to release! Thanks for putting this site on the web. I'll return often. Yours Bill Kees P.S. My Email address is going to change in a couple weeks as I am getting DSL service, so I will subscribe to your newsletter etc. after that. Thanks again...
Bill Kees

(2000-08-30 00:50:51)
I heard "whiter shade" for the first time the other day and i couldn't figure out waht he was talkig about. could someone fill me in please?

Wishing you both a 'Brightly Shining'kind of day filled with love and laughter! ;-) Much love,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CHRIS COPPING and GEOFF WHITEHORN!!!!!! (2000-08-29 00:27:05)
Wishing you both a 'Brightly Shining' kind of day!!!! ;-) Much love,

Happy Birthday Franky! (2000-08-25 02:02:28)
Here's wishing our FIrst Mate, a skip at the light Fandango! Happy Birthday Franky! Much love,

Whiter shade (2000-08-24 22:30:34)
Nice site! I've always loved that song Whiter Shade of Pale. I just found this site and its nice to know more about the band.
Terry Jones

Come visit our site (2000-08-24 22:22:59)

Terry Jones

(2000-08-23 02:41:04)
Just found your site. Been listening to the one tape I've had since the early seventies. Never knew the lyrics. Didn't matter. Just got my first computer last week and had to see if there was anybody else who had ever heard of the band. Man, this was something I never thought possible. What a trip!

(2000-08-23 02:32:45)


(2000-08-23 02:31:43)


(2000-08-19 17:04:35)

(2000-08-18 14:20:58)
Thank you for the nice site, especially for the lyrics! see you, Alex

Procol Harum (2000-08-16 20:28:50)
I used to have a Band (1972-4) called "Gland Band" at Southampton University, and we actually played, or tried to, Still there'll be more, Simple Sister and others. The bass player, Pete Smith, is now Professor of Pharmacology at Edmonton, and he saw the reunion concert. The original was our favuorite album.Gary B shoots with my friend Matthew P about three miles away. I saw him the other night with Bill Wyman's band and he, and they, were bloody good.
Tom Thatcher

(2000-08-15 21:52:53)
Being Procol fan from early seventies, I just found these pages yesterday evening.Nowadays we dont here much about Procol Harum here in Finland but this internet thing changes everything.I realy appreciate that you people keep this going. Thank you
Jukka-Pekka Koskinen

(2000-08-14 15:52:13)

millenium concert (2000-08-12 21:54:21)
arrival friday hotel travel inn depart monday with silke eberle and martha michalek
Eberle Mathias

Hva er Procol Harums beste skive ? (2000-08-09 20:27:22)
Hei på deg webmaster.Jeg har tatt meg den friheten å sette opp en subjektiv liste med tidenes 300 beste plater. Der har jeg fått plass til en plate Med Procol Harum. Det er A salty dog. Er ikke det den beste eller er førsteplata bedre? Morsomt å høre hva en Procol ekspert mener.Kanskje Procol Harum har fortjent å få med to på en slik liste. Hilsen Morten fra Rjukan
Morten Engh

Just rambling on and on and on (2000-08-08 06:32:57)
I discovered 'em in the "P" bin at the local T,G,and Y store in barren,winter blue Oklahoma City,1968.I was 13. Sure changed my musical tastes around!I've loved them ever since.Thanks for hosting this marvelous page. I must soldier on now...
seaweed dave N/A

(2000-08-07 07:59:53)
I have just recently become addicted to Procol Harum and have thoroughly enjoyed your site. I just hope you can eventually uncover the mystery of the founding name! (cats, cats, and more cats...)
Ludrium none

(2000-08-03 17:37:44)
Another compilation CD, another reissue, another "special" concert...c'mon Gary..we love you guys, but how about a new studio album with fresh material - it's been nine years since Prodigal Stranger. Or at least, a legitimate box set of live material, including the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra album. And still there'll be more? I hope so !!
Leonard Smolash

Procol Harum videos/live shows (2000-07-30 05:56:14)
Hi, I am new to this site and it is great. I have some videos that I am willing to TRADE for more of the same including live shows preferably from the Robin Trower era, Cheers, Ken
Ken Buckley

Procol (2000-07-25 17:52:12)
It was a great band to play guitar with...
Richard Brown

(2000-07-24 18:27:29)
thank you thank you
sandra hardison not that lucky

organist who plays Procol Harum (2000-07-24 11:10:43)
I play in a band called the lost boys - we end most night with "whiter shade of pale" I never tire of the song
Gil Campbell

(2000-07-24 11:08:26)

Gil Campbell

Guildford (2000-07-23 22:24:25)
After waiting for God knows how many years to see Procol Harum again,find myself in Greece on 17th September.First saw them live in 1970 with Jethro Tull and followed until 1977 and have waited in hope ever since.Anyway,hope all that attend enjoy what must be an amazing event.A chance of a live album perhaps? Shine on.
Stephen Dixon

Shared pleasure (2000-07-23 16:05:14)
I always considered PH to be one of the most underrated bands in rock history. Thought I was alone. Now I know different. Great site.
John Baker

Shared pleasure (2000-07-23 16:03:52)
I always considered PH to be one of the most underrated bands in rock history. Thought I was alone. Now I know different. Great site.
John Baker

(2000-07-22 11:05:03)
Full explanation about the said mystery Procol single at In general, topics for discussion and comment get a wider response if they are placed not here in the Guestbook but in the 'Beanstalk' forum at BtP

I saw 'em in San Francisco (2000-07-22 05:45:28)
Oh yeah, in addition to the below comment, I believe the top side of the German must have been "Quite Rightly So", and I was lucky enough to have seen Procol Harum in San Francisco in (I think) 1969...and I talk to David Knight for about 15 minutes. Very nice guy, he was. Oh, yeah, it's kinda amazing that over the years, some of my tastes change, and I'm constantly rethinking music I've loved for years...even though I'm still a BIG fan of Procol Harum, some of Reid's lyrics occasional seem awfully silly after all these years. The band is great, the vocals, arrangments and melodies still excite, but in many cases (especially on "Home"), the lyrics lately stick out as silly and pretensious (spelt wrong?). One man's opinion, to me sure, but, on the other hand, after all these years, I finally read the actual lyrics to The Move's "Yellow Rainbow" and they it's still possible for me find a real thrill with lyrics from the 1960's.
barry margolis

German single with alternative version of... (2000-07-22 05:35:54)
I'm quite sure that years ago, a former friend of mine owned a German Polydor single (can't recall the top side) that has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ALTERNATE version of "Ramblin' On", and I don't think it's ever been reissued. Does Westside have that track in their Cube vaults? I guess this whole problems with Procol Harum and The Move tapes stems from the fact that a publishing company should never have gotten into record production! It still amazes me that the first Procol Harum album was one of the last "major" hit albums not to be issued in true stereo! (I guess you could include the two first Mickie Most produced Donovan LP's ("Sunshine Superman" and "Mellow Yellow"), as well as the JULY LP. Anybody else agree?
barry margolis

To Sam & Ken (2000-07-21 02:51:39)
Please get over it.
Friendly Roy

question (2000-07-20 16:59:33)
Can anybody tell me how the keyboard part in the mid section of Simple Sister was done? I can't imagine that the fast repetitions of singles notes and chords layered in stair-step fashion was done by hand alone. Thanks

(2000-07-20 02:50:18)
A huge fan since the first note of Whiter Shade of Pale. I have only seen them in concert three times and wish it could have been more. This was a band for the ages.
Charlene LaCascia

ROMANTICS TO MIKE (2000-07-19 04:03:27)

The book about PH (2000-07-18 22:24:12)
Can anybody help me with the e-mailaddress to novelist and PH-book-author Claes Johansen?
Jan Wifstrand or

Blues festival in PEER BELGIUM (2000-07-18 21:58:01)
Wonderfull Brooker, mastering this show with Wymann and georgie Fame.Gary was as always public's preferred singer and he honored this with 'AWSOP' solo-all alone with no nothing more then his piano-and' Lead me to the wather'-with the rhytm kings,also some good stuff from Willie and the poor boys.Gary ,keep on doing this,you always will have our support and attention-we probably also will buy the records....Greetings from Belgium.

Festival in Peer BELGIUM Brooker mastering. (2000-07-18 21:50:04)
Saw Brooker featering with Bill Wyman/Georgie Fame in Peer-BELGIUM.Wonderfull cocert with many Brooker songs. Highlight:AWSOP only on Piano and Brooker vocal-I got chills all over-,also Lead me to the wather and Willie and the poor boys stuff.Keep on Gary you always will amaze us.J.P. ENGELS BELGIUM

Happy Anniversary (2000-07-18 03:20:02)
Dear Gary and Franky, I'm not sure what date your anniversary is in July but I want to give you my best wishes for a Happy Anniversary and many happy returns. Love, Trudy
Trudy Zimmerman

Happy Anniversary (2000-07-18 03:16:04)

Trudy Zimmerman

(2000-07-16 20:22:17)
Good to see we have pleased Sev with his first concert for 25 years. Looking forward to meeting you Sev. Sorry Suzanne, no plans in the forseeable future for any other Procol concerts other than this one, so do please try and come to the UK and join all the fans from all over the world who will be coming to Guildford. Love to all Diane

PH Guildford concert (2000-07-15 10:09:42)
What great news! I was unable to go to the Redhill concert, and was pretty sure that I'd never get the chance to see PH play again. Now I have the chance to see the band again - for the 1st time in over 25 years. Thanks Gary.
Sev Lewkowicz

Any Concerts? (2000-07-15 10:01:40)
First of all, thank you for my favourite Song A Whiter Shade of Pale. I love it since I was 8 or 9. My question: Does anybody know, if there is a possibility to visit a Procol-Harum-concert in Germany? I have been to a concert once in Mannheim (I think it was '92...) it was the greatest concert, I'd ever visited. I like to see and hear the band again!! Thank you for any information!

(2000-07-14 06:50:14)
I've been a fan since 1967. I didn't think anybody these days even knows Procol exists.
Denis Finley

(2000-07-14 06:48:40)
I've been a fan since 1967. Didn't think anybody else these days even know who Procol is.
Denis Finley

Australia Tour (2000-07-12 00:37:23)
Gary, Are you guys considering an Australian Tour in the future. We met as you may remember in Brisbane during the Ultimate Rock Symphony Tour of which you were the star by the way. Best Wishes to you and Franky. Russell and Maxine.
Russell Murphy

THE NEWS YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! (2000-07-10 22:08:18)
Procol to play on 17th September. Watch BtP tonight! Love to all Diane

Gary Brooker/Diane Rolph (2000-07-09 03:05:25)
Dear Diane, I want to thank you for the nice autographed picture of Gary. I will treasure it and hope that he will soon be doing a show in the US so that I can see him again. Love, Trudy Zimmerman
Trudy Zimmerman

(2000-07-09 03:00:07)

Trudy Zimmerman

Hi! (2000-07-08 04:41:07)
Whiter Shade of Pale is beautiful. John
John Vanderbeck

In the coming of my madness... (2000-07-05 07:04:37)
Thanks for the excellent website. I have been a working musician for over 30 years now and Procol Harum was an absolutely seminal band for me and remains a favorite in my CD player. I say Gary Brooker perform with Ringo a few years back and it was the closest I ever got to the real thing. Their version of Salty Dog was excellent, I could swear I could hear the sea birds at the end of the tune , then realized I was outdoors on an island in the San Diego Harbor - real sea birds! Right on cue. Play on...
Jeffrye Glenn Tveraas

(2000-07-05 02:25:48)
where's keith?

(2000-07-05 02:12:27)

Classic music (2000-07-02 02:03:36)
I was that first guitarist.
Richard Brown

Thankyou (2000-06-30 00:50:53)
I posted a message a couple of weeks ago asking for help tryng to locate a peice of music which sounded a lot like 'WSOP'. I received so many replies that I have been unable to reply to each individually but would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who replied informing me that 'Air on a G String' was the peice which I had heard. The wedding was last Friday and the organist played this peice as I was waiting for my new wife to arrive and it sounded fantastic (but you were right Roland, I should have just requested WSOP). Anyway, i digress, a big thank you to all who mailed me it was very much appreciated. Thanks also to all those who sent kind wishes, very nice of you all. The day after the wedding we were sat in a cafe when WSOP was played as part of the piped music, its older than me but still one of the best songs ever written. A big thanks to you all. John. P.S. Excellent site, keep up te good work.
John Marshall

(2000-06-28 00:16:33)

(2000-06-28 00:09:50)


BtP (2000-06-25 18:26:01)
Dear BtP I love your website; supplying information for sad old bastards like me (have I nothing better to do than dream about a reformed Procol Harum Playing the Bridewater Hall in Manchester ? No). Anyway, I thought you might like to know that Gazza was in fine form at the afformentioned venue (June 19th) with the Rhythm Kings and was in spanking form (in fact he seemed much more fun than when I saw Procol Harum in 1977). Before playing "A Whiter Shade..." Gary teased us (at least those of us who knew it !) with the opening bars of "Grand Hotel". I'd like to think that Gazza was checking out the venue for a gig with the Halle Orchestra.... Keep up the good work, Love Mark
Mark Hallam

ph (2000-06-23 23:34:48)
Keep 'bringing home the bacon'
Geert Sprokel

Great Music and Website (2000-06-23 20:01:27)
The Ancient One

Great Music and Website (2000-06-23 19:57:55)
The Ancient One

Gary Brooker. (2000-06-22 21:21:42)

Jim Stewart

Gary Broocker (2000-06-22 12:53:28)
Absolutely Gary is the best singer.

I love you Gary (2000-06-19 06:27:50)
Re my previous message-My correct address is 15023 Woodland Loop, Penn Valley Ca 95946
Trudy Zimmerman

I love you Gary (2000-06-19 06:25:35)

Trudy Zimmerman

I love you Gary (2000-06-19 06:21:58)
Ever since I saw you in person at Konocti on Mar 6, 1999, I think of you and your music all the time. I also enjoy getting your pictures on the internet. I hope that some day you will do another tour in California so that I can see your performance. I would love an autographed picture of you if possible. My address is 14023 Woodland Loop, Penn Valley CA 95946. Also, I would like to wish you a belated happy birthday. Love, Trudy Zimmerman
Trudy Zimmerman

Wow!!! There are quite a numbers of fans... (2000-06-19 05:07:45)
I have been one since 1967 and found the website this AM. The rest of the catalog needs to be released in remastered form--the way it meant to heard.
Dave Joseph

WSOP release date (2000-06-18 15:58:29)
Can anybody tell me the exact release date of WSOP. 1969? 1970? Thanks in advance. M.

(2000-06-18 00:38:42)
I saw that someone thought my letter to the guestbook was funny. I haven't listened to AWSoP since. My feelings were hurt, just like when that chick put me down in college. This bass player in knew, was aware that I had 'women problems' and he invited me to take a ride with him. He put on the 8 track of Broken Baracade. It made my day, as we drove around smoking a joint.
Jim boda

PH is a part of my life (2000-06-10 09:11:49)
I love them, especially the albums Broken Barricades and Grand Hotel, and obviously A Salty Dog. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and all my friends long for them to come down to Brazil for a gig, like did the Rolling Stones (twice), Jethro Tull(four times!), Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Oasis etc etc. Best song? Luskus Delph? maybe...A Rum Tale? Moving... Broken Barricades? Fires? For Liquorice John? I don't really know, but what I know is that they are much much better than almost everything...can't understand why are they not recognised like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Blind Faith... I hope time will do justice, at least... Mauricio Achkar
mauricio achkar

PH is a part of my life (2000-06-10 09:10:55)
I love them, especially the albums Broken Barricades and Grand Hotel, and obviously A Salty Dog. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and all my friends long for them to come down to Brazil for a gig, like did the Rolling Stones (twice), Jethro Tull(four times!), Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Oasis etc etc. Best song? Luskus Delph? maybe...A Rum Tale? Moving... Broken Barricades? Fires? For Liquorice John? I don't really know, but what I know is that they are much much better than almost everything...can't understand why are they not recognised like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Blind Faith... I hope time will do justice, at least... Mauricio Achkar
mauricio achkar

Pete Solley interview (2000-06-09 14:09:19)
Sorry, Petah; you did not write 'TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP',check writers credit I think it's Palmar, Marinos,Skill,Canler,And Solley.I hope your software is better than your memory. Mike Skill; ROMANTICS.P.S. I've always loved PROCOL HARUM. Brooker,Reid,and Fisher, the best of the best!
Mike Skill

Pete Solley interview (2000-06-09 13:57:19)
Sorry, Petah; you did not write 'TALKING IN YOUR SLEEP',check writers credit I think it's Palmar, Marinos,Skill,Canler,And Solley.I hope your software is better than your memory. Mike Skill; ROMANTICS.P.S. I've always loved PROCUL HARUM. Brooker,Reid,and Fischer, the best of the best!
Mike Skill

Thanks for being here (2000-06-09 07:50:26)
I've loved Procol since I first was introduced to them, or at least since I first realized they created AWSoP, Conquistador, etc. It's a shame the rest of the Brooker/Reid/Trower et al oeuvre doesn't get airplay these days.
Stephen Solyom

(2000-06-05 21:00:34)
I am a huge Bob Dylan fan and I'm just discovering Procol Harum through a Greatest Hits album. I was wondering if they covered any of Bobs songs or vise versa.

(2000-06-05 20:59:46)
I am a huge Bob Dylan fan and I'm just discovering Procol Harum through a Greatest Hits album. I was wondering they covered any of Bobs songs or vise versa.

love of procol/brooker (2000-06-05 18:26:33)
I would like to thank Mr. Brooker for the wonderful music he has given us, the melodies....that have been part of a life of and truth, like his remains nothing but the truth...and of course, to all the procol musician and Mr. Reid as well....Thank you truly and please .....more...
Aldo La Rosa

(2000-06-04 14:57:59)
Procol Harum ist ein Meilenstein in der Popgeschichte. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit, Gary Brooker live zu erleben.... er ist genial.

Help (2000-06-03 23:44:23)
Can anybody help me ? I once heard a piece of classical music (I think) which sounded a lot like 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'. I'm getting married in a couple of weeks and would like to have this played at my wedding and wonder if anybody could tell me the name of the peice. Any help would be great. Thankyou John.

Help (2000-06-03 23:42:45)
Can anybody help me ? I once heard a piece of classical music (I think) which sounded a lot like 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'. I'm getting married in a couple of weeks and would like to have this played at my wedding and wonder if anybody could tell me the name of the peice. Any help would be great. Thankyou John.

Book (2000-06-01 01:44:44)
I write a column for the Evansville,Ind., Courier & Press. Also do books. Check out my "Baseball Days" on Have been contracted by McGregor Publishing to compile vignettes from folks who gave us the music of the '50s and '60s. Have 60-odd tales so far from the likes of Peter Noone, Fred Hellerman, Ray Coniff, Fabian and Little Anthony. Would like to get input from PH. Book is coming out May 2001. My deadline is August. I can send a packet of info that details my project. Need address to send it t
Garret Mathews

Request for airplay (2000-05-31 14:53:18)
Hi, This message is for Westside Records radio promotion. I have a radio program, Folk Beat, which airs on Saturday mornings from 10-12 . FB is listed as a Radio Partner in Sing Out! magazine and weekly playlists are posted at the FOLKDJ-L website. FB is Maine's longest airing roots music program, having begun in 1993. It's my understanding that Westside reissues some classic early country material, such as Moon Mullican. I play a variety of folk genres, from bluegrass to blues, and would appreciate any promo copies of reissues of the early country music genre. Thanks. Regards, Skip Mowry WRBC/Folk Beat 60 Orchard St. Auburn, ME 042
Skip Mowry

Happy Birthday Gary (2000-05-30 04:18:37)
May your Day be Filled with Wonder and May all your Wishes come True. For what You have meant in our lives we are beholden to you. Happy Trails. Love Bob and Cathy
Bob and Cathy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!!!!!!!!! (2000-05-29 01:06:43)
Best Wishes to the Birthday Boy...may all our birthday 'SETLISTS' come true!!!!! ;-) Much love,

(2000-05-27 11:05:01)

Jim Rogers

Whiter Shade long version (2000-05-26 19:53:48)
I have been a fan for about 25 years.Saw them live in Chicago for Exotic Birds & Fruit and a few years ago for Prodigal Stranger.Powerful both times!Also actually had a Dutch or French lp years ago that had a studio version of AWSoP with the extra verses.What the hell did I do with it?!It was on Fly or Cube records and might've been a double lp.Someone tell me I didn't imagine it!Got to find that one again....Help!Kurt Piepenburg
Kurt Piepenburg

new artists (2000-05-26 15:11:21)
We are a new artist that is interested in have our original music heard. Check out our website and listen to some of our songs.

1.4.00 (2000-05-24 23:14:39)
Yes, highly amusing. Now get a life.
clive wilson

AWSOP on Lead Guitar (2000-05-23 20:09:13)
I had no problem finding the lyrics to the song on your site (Singles and Rareties). I first heard the song when on vacation in Montreal, Expo '67 on a Holiday Inn Hotel radio. I, like many others thought it sounded like Bach, except Churches usually prefer pipe organs to Hammonds. I bought the single and as soon as I got an electric guitar (early 70's) I started playing along with the record. Now for years I have been drowning out the other musicians with my Lead Guitar version of the song. Also, years back I think it was King Curtis that had a Saxaphone instrumental version. I wish I had a group with the same musical tastes as me.
Jim Boda

Question about "Psalm for St. Mary" (2000-05-22 21:41:52)
Greetings from USA: I am writing to inquire about a song on CD: THE GARY BROOKER ENSEMBLE WITH CHOIR AND STRING QUARTET-WITHIN OUR HOUSE, recorded live at St. Mary and All Saints Church (REP 4660-WY). The song that I am interested in is: PSALM FOR ST. MARY. I work in a church in USA and would like to know if the arrangement of this song is available in any written form (choral music, solo music, etc.). We would like to have our choir and orchestra perform this song in our church. Can you help with any information? Thank You, Kenny Corn
Kenny Corn

(2000-05-19 20:56:57)
haven't been around many procol harum fans these days in the paris (france) area, so i'm kind of surprised to read so many people out here on your site ... anyway, spent a very nice few minutes with you and i'll probably come back some day ! keep it going jc
jc guzzo

(2000-05-19 14:13:56)
Procol Harum are better than the Beatles
Chris Sotomayor

(2000-05-18 03:00:58)
Whiter Shade of Pale; one of the greatest songs ever.
Terry Rimes

(2000-05-18 03:00:12)
Whiter Shade of Pale; one of the greatest songs ever.
Terry Rimes

(2000-05-13 12:04:43)
Greetings, It took me 20 years to find the 1st album, again. I used to have 2 or 3 of the black& white Derams in the 60's, but they all got used up and I always assumed that I could get more, but one day they disappeared.Now i have 3 or 4 and am happy again. I have my Christmas Camel any time i want. It has been many years since I have last seen Procol Harum, but I managed to witness 9 of your shows prior to 1970, and was able to meet the group backstage at the Grande Ballroom in Deroit in 1969. I couldn't even get a proper word out of my pie-hole at the time. What an ass I was.The chance of a lifetime and I was struck mute.I think that I knew the group wanted to meet females and I wasn't, so , no matter what I said would be superfluous, so I just stood there hoping Gary or Robin, or Mathew or David or Barry would say something to me 1st.Jeez, how nerdy I was. Thanks for the heavenly music Rob Newman
Rob Newman

Thanks (2000-05-13 11:34:02)
I marvel at how A Whiter Shade Of Pale even now retains its power and mystique. The music remains evocative and hypnotic. The piece seems diminished neither by time nor the loss of the colourful era that launched it. What thanks then could I offer to repay thirty years of spellbound rapture at its every playing? John Edwards
John Edwards

Our First Glorious Day of Celebration (2000-05-12 04:20:20)
Greetings Fellow Dwellers of the Realm, We set out to go exploring and set our foot on the nearest road. We tip our hats to Procol Harum who is a continuing living experience. The music is more than music and the words are more than words. In life as we row from ship to the shore, we wait faithfully for more stories showing us which adventure is coming next. Could it be an evening in the Hotel Grand or should we continue to wait for the sign post ceasing to sign? We've met sailors, and poets, angels, and scondrals. I think we met a Gurdy Man Opps wrong road(hi don! we love you. 11 months to go!) We continue still to follow and celebrate the experience of Procol Harum's music. We Love You, Bob and Cathy
Bob and Cathy

International Procol Harum Day--12 May 2000 (2000-05-12 02:19:29)
To be celebrated in honour of Procol Harum for the brilliant sound and song they have represented! Shine On Procol Harum! Shine On Palers! Best Wishes, Beyondo Bev ;-) xoxoxo

(2000-05-11 18:58:04)
Hello! I am a PH portuguese fan for many years ; My favourite albuns are SHINE ON BRIGHTLY and GRAND HOTEL. By the way what do you think about TRANSATLANTICs cover of IN HELD TWAS I IN ? PROGRESSIVE ROCK and the MELLOTRON LIVE AGAIN !!!
Roger Silva

Thanks Procol (2000-05-08 11:10:39)
In 1967 I was 14 and I listened to A whiter shade of pale.I started playing the organ and today I am still playing a lot of Procol songs with my group " Prima Pagina" all over Italy. Their songs have been very important in my life and when I play them on my Hammond organ there's always a strong emotion in my soul. Thanks Gary,Keith,Matthew.....
Alfredo Gioffredi Italy

(2000-05-08 11:00:52)

Alfredo g

Thanks Procol to exist (2000-05-08 11:00:12)

Alfredo Gioffredi Italy

(2000-05-08 10:56:33)

alfredo gioffredi

Procol (2000-05-04 21:40:39)
Excellent and comprehensive site.
Mark Baker

no subect (2000-05-04 21:35:46)
Actually, I've been wanting to write to Gary & Keith,to ask them about' A whiter shade of pale'if there is any background on it. I love the song and been trying to research it, a few of my rock books said it was a BACH cantata and when I asked David Lanz he had no recollection on it HELP!!!!!!!!!
Nanci Giampietro

no subect (2000-05-04 21:33:15)
Actually, I've been wanting to write to Gary & Keith,to ask them about' A whiter shade of pale'if there is any background on it. I love the song and been trying to research it, a few of my rock books said it was a BACH cantata and when I asked David Lanz he had no recollection on it HELP!!!!!!!!!
Nanci Giampietro

(2000-05-04 18:41:16)
I first saw Procul Harum at Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pa. in late November of 1970 .I actually wasn't familiar with their music at the time only knowing Homburg and A Whiter Shade of Pale.I've been a big fan ever since.
Jack Wehr

(2000-04-29 23:23:21)

PROCOL (2000-04-28 00:46:02)

LYRICS (2000-04-27 19:06:50)

From Edmonton ab (2000-04-27 05:10:20)
Does anyone know the value of the "live with the edmonton syphony" on record. I have two and was just wondering

procol live (2000-04-24 02:00:25)
Reminded by a friend of some of the beautiful sounds at the Fillmore(s). I only saw Procol Harum live once. It was at the Fillmore East in the spring of 1970. I had listened to the albums often enough. Salty Dog about a thousand times at a friend's house. So I thought of their music as more production oriented without super high expectations for the live show. I was blown away by the slimmed down version of PH at the Fillmore. What I still hear in my head today was the sound of the opening chords of "The Devil Came From Kansas". It grabbed your attention in a stark primal way. I don't think I'll ever hear amplified piano in quite the same way. GB sang beautifully. The band was super tight and far more rock and roll than I imagined. These days when I listen to them, it's the simple rock & bluesy numbers that I enjoy the most. The psychedelia is dated but the sound of great musicianship and songwriting doesn't go away. Saw Robin Trower in mid 70s in Cambridge, MA and bought a few of his solo albumns. I can only dream of what a reunion concert would sound like, preferably without the orchestration which never really did it for me. Maybe someday . . .
Ken Aidekman

Happy Easter (2000-04-23 08:44:37)
the motel lights were blinkin' on my chartreuse 4-door lincoln on the dock the fish were stinkin' I simply didn't have a care and the old men sit 'round the cracker barrels the children hum their christmas charols the train tracks all run parallel but they'll all meet up oneday on a dusty pew in a vestibule sits the devil playing pocket pool he's waiting for the next poor fool who forgot that it was sunday! hAPPY eASTER EVERYBODY.. sHINE ON..
Rick Devens

(2000-04-22 04:00:40)

Our Gentle Goddess has Spoken (2000-04-22 03:37:46)
May 12th is our own BEVERLY'S birthday. She has declared that date to be PROCOL HARUM day! I'm sure this is something we are happy to comply with. Please go to "Our Diet of News" for April 22 for a wonderful NEW Beverly story, the hononary member of P.H. Let's unite Brothers and Sisters. May we sing in one voice and may it be heard by those who need to hear.
Love, Bob&Cathy

Fan (2000-04-20 23:30:01)
A fan since the 60's
Joe Spinale

(2000-04-20 17:12:35)
I´m a fan of PH since "shade". I got to know Gary at Chiddingfold 1995 and in Redhill 1997. I am also member of the "whalers". (hallo Michael) I'm looking forward to see Gary with Bill Wyman in Kaiserslautern on April, 27th. I hope to enjoy PH in concert in the new future or that they will produce a new CD. Hans

(2000-04-18 01:00:14)
I have been a Procol fan since I first heard WSOP. I purchased every album and loved them all. I am especially fond of the power that the group can develop when driving home a theme. It occurs all over in all the albums. Reid's lyrics have always been the best , translated beautifully by Gary. As you can see I have an everlasting love for Procol music and continue to enjoy it intermixed with my other favorite bands. It is almost impossible to pick a favorite album,but I believe that Shine on Brightly and Exotic Birds and Fruit would be up there. Queens NY USA

(2000-04-18 00:57:06)
I have been a Procol fan since I first heard WSOP. I purchased every album and loved them all. I am especially fond of the power that the group can develop when driving home a theme. It occurs all over in all the albums. Reid's lyrics have always been the best , translated beautifully by Gary. As you can see I have an everlasting love for Procol music and continue to enjoy it intermixed wih my other favorite bands. It is almost impossible to pick a favorite album,but I believe that Shine on Brightly and Exotic Birds and Fruit would be up there.

'Hornby' (2000-04-16 02:09:40)
Sorry, not really sure. It either points to a British train set or a flyfish lure, maybe both....possibly neither. ;-) You might consider joining the procol@progrock e-list where discussions about such topics take place. The link can be located at the interactive menu. Shine On Brightly!

You Must Be The Mermaid Who Took Neptune For A Ride (2000-04-14 03:30:54)
Beverly, Could you tell us all why Eric Clapton calls Gary, "Hornby"? If anyone has the inside's you!!! Got to be a bit more straight these days. kr. Love Bob and Cathy
Bob and Cathy

To John (2000-04-11 02:41:01)
Go to the front page of this site. There's a heading "song words". Go in Peace and desire to find beauty. The truth will set you free. We saw it in a dream Bob and Cathy
Bob and Cathy

(2000-04-10 23:56:29)

Dr. Glenn Morgenstern

nothing (2000-04-10 02:45:25)
hey cool site man, where the crap are the lyrics to "Whiter Shade of Pale"?? if u get them,, plz email them to me or something, thx, bye

To The Poet of the Court (2000-04-08 03:26:31)
I know you don't "computer" but just in case, I had to write. This is to KEITH REID our poetic prophet. My husband Bob is an illustrator and last Saturday night won The Independent Artist of the Year Award. This is a big deal to us midwesterners. Like yourself Bob has always artistically followed his heart. We would be alot wealthier if he hadn't, but that's ok. Matter of fact it makes me proud. On Saturday right before he thanked his partner and love of 25 years (april 24) he thanked Gary Brooker and Keith Reid. For direction. For poetry. For inspiration. Roland gave us a page on this site (thanks my brother), but we are only a small part of all the lives you've touched with your words. Like I shared with another fan... we are all your children. So thank you dweller of the mountain top. I hope you come down sometime to see how your children have grown. Still standing with my shoes laced up wrong. Love Bob and Cathy

NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!! (2000-04-08 00:16:23)

PROCAL HAREM (2000-04-07 04:47:57)
Been a fan since the sixties and when are you coming to Southern California? Thanks for making history in music...
Steve Richards

(2000-04-04 14:04:30)

(2000-04-04 03:53:21)

(2000-04-02 11:08:10)
Would you please make shure, that I can continue visiting the BtP homepage. I was not able to sign in for it at the website, since I dont have a program able to do so. Thank you
Karsten Overgaaqrd

"Saving Grace" (2000-03-31 12:47:34)
There is a song on a commercial for the show Paramedics. I believe the name of the song is "Saving Grace", could you please tell me if this is a Procal Harem song? Anyone????? Thanks Lindy

congratulations to procol harum (2000-03-31 03:47:06)
congratulations for a wonderful site |||||||||||||||| i´ve been a fan of procol since i was 15 years old | (now i´m 48), i live in buenos aires argentina and i know there are a lot of fans of PH here (i don´t know if we would fill an auditorioum or theatre but........... you never know | by the way i always admired the late BJ WILSON, can you inform me how he died (the only i know is he died on 8 october, 1990) thanks in advance and congratulations again for this site ||||||||||||| kind regards alfredo zingrich von ins buenos aires, argentina
alfredo zingrich von ins

IN HELD TWAS IN I : COVER VERSION (2000-03-31 00:37:45)
HELLO ALL PROCUL fans I have been an avid fan of PH since 1973. My subject matter concerns the release of an album by a group called TRANSLANTIC. The members of this band are from MARILLION, FLOWERKINGS, DREAM THEATRE,and SPOCK'S BEARD. The drummer, MIKE PORTNOY suggested the band do a cover of IN HELD. The CD has just been released on INSIDE/OUTSIDE RECORDS. The 17 minute version has a little more "punch" than PROCUL'S and there are a couple of interesting changes, which are nice enhancements. There is a TRANSLANTIC page that can give all the details. The rest of the album is interesting, progressive, and full of nice melodies. I highly recommend you try this out! SHALAMAR! CHARLIE NOLAN CHASNOLAN@JUNO.COM CHASNOLAN@HOTMAIL.COM

Guitar Tab (2000-03-30 11:16:00)
You site is brilliant but you need to put more guitar tabs for the songs on the site. Thanx alot.
Joe Marsden

Happy Birthday DAVE!!!!!! (2000-03-30 04:01:10)
Wishing you a BRIGHTLY SHINING BIRTHDAY DAVE! Keep On Truckin'Dude! ;-) Much love,

Cleveland? (2000-03-29 23:06:30)
Does anyone from the Cleveland area remember PH playing at I think it was the John Carroll University gymnasium with a band called Steel-eyed Span maybe 1971 or so? I think I remember the accoustics not being the best. Wow thats almost 30 years ago. I'm starting to sound like my dad remembering hearing the Jimmy Dorsey band.
J. Harrington

Summer of 1972 (2000-03-20 18:10:01)
I spent the Summer of '72 thumbing about Europe. I was no longer draft eligible for the US Army. College had lost meaning. I was looking for another fork in the road. At the end of my june-September Odessey I returned to London where I had landed 3 months earlier. A sign mentioned that P.H. was playing at some place called the Rainbow. What a magical name for a theatre I thought. With my London A-Z I found my way to the box office, and bought a single ticket. I think it was a balcony seat. It was a memorable night. I was so focused on the upcoming concert that I failed to notice that my check in for my flight home was the same night, not the next evening as I had assumed. I found out the next evening when I arrived at the terminal with no flight to be had. I remember the concert was with full orchestra and choir. The theatre was fantastic, and the friends I made that week in London left an indelible memory on my soul. Thank you Procul Harum. Thank you London. Brian
Brian Rich

Spinetti, Fenwick, Mercer... (2000-03-20 07:18:08)
if Henry Spinetti, Chris Mercer, or Ray Fenwick are out there - could you drop me a line? thanks! BTW - Great band - what a list of musicians! I saw Trower a few years back - incredible! Keep rockin! :-)
Kevin J. Universal Wheels

Turning Back The Page (2000-03-19 04:51:52)
Dear Pam Quinn Thank You for sharing your re-found treasure! As you can see it is handled with gentle hands by the web masters at BTP. Your brother may have past to another place for now, but he's lovingly watching you share your secert memories with all of us, and is smiling that you are remembering that special adventure you both experienced. That way he'll never really be far away from you. We'll watch for all the new chapters and share a new spark with you everytime.Having a dream in ev'ry home Love, Bob and Cathy
bob and cathy

Happy Fifty-Three Beej... (2000-03-18 01:37:25)
Especially for you and on this day, you are... Always in our hearts Always with us Always missed you remain... Always Much love,

(2000-03-10 22:39:26)
I saw Procol Harum about 5-6 times from the late 60's to the mid seventies. But, without a doubt the most memorable show for me was at the Academy of Music in NYC! The line up that night was opening act YES, the King Crimson, the Procol Harum. Needless to say the evening was charged with energy. I remember thinking that it might be difficult to better the opening acts, but Procol Harum put on a show that at all times soared, rocked and rained down fire that night. When I discuss this show with anyone who will listen, I always say that it is the best show I ever experienced. There music still sucks me back.
Dutch O'Neill

(2000-03-10 22:33:47)

Dutch O'Neill

re: hello (2000-03-09 22:09:24)
Hello Procol fans...I just found out about this wonderful site...two questions that maybe someone can help me with: 1. a childhood friend of mine - Paul Ferguson - from Dover, NJ was the biggest Procol Harum fan in the world and I wonder if he's connected with anyone on this site; 2. Since "Proco Harum Live with the Edmonton Orchestra" album is only 40 minutes long is there any possibility that the rest of the concert will ever find its way on a rereleased CD? Just wondering...thanks....Randy Evans
Randy Evans

(2000-03-09 19:51:37)

Happy Birthday Matthew! (2000-03-07 13:00:04)
Wishing you a very special day along with many thanks and much love,

M.F.'s B-day and an old memory (2000-03-07 06:19:58)
I would like to take this opportunity on the occasion of Matthew Fisher's birthday to relate my story of meeting Matthew. Twenty five years ago I was a young musician in Hollywood playing Hammond organ in the back-up band of the soon to be teen-star Shaun Cassidy. We were rehearsing at Studio Instrument Rentals (S.I.R.) on Santa Monica Blvd. at the same time as Robin Trower's band. In fact, we rehearsed in the very same studio as the Trower band and often exchanged cordialities with them. Although I highly admired Trower's playing, it was Matthew Fisher who was my musical hero and role model. After rehearsals we often used to go to the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Blvd to unwind. The Rainbow was and probably still is a notorious and infamous hangout for touring British rock bands. On any given night one might see a Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, or John Lennon holding court upstairs in the "Over the Rainbow" private club, or a Keith Emerson tearing out into the night on his Harley. Anyway, one night I happened to see Matthew Fisher there. I assume he was in Los Angeles in some connection with Trower. I nervously introduced myself and told him how much I admired "Journey's End" and "I'll Be There" and what an influence he had had on my own playing, composing, and singing styles. I remember we also chatted briefly about the John Ford/Richard Hudson album which had recently been released. My lasting impression was of a gracious, unassuming, rather shy and gentle man who was the antithesis of all the rock-star types who frequented the Rainbow. In fact, he went completely unnoticed by all of the poseurs and groupies on the prowl. They had no idea that one of the world's most distinguished musicians was in their midst! I would like to wish him a very happy birthday and many thanks for everything! P.S. Besides playing w/ Shaun Cassidy, for much of the 70's and 80's I was in a Los Angeles band called Village who were very Procol/Matthew influenced. They have a website: Today I am a composer and teach music theory and musical theatre at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where I'll be directing "Evita" in May. All the best.
Jeremy Gilien

at last (2000-03-06 22:48:16)
great to find out lots of procol fans are still alive and kicking. bought my first ph album 30 years ago and their music still thrills me. look forward to a possible next/last concert in holland (visited their early nineties concert at utrecht) willem eijer / netherlands
willem eijer

(2000-03-04 15:46:26)
I last saw Procol Harum in Aylesbury Civic Centre in 1977 on the same night that the BBC "Sight and Sound" broadcast went out. I was working at the venue that night and recall that the band watched themselves on a small portable TV. I myself managed to make an audio recording of the programme which I still have albeit with a momentary power cut during "Grand Hotel". My other memory of the Aylesbury gig was Keith Reid arriving at the venue in a Bristol sports car. I previously saw the Harum at Dunstable a year or so earlier where they were supported by Leo Sayer. Thanks for an excellent web site!
William Heelis

Thank you, Herman (2000-03-03 23:39:40)
Last week Herman from Germany offered some Procul songbooks to us. Our computer broke, now I cannot find his Email. I hope you see this, Herman, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I did find some music transcriptions at this site, Thank you Beverly!!!! The music is very complicated, a bit over our amateur heads. I hope you both see this message. Best wishes to all. Tom
Tom Phillips --

Thank you, Herman (2000-03-03 23:38:16)
Last week Herman from Germany offered some Procul songbooks to us. Our computer broke, now I cannot find his Email. I hope you see this, Herman, and thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I did find some music transcriptions at this site, Thank you Beverly!!!! The music is very complicated, a bit over our amateur heads. I hope you both see this message. Best wishes to all. Tom
Tom Phillips --

JUST WONDERING (2000-03-03 03:06:37)
BOB AND CATHY nuthin honey

(2000-03-01 23:15:20)
Words cannot describe how much the music of Procol Harum has meant to me. I was so thrilled to learn of this website and am almost a daily visitor. I love all of the updates. Continue this important work!
Jeremy Gilien

Happy Birthday Diane! (2000-03-01 00:14:03)
Wishing you a SHINING DAY filled with BRIGHT JEWELS!!! Much love,

(2000-02-24 02:43:08)

(2000-02-24 02:38:48)
Thank You for this great web-site! Long live Gary and the rest of PH. We fans are the lucky ones who "got" what it was they were trying to do. They were, and are, "above all these things."
Rick Devens

(2000-02-24 02:29:28)
Thank You for this great web-site! Long live Gary and the reat of PH.
Rick Devens

(2000-02-24 02:27:45)

Rick Devens

thanks (2000-02-22 04:49:40)
dear wres2345, thank you for sharing your photo find! just wondering... what stocks you might suggest to purchase tomorrow?? because you're one lucky gent! and if we see you again it will be as a friend bob and cathy
cathy n/a

cool stuff (2000-02-20 06:37:07)
Alright site
Derek Dutcher

site (2000-02-20 06:35:17)
alright site.
Derek Dutcher

Matthew's Hammond B-3's (2000-02-20 04:01:00)
I frequented The Grande Ballroom in Detroit and in late 1967 had the good pleasure of seeing Procol Harum. Beyond being shaken by B.J. Wilson's drums and Robin Trower's guitar riffs, I have to admit that Mr. Fisher's Hammond B-3's were tossing the sound of his organ into the crowd like I had never experienced. One cannot also forget that Mr. Brooker's piano and vocal's were superb and Dave Knight was playing some classical bass lines which provided a solid bottom. I saw them in MI about 6-7 more times before moving to San Francisco in 71', continuing to view the band with great reverence. Shine on Brightly!!
Michael Bolan

(2000-02-20 03:47:17)

Party Downunder (2000-02-19 01:30:19)
Hello Melbourne! Heres wishing all you lucky Palers, Whalers and Sailors who will be meeting with Gary, Chris and Geoff this weekend a very memorable occasion!!! Shine On and regards from Ft. Lauderdale!

(2000-02-18 17:49:07)
Great site! A whiter shade of pale is one of my favourite songs.
Harm Schoonekamp

Greetings from Edmonton (2000-02-12 02:02:26)
I'm a 15 kid from Edmonton. Conquistador is one of my favorite songs. Unfortunatly I can only listen to it on the Radio and my dads only P.H. Record (live with the Edmonton Symphony).

Greetings from Edmonton (2000-02-12 01:58:33)
I am 15 and live in Edmonton, Conquistador is one of my favorite songs. The only way I can listen to ProcolHarum is the radio and my dads on records but hope to find some C.Ds on them
Lindsey Trufyn

Can't get enough! (2000-02-12 01:46:58)
I first saw Procol Harum in 1968 in Cocoa Beach Fla. I later had the pleasure of working some of thier shows in Texas in the mid 70's I have never ever heard another band like them. I've started playing music on my own now and desperatly am trying to find Guitar tabs to all of thier music also bass runs. Any help? E-mail me.
Nyk NA

(2000-02-09 23:45:17)

Edmonton (2000-02-07 17:47:48)
Having been a fan of literate rock 'n roll for thirty years, Procol Harum is for me an icon. Am distressed that a disc version of "Live with the Edmonton Symphony" is currently unavailable in the States. Any ideas from anyone on accessing a copy? Those at peace shall see their wake.
Randy Robertson

(2000-02-05 20:01:06)
Congratulations at all. Procol Harum it makes part of my life. Since 1970 I hear them. The songs, the words, the almbum's picture, the atmosphere takes off from every music. Ever. Third millenium it will be times from Procol Harum. So long.
washington araujo

Procol & James Dewar (2000-02-04 07:11:10)
I've been going CD crazy purchasing all of the Procol catalog. It's too bad Broken Barricades is not available! All I can say is "What a great band". Thanks for the James Dewar information. If there ever was an overlooked vocalist (and bassist) in rock music, it's James. His voice was as important to the Trower sound as much as Robin's guitar. Thanks for many great albums. Now where can I get this solo album?

Worshipping Procol Harum (2000-02-04 05:10:42)
I've been a Procol fan from the first. With the exception of the last two albums of the first incarnation of the band, their music has provided ceaseless enjoyment for thirty years. The quality of the music and the lyrics continues to shine as brightly as the first time I heard the band. Some music sounds as if it spews from the bowels of Hell, but the music of Procol Harum is a gift from God on high.
Kurt Harding

(2000-02-03 10:53:20)

(2000-02-03 10:52:15)

(2000-02-01 14:24:45)
HI FROM ITALY! I've always been a PH fan since I was a teen-ager (now I'm just a bit..older,but evergreen)and could share my fondness just with few human beings at that time!Thanks for giving me this opportunity now (never too late) Walpurgis

The old days... (2000-02-01 04:48:04)
One of the first concerts I ever saw was Procol Harum at Place des Nations in Montreal in... '69 ? I was a young drummer then (now I'm an old drummer) and I was awed by B.J. Wilson. Great site. Thanks.
Kelly Arrey

LIFE (2000-01-31 16:46:27)
The Ancient One

Cathy Nemeth (2000-01-31 03:28:37)
I'm trying to locate Cathy Nemeth, the biggest Procol Harum fan of all time. See turned me on to the band and I've loved her for it ever since. The last time I saw her was shortly after my wedding. Cathy, if you get this message - please email me! So, "Where's the Robin?"

(2000-01-27 15:33:25)

(2000-01-27 15:07:18)

procol harum (2000-01-26 22:33:58)
just a fan from the old days saw them at the Atlantic City Pop Festival 1969 did i really see seagulls flying aroung while they were doing Salty Dog? bass player was cool in leather suit and of course robin
richard surratt

(2000-01-26 04:54:23)
great site a salty dog best song ever!!

whiter shade of pale (2000-01-25 01:24:51)
i have loved PH for years but currently dont own any Cd's (all mine were on album) whiter sh...... came up in a conversation recently and i wanted this person to experience the song could you please send a link or something to where i could find the mp3 version all i can find are the midi files which dont do it justice thanx for any responce you give
Chris Ayers

(2000-01-23 05:09:01)
i guess i was a little scared to write anything to the website. procol is so very percious to us that we were afraid that there may be some ho hum followers. people that didn't see the whole beauty of the band. i was happly wrong! the quick response from roland was so very kind and flattering. he really understood how procol can be a part of peoples lives. we're so glad there are others that share our magical ride. love cathy lessl
bob&cathy lessl n/a

procolfan (2000-01-22 16:14:59)
Lisbon,Portugal I'm so glad at last to find lots of info about Procol Harum. Since the 60's that I try to know what equip. they used during their carrers. I'm 50 and I still trying to get some more about it. Best regards Luis Pereira (Piano tunner)
luis esteves pereira

best Kraftwerk page ever... (2000-01-21 12:34:55)
Hi!!! I love PH, the site's good too. Hey, I want a PH collection, with Whiter Shade of Pale and Homburg, also with other cool tracks of theirs. Can anybody copy them for me? I have other trade, although not of the same genre (besides Deep Purple) Thanks!

James Dewar (2000-01-21 02:57:08)
Beyond The Pale is a great place for all to keep up on things regarding this great group . Thanks for putting this site together . Thanks to a lot of effort Chrysalis has released James Dewar's fine solo album on disc after almost twenty years . The sad part is I have yet to see any mention in print of it or any retailers carrying it at all in the USA . You'd think Chrysalis could send out 10 or twenty discs to publications for promo after all the gold and platinum albums Jimmy sold for them in the seventies with Robin . A real disappointment especially since I'm sure Jimmy's family wouldn't mind some royalty action at this time .What can we do ? Couldnt we all contribute a small amount of money to purchase a half page ad in both the US Goldmine and UK Record Collector to maybe , " congratulate " Jimmy on this fine album being available ,and list the number label and retailer, producer credits , musicians etc. I'd like to contact Chrysalis online but their site is never open . I wouldn't think they'd object to free promotion for one of their own products . Maybe they'd even loan us some artwork for it . I know I wouldn't mind contributing some money to the fund , I had many hours of listening pleasure thanks to Jimmy's music .
Kevin Ruddell

(2000-01-20 21:45:15)
i am the no. one fan.
Tracy L Marples

(2000-01-16 20:00:27)

Michael Scheuerman

BBC Sessions (2000-01-14 16:28:13)
Well, I picked up the recently released BBC disc, and I must say that I'm...well, a bit disappointed! The sound quality is great, but the band sounds tired and uninspired on most cuts. Mr. Brooker seems to simply be going through the motions in regards to his vocals. The entire crew just sounds...dare I say...bored with it all! Even the "new" material from Exoitc Birds and Fruit sounds lackluster. Kind of a sad example of a great band starting to run out of steam, I guess.

Your Music (2000-01-12 08:28:12)
I have found the music of Procol Harum to be nothing short of the most inspiring music I have ever heard. Gary Brooker's voice and music should be as well known as Lennon and McCartney's. B.J. Wilson's drumming is the most majestic, tasteful,expressive playing that I have ever heard. It brings tears to my eyes, a smile to my face, and goose bumps to my arms. There will never be another like him. He took the drums to another level. He showed us what applying great technique really means. There will never be another band like them, just as there will never be another Beatles. I'm glad to have grown up with them. Their music is as good today as it was 36 years ago when I first heard them. Thanks Gary and all.
Kevin Conway

New Lamps for (an) Old (2000-01-09 03:07:48)
1974: Tried to fill my music-teacher (who himself was a composer) and my class-fellows with enthusiasm while I let hear them `Conquistador´ (the Edmonton version) and `Grand Hotel´. "Too oldfashioned" (teacher) and "shit, let´s hear Status Quo or Deep Purple", the answer was. 1975: Tried to inspire my friends at the youth-center for `A salty Dog´. "Terrible, let´s do some disco-music", they said. 1993: "Wouldn´t it be good to play `A whiter Shade of Pale´?", I asked my friends in the band. "Who would listen to this?", they asked. Those where only a few examples of course! 2000: Suddenly I discover the Procol Harum website and so many PH-fans!! It´s good to know you´re never too old to come home!!! Nik
Nik Clever

(2000-01-08 23:10:48)

(2000-01-08 23:03:40)

PH at the Isle of Wight (2000-01-06 11:23:58)
Folks, this is Peter from Germany let me tell you that this is one of the best (if not the best) homepage I`ve ever seen. Very informative, very easy to handle and a lot of fun for an old PH fan. Really great !! I`d like to send you my memories of the PH show at the 3rd Isle of Wight Festival in 1970, which I attended and will never forget. It was the only time I saw them live but I believe it was one of their best ever. Everybody talks of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors or Emerson, Lake and Plamer playing Wight, which were great too, but PH are always neglected. They don`t even appear in the Murray Lerner movie "Message of Love" of the festival. What a shame!!! I can still hear the first chords of Salty Dog hanging over the crowd of some 600 000 people there at night. What a fuck it wasn`t recorded. Tell me how to contact you (Email address) Thanks and cheers Peter(46) from Germany
Peter Eitner

Hello (2000-01-06 02:27:33)
Beverly, please Email me as I cannot seem to reach you. I would to share something with you. I am at Thanks!!!!!!Tom
Tom Phillips ---

Pioneer DVD (2000-01-04 02:26:12)
This is referenced at Has it been released? Is it safe to send money? John
John Kennedy

Happy New Year! (2000-01-01 06:09:39)
May 2000 bring us all together again. Have a great year EVERYONE!!!! Much love,

Sheetmusic (1999-12-31 14:41:32)
Hello to all who share a discriminating taste in fine music. Does anyone possess or know where to locate sheetmusic of Procul tunes? The biggest music store in town tells me the books are out of print. I would give anything for us to be able to play "In the Wee Small Hours" and such. A happy and safe!!!!!!!New Year to all. Thanks Tom.
Tom Phillips from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Unification Theory and Procol Harum (1999-12-25 06:01:59)
May the forces of the Great Physicist, guide and provide for all and sundry, and for the reason for our unification on Earth.....PROCOL HARUM. Merry Christmas too all of,"the special people." (Brooker-1969 Central Park) Cerdes
Larry Pennisi/Cerdes

Merry Christmas Procol Harum (1999-12-24 22:01:05)
To each and every member of Procol Harum... May your Christmas of 1999 be sated with the joy you have given each and everyone of us. let troubles cease this day of peace...KR Within Our House with love, Beverly

"Stand by me" (1999-12-23 14:45:29)
Just for the record "Stand by me" has now sold 130.000 copies in dk.
flemming bamse jørgensen

(1999-12-23 14:41:55)

Procol Harum Reissues (1999-12-23 12:33:12)
I'm writing to say thank you to Westside Recs. for reissuing the first 4 Procol albums.You probably don't get a lot of responses from us yanks from across the pond.When is the rest of their catalogue coming out on CD, because I'd love to hear "Exotic Birds & Fruit" again.I have been enjoying the first 4 albums very much and curious about the possibility of more reissues in store for Procul Harum fans around the world especially us in the States.Keep up the good work. JIM
Jim Montanya

Robin Trower (1999-12-13 08:38:53)
A friend had taken me to a local club to see Robin Trower at a local club and I had brought along a copy of the first album so I could get it autographed after the show.I waited in line like everyone else and when it was my turn I handed him the album to get it signed.He looked at me very strangely and said "Are you trying to make me feel old" and I said "No it happens to be one of my favourite albums.Thank you to the people at Westside for reissuing the first albums with extra goodies for the fans to enjoy.Is there any chance of reissuing more albums and making them acessable to us here in the states. Jim

Broken Barricades (1999-12-11 21:40:45)
Does anybody know if "Broken Barricades" is available on CD? I have not been able to find it anywhere except on LP, 8-track, or cassette. I've been living with an LP-tape version that is full of surface noise and it would be great to here a re-mastered version of the session. Shine On!
Michael Bolan

Within our House (1999-12-11 17:02:09)
Please I need a copy of your A SALTY DOG, the version with latin text (I write from Rome...!)Here in Italy is impossible to find it. Can you help me? I'm Waiting for your visit in Rome...It Will be my honour show you the hidden Rome in non-touristic "mode". Do you know the Church of S. Clemente near Colosseo? There are three level underground, at the last there is one mythreus on a hidden stream... I'm waiting... Non navis acta hieme portum posse capiet nisi .... Massimiliano Troiani
Massimiliano Troiani

Within our House (1999-12-11 17:00:14)
Please I need a copy of your A SALTY DOG, the version with latin text (I write from Rome...!)Here in Italy is impossible to find it. Can you help me? I'm Waiting for your visit in Rome...It Will be my honour show you the hidden Rome in non-touristic "mode". Do you know the Church of S. Clemente near Colosseo? There are three level underground, at the last there is one mythreus on a hidden stream... I'm waiting... Non navis acta hieme portum posse cfapiet nisi .... Massimiliano Troiani
Massimiliano Troiani

Procol Harum in Finland (1999-12-10 15:18:43)
Here's a list of Procol Harum songs in Finnish. The source is the Database of Finnish popular music 1946 - 1976 by Olli-Pekka Puranen. URL: Finnish Title: Merisairaat kasvot (Finnish lyrics by Jyrki Lindström) Original Title: A Whiter Shade of Pale Recorded by: Topmost 1967 Finnish Title: Tuhkaa (Finnish lyrics by Pertti Reponen) Original Title: Homburg Recorded by: Eddy 1968 Finnish Title: Merimies (Finnish lyrics by Antti Aronen) Original Title: A Salty Dog Recorded by: Pepe Willberg 1969 and also by: Maarit 1973 Finnish Title: Mahtava mies (Finnish lyrics by Chrisse Johansson) Original Title: Conquistador Recorded by: Kisu 1973 Finnish Title: Kuin Juudas (Finnish lyrics by Hector) Original Title: As Strong as Samson Recorded by: Hector 1975 Finnish Title: Kun uin kolpakkoon (Finnish lyrics by Hector) Original Title: A Rum Tale Recorded by: Närhi 1975 Finnish Title: Hermes (Finnish lyrics by Hector) Original Title: Pandora's Box Recorded by: Pepe Willberg 1976 and also by: Markku Hannula 1976
Rainer Frilund

(1999-12-08 07:01:09)
I just drifted in to this wonderful site via the Curved Airsite(nostalgic trip) I had the good fortune to have seen Procol back in 1969 (my first concert)at Greens Playhouse in Glasgow. Those were the days when 3 or even 4 bands played on the same bill. Tir na Nog was the opening band followed by Procol then Jethro Tull finished off a night that I can still remember well. it was interesting to note that one of your visitors had also seen Procol and Tull as his first show only in 1993. I guess both bands still have good taste in music. Keep up the good work Regards Tom Marley Toronto Canada
Tom Marley

Home...Plus (1999-12-01 16:17:21)
To my complete delight, I found, ordered and just received "Home - Plus" on CD. I am a screenwriter/producer in Florida and if there was ever a "lost classic", it has to be THIS album. Listening to it now. I truly wish some of the young turks we see on "Reverb" would cover some of the great tunes. Gary and Keith, THIS album is brilliant. Thank you. e.
Erik Gunn

procol - what else?? (1999-12-01 05:46:55)
As one of the biggest Procofiles I know of... (and a musician who can play almost any of their recordings on guitar, piano, organ, or bass, and have often been described as a Trower-clone) - it is a privelidge to be counted as one of the many to visit this exciting site. I'd love to hear from any and all of you out there in Procol land... Gary
Gary Shepard n/a

Procol Harum (1999-11-27 23:11:32)
I don't know how many of these people here really are fans of this group but I am definetely one I have listen played tunes in bars and even wrote songs from there inflences I am very very happy to see people are still very interested in them I could talk for hours about them. I will leave you with this 1969 ann arbor michigan P.H rain rain and more rain outside concert everyone stayed in the rain and cheer them on all day
Phil Benedetti

Procol Live (1999-11-23 19:20:27)
It was January 1968 and I went to The Grande Ballroom in Detroit to see Procol Harum for the first time. Robin Trower entered from stage left, wearing beautiful green velvet trousers and with a Gibson SG strapped on. Dave Knights, Gary Brooker, B.J. Wilson, and Matthew Fisher followed. I believe they opened with "Shine On Brightly" and totally mesmerized the crowd and self. More later. Michael Bolan
Michael Bolan

In its earliest years, Procol Harum generated a genuine aura of mystery, as noted recently by Cerdes at Procol@ Joan (Jem33) encouraged me to reprint my response here. Of these times I recalled, "the Philadelphia concerts at the original Electric Factory: Gary in French undershirt and tuxedo, with multiple microphones taped to the underside of his piano grande; Matthew, stage left, behind a battered Hammond which he drove to its limits; Robin, providing musical counterpoint and soaring leads to all those diminished chords; David Knights, holding up the bottom end and providing an illusion of sanity as we watched the Gates of Cerdes open before us; and, of course, B.J.Wilson, the interpretive rock percussionist without whom Procol Harum would have been Procol Harum, with "the pool inside the forest" gracing his bass drumhead. The quest for the ultimate truth? the search run amuck? Whatever one's perspective - hallucinogenically enhanced or otherwise - t'were rare times indeed. "The words have all been read by one before me; we're taking turns in trying to pass them on."
Warren Appleton

Shine On Palers (1999-11-18 17:02:58)
Hi This is webmaster Jens signing in from holliday in Egypt. Good to see that BtP is running smooth during my absence, thanks to Roland. Egypt is a wonderful place, and I absloute recomend it for a wonderfull holliday. Much warmer than Norway. Shine On, Palers jens

Edmonton 'Live' (1999-11-18 12:59:40)
Speaking of tension Jay, customs didn't help matters. They decided to do a search of all the instruments and I believe delayed their arrival.Despite all the drawbacks, how nice for us the result was one of our favourite albums. There I go again...aren't they all? ;-)

Trivia about the original Edmunton Live album (1999-11-18 05:03:42)
Ok...Ok..its me again, i have no life. ok. When they did the original Live at Edmunton album, the union was on strike and picketing outside, so they had to get non union musicians and stage people instead. I only mention this because I'll bet it added tension that must have helped! I like many of the songs better than the original studio versions. Also BJ had to put a bicycle mirror on one of his cymbol stands so he could see the orchestra conductor as he had missed a few queues...or the conductor did. :-) j
jay kuhn

hi there (1999-11-18 04:28:59)
Fantastic web site. I've been surfing the web for years but never knew this was here. thanks p.s. in your lyrics for broken barracades lyrics at the end, i don't think it is "your enemies Lord", I think it's more like "...your enemies lowered." but thats just my opinion. :-) jay
jay kuhn i wish

hi there (1999-11-18 04:28:27)
Fantastic web site. I've been surfing the web for years but never knew this was here. thanks p.s. in your lyrics for broken barracades lyrics at the end, i don't think it is "your enemies Lord", I think it's more like "...your enemies lowered." but thats just my opinion. :-) jay
jay kuhn i wish

Simply pleased to find this site (1999-11-17 14:52:43)
I'm sat at work with the 30th Anniversery Disc One playing and the headphones on and volume up. Its lunch time so I can abuse the corporate web access. First stop search for Procol Harum, why have I never done this before? Great site. I'll be back for a deeper look another day. Any chance of some gigs in the not too distant future. Graham PS Now playing "In Held Twas In I - Grand Finale" simply stunning.
Graham Smith None

exotic birds and fruit and grand hotel (1999-11-17 02:08:08)
want to purchase the above albums in any form (lp, cassette, cd) please contact. tv ceasar mighty mouse and strong as samson are my favorites!!!!!!!!!
loren swift

Awesome Site (1999-11-14 23:05:49)
I am amazed by how thorough and complete this site is. It's fun just to lose yourself. I only wish that some of my other favorite bands had websites devoted to them that were even remotely as good. I do have one gripe though: The over-use and general abuse of '[sic]'.
Squirrel Police

Grand Hotel (1999-11-11 23:20:37)
"Dancing is allowed."...Gary Brooker from the Vejle Radio Broadcast 1996

(1999-11-10 06:22:33)
I went surfing to see what might be on the net under Procol Harum, and of course there were any number of sites- I went to yours first as happenstance would have it- I find no need to go elsewhere- yours' is definative.
Mark Gilbert

B.J., Mick, and Rocky Horror (1999-10-31 06:33:07)
Let's not forget that we get to hear B.J. (and Mick Grabham) in a national (USA), if not international, forum at least once per year when VH-1 (and God knows who else) airs The Rocky Horror Picture Show virtually non-stop around Halloween. It's unmistakably B.J. drumming on the soundtrack -- and it's pure bliss. Cheers! --JL

Dan Ryan's URL (1999-10-28 18:27:01)
The URL in Dan Ryan's guestbook entry (below) has now been fixed.

Great Tributes! (1999-10-26 11:30:38)
Great new commentary lately at BtP -- Bud Scoppa's Trower/Repent piece, the new BJW Fan Tributes, and Dan Ryan's excellent guestbook praises below. I've found out that Dan is a blues guitar player and that the URL he gave is his band's Site.. But it came out wrong unfortunately.. here's the corrected URL. Best, Joan

Lukus Delph (1999-10-25 21:39:01)
Can anyone tell me if I can get this rare little track on an album that's still available? Thanks Bob

One of Rock's most unique bands (1999-10-24 05:34:41)
Hi: I've been listening to Procol Harum since the release of their first album, although I just recently began listening again with a critical musician's ear. Matthew Fisher's organ playing may be the best, most subtle insertion of classical (baroque, usually) influences into rock playing ever. Whiter Shade of Pale combines an eerie delicacy of conception and execution on the verses with rock power second to none - in the use of the Hammond B-3 and Leslie tone cabinet - in the choruses. Altogether a tour de force, and difficult to believe it was their first single. Gary Brooker had the voice that Jack Bruce ('good as he was) must've dreamed of. Nowhere - nowhere - has that peculiar combination of British dignity and Delta delivery ever occurred, spurred by the surreal, but somehow oddly logical, lyrics that Keith provided. They had some clinkers, and they could be bombastic and pretentious at times (Conquistador comes to mind), but when it worked, there had never been, and has never been since, anything like it.
Dan Ryan www/

B.J.Wilson's death (1999-10-22 02:10:09)
Can anyone tell me what happened to B.J.Wilson to cause his death in 1991? I have been very interested in finding out why he passed on. He was Rock's most notable drummer and I had the good pleasure of seeing him numerable times in Michigan from 67'-70'. Thank you. MB
Michael Bolan

Keith birthday (1999-10-19 11:23:49)
Joyeux anniversaire, Monsieur Keith. Comme le bon vin, tes chansons embellissent avec l'age, comme toi. Shine On Malène

Procol Harum Come Back (1999-10-13 09:57:10)
The American Public is waiting for Procol Harum. There are plenty of Palers out there who dont even know that this website exists. Gary if you hear me calling (Is it on Tommy?)...Nothing but the Truth is we Salty Dogs want you back. This is the greatest group and the greatest website that ever lived. Im no intellectual like some of the palers but I know good music when I hear it..Gary and all the rest of Procol come back to us A diehard fan.. Stephanie Campbell Shine On---The bright light of your star confronts me Gary.
stephanie campbells

Finding your site yesterday (1999-10-09 18:59:30)
To All: While I was holding office hours yesterday (and playing with the computer), I keyed in the "www." thing, plus Procol Harum, just to see what I'd find. I ain't no computer shaman, as we say down South; in fact, I'm a writer and an English Professor at the University of Central Florida, but I spent the first 25 years of my ongoing late childhood in a traveling rock band based out of Memphis, Tennessee. This past Tuesday, on a road trip back to Orlando from Memphis, I "was told," if you will, to stop at a big Exxon center, and that I'd find a Procol Harum composite tape of some sort. I stopped, and found The Chyrsalis Years. Funny--I'd never gotten any PH CD's (I'm so antiquated that I still have albums. Yet it was Procol Harum who taught me how to play. Hearing "The Idol" after so many years broke my heart. I'll never again let years go by without this music that had such an impact on my earlier life. I am deeply saddened to learn of B. J. Wilson's passing; I found your site on the ninth anniversary of his death. I knew that he must have admired Levon Helm, who's from Helena, Arkansas, where I spent many, many nights playing a bar called The Varsity Club long ago and far away. {Confusion reigns--I can't make paragraphs on this thing!} Just before I found your site yesterday, I was teaching my 9 am class. There's a piano in that particular room, and I sat down and played "AWSOP" for my students. Some of them actually knew the tune. Then I rolled "Grand Hotel" off my Exxon audio cassette. I wonder how they'd do if I had them analyze the lyric. After all, what fun is there in teaching if you can't kick butt once in a while? Thanks for creating this site. And thanks, PH, for shining on. From here on out, I won't be shining on without you. With love, A. S. Long P.S. For those of you in the UK, please pardon my American punctuation. Ici, on parle Modern Language Association--American-style, that is.
A. S. Long Sorry--no homepage at present

Barrie James Wilson (1999-10-01 03:22:41)
"This is Andy Warhol! He wants to put me/us (motioning all the while with his hands) in one of his movies!!'...'BJ' Wilson

website (1999-09-26 07:50:41)
It is the best absolutely the BEST!!!! I looked to see if Procol had a website and not only did they have one but there were no gimmicks just solid reviews and pictures...Good Job..Im sure Gary,Keith and the gang are proud...So is Robin I guess...
stephanie campbell

No Doubt - The Best Rock Group of the 60's 70's and beyond... (1999-09-20 23:22:46)
I'm too excited to write very much today, having just found this web site. My experiences with PH go back to the late 60's in Montreal Canada when I was in a very good rock band (if I do say so myself) called MIC (stood for Made in Canada). We were pretty much an underground band, and our repertoire consisted exclusively of Procol Harum songs. We usually played the first three albums (in total) and ended every concert with "Repent". I can't beleiev I have found this site so that I can now relive all my old memories of the 60's and 70's. Thank you to all who have contributed to putting this site up. There is no doubt that Robin, Gary and Mathew were three of the greatest rock talents to play together to create an amazing beautiful unique sound.
Jerry A. Rosenblatt

Nostromo & Matters Arising (1999-09-20 17:05:39)
Thanks for the very kind review of the Mariner thing. Sev Lewkowicz is a clever old stick; keyboard player, composer, bon viveur,and what he doesn't know about wallpaper isn't worth knowing. In point of fact my eldest son has just left for Poland indefinitely. And I blame Sev. When he asked for suggestions for a name for his first Nostromo cd I offered "A Pole Apart" but he wouldn't - unnaccountably - go for it. The Gracious "Echo" album is worth an earhole too by the way.Much of it is like the sort of stuff the reviewer seemed to like in "Mariner". It's in the shops. The suggestion that my main musical gig is writing his lyrics is a smidge Sevocentric but I'm very pleased with them and I bless him daily. My own stuff (Recent cd "Songs to Grow up With")is musically and lyrically less complex and available for £9.99. I have been writing by myself and with a variety of collaborators. And having sold my IFA business and become in a modest way able to please myself, I am simultaneously writing three books at the moment: One an Arthurian retelling, one that takes respectful-ish piss out of a variety of spritual teachers I have worked with and one a self-help book on parenting - wherein I share my ignorance on the subject. The site's great by the way, well done. Shine on Brightly, Richard Ashworth. I've been a Procolomane since I first spotted that they had misspelled "Procul" during a Latin lesson in 1967. Over the years the've been in and out of my life - often without knowing it. I first saw them live on the back of "Broken Barricades" when I was devastated to learn that Robin Trower had left. As a teen tycoon I promoted them a couple of times in the early 70's; I remember GB being deeply caustic when back stage I suggested he might play "Poison Ivy". I thought I was doing homage, he obviously had no time for my intended levity. The best Procol story I have if you're still awake is of meeting Keith Reid in a bar in Chelsea in the mid-80's. I was with my mate KeithM and we were pregnant with deep ideas. Keith R said words to the effect "Well what's life all about anyway?" This gave me the opportunity anybody who subscribes to this site would have killed for, to say without missing a beat: "Life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?" Rivettingly, Gary's tackle shop was half-a-mile from my house until recently. Woh.
Richard Ashworth

(1999-09-18 03:19:01)

paul harr

(1999-09-12 18:51:19)
Procol Harum are the best group ever. Their songs so varied. Gary Brooker has composed masterpieces like A Rum tale and a thousand others. Chris Copping made the songs complete. B.J. Wilson invented his own drumming style and it mixed well with the band.
Chris Sotomayor

Grand Hotel songbook (1999-09-08 15:30:00)
Thanks to the amazing internet, I have found a copy of this songbook after years and years. My keyboards are still ringing. Thanks to all who have offered to help in my search!

where can I find mp3? (1999-09-07 02:51:22)
Where can I find mp3 music about Procol Harum I want to Know where.... please help me I would apreciate a lot if somebody knows it... thanks alot : francisco

(1999-09-06 02:29:38)
I must be very lucky! I read over and over how people wish they had "Broken Barricades" on CD. I bought this CD years ago on Mobile Fidelity Sound. Isn't it still available?

I LOVE THAT BAND (1999-09-03 19:14:16)

An appreciative note (1999-09-01 10:09:41)
Thanks for the nicely organized, and very informative, web page. I'm especially thankful for the lyrics -- many of them proofed by Reid himself! Wonderful. My complete collection of early PH vinyl was lost in an apartment fire nearly a decade ago. Although I picked up (and loved) "The Prodigal Stranger" in '92, I've only recently begun replacing the earlier recordings. O what gorgeous and powerful music have they produced -- music that remains as riveting today as it was when I first heard it. Thanks again for the wonderful site, and thanks, PH, for giving us those glimpses of nirvana, and maybe some other places, as seen through your windows. Jeff
Jeff Coleman

The Birthday Boys! (1999-08-29 05:09:45)
Announcing the first www open house Birthday Party at Beyond the Pale.... Sunday,August 29th at 19:00:00 for Chris Copping and Geoff Whitehorn. Everyone is welcome to participate.Check the e-list for further instructions and to Chris and Geoff... a very Happy Birthday to you both!!! Much love, Beverly

(1999-08-29 00:20:31)
fantastic project, as is the group. Dietmar
Dietmar Schlötel

a young fan (1999-08-21 22:41:55)
At the age of 15, I am smart enough to know that Procol Harum is the best band, EVER. I thought I was the only fan, but now that I've found this EXCELLENT website, I feel less alone. I know that there are other people with truly good taste. I live in the United States, and have given up hope of ever seeing my beloved band live in concert. But it is my ultimate dream to see these ingenious men in concert. I am extremely excited to find this website, and I can guarentee that I will come here every day.

Barrie James (1999-08-12 07:06:16)
As I watched the Musikladen footage of Drunk Again and Grand Hotel, I was once again awash with sadness at the passing of Beloved BJ. His banter with Gary between songs and his lovely mandolin accompaniment on Grand Hotel, made me realize, once again and ever so strongly, that BJ. was the most important part of Procol for me in so many ways. His playing was unique, daring, intuitive and so very very individual. Miss you again,BJ. On the tail of an asteroid, you can play on the fragments from exploded stars.
Larry Pennisi

correcting error (1999-08-02 06:07:46)
Rockfellas site has changed to . Your Master Good Sir Gallant.
Jose Santos Fernandes

ROCKFELLAS (1999-08-02 03:25:54)
To whom it may concern, I've made a perfect replica of the A Whiter Shade of Pale Hammond sound, just similar to the original record. It was made oin a KORG M1, and I may send it to anyone interested. Also a close match of Hombourg piano sound also in KORG M1. Our band enjoys and have enourmous fun playing alive replicas of those sixties anthems, as well as other themes. We enjoy mainly to aproach as much as possible to originality, the same way someone restores an old classic car, That's the idea. Other sounds include Nights in White Satin Mellotron, Animals Vox Continental, Doors Farfisa and Fender Rhodes with left hand keyboard, Migty Quinn Mellotron flute, Norrie Paramour strings (close to original Korg M1 Strings), Ray Charles' What I'd Say Clavinet, and many others. I may not be a great keyboardist in technical terms, but I really can make great forgeries of those vintage sounds. By the way, I attended th Procol Harum performance in Portugal Live in 24/25 February 1973. I got a bit decepcionated I must say. Fortunately, recently Gary Brooker appeared here with Ringo Starr, Jack Bruce and Peter Frampton, and I really enjoyed it this time. Greetings from "Your Master Good Sir Gallant"...
Jose Santos Fernandes

Five&dime (1999-08-01 20:35:19)
Thanks, Joan.
Jos Schrijvers

Five&dime (1999-08-01 20:33:30)
Thanks, Joan.
Jos Schrijvers

Shrimp City Slim's URL (1999-07-31 22:14:33)
I forgot there's only one place to put a URL in The Guestbook where it will work as a link. So here's the way to Shrimp City Slim's (I hope). Best, Joan :-)

Five&Dime/Shrimp City Slim (1999-07-31 22:05:10)
That Five&Dime is from the British Biscuit radio show, London, 1976, and though I think AWSoP should have been retired from Procol's performances when Matthew Fisher left, (until he returned), that show does include the best version of A Salty Dog I've ever heard-- thanks largely to B.J. Wilson and the absence of strings or sound effects. Their "I Keep Forgetting" is great too, for much the same reasons -- this time the absence of those awful horns in the recorded version. I hope this gig is someday legitimately released with state of the art sound. I went to Gary Erwin/Shrimp City Slim's Webpage and it looks Very interesting tho I can't get the sound samples to play on WebTV yet. You need the http: to get there -- i.e. Thanks to Gary for posting here! I look forward to hearing your music! Now -- where can I get Essra's Tell All Book? Best, Joan :-)

five and dime (1999-07-31 21:22:47)
I've got a cd 'Five and dime - Chamber music extraordinaire' PROCOL (live) - 11 tracks, including 'A wither shade of pale' with the third verse, and also 'Blue Danube treatments' (instrumental: Schone blaue Donau, Strauss). Anyone has more informations? Jos. Belgium.
Jos Schrijvers

Thanks for all the music (1999-07-31 17:51:21)
Procol Harum certainly figures as one of my big inspirations. As a professional musician/songwriter (aka Shrimp City Slim), I carry with me some of the lessons I learned by listening to all the great PH music. Guys, thanks for the tunes!
Gary Erwin

(1999-07-28 20:06:53)
Regarding your piece on Sandy Hurvitz, a.k.a. Essra Mohawk, she's a very talented songwriter and singer, no question about that. A few of the records she made during the late sixties to mid seventies may even be regarded as obscure and forgotten classics; they are that good. At the same time, she’s also one of those numerous artists who once came close to making it, but didn’t, and as a result she’s become a somewhat jagged and bitter pill. She’d rather blame the record companies, blame her musical peers who did make it, blame her three ex-husbands - basically blame everyone else except herself (Does heroin addiction ring a bell?) - as the forces that prevented her from becoming a star. Of course, now she’s trying to get HER story out to the masses, through a tell-all book (which probably less people will buy than her records, which all sold terribly), through insane pleas to anyone who’ll listen, through bitter songs about money getting in the way of love, and through bizarre chants. Too bad most of the people she’s blaming for her failures (Zappa, Nyro, et al) are not alive to defend themselves.

Thanks (1999-07-16 00:00:10)
Thanks for a fantastic web-page of the most underrated group of the 60`s and 70`s. They had a LOT more than AWSoP. My favourite member is Gary Brooker because I met him in Oslo when he played with the Rythm Kings (great concert). He signed one of my favourite albums, Grand Hotel, and he was a nice guy to talk too. Keep up the good work boys, we need a page like this.
Tore Waskaas

ANNIVERSARIES (1999-07-13 01:34:13)
"Just a case of love that's never ending"...G.B. For Franky and Gary... For Diane and John.... Congratulations! With love from Beverly

Independence Day (1999-07-05 16:32:29)
"I love a good march!"... Barrie Wilson 'BJ'

Web Info (1999-07-01 23:52:10)
Your page crashes my Mac....I'll try to shed some light on Prodigal soon from my PC.
Matt Noble

Grand Hotel album sheet music book (1999-06-28 21:22:25)
I once owned this book and somehow lost it while in college (to my tremendous dismay both then and since). If anybody has this and is willing to copy or sell it, please let me know. To any sharing person with this song book, please oh please! I saw Procol Harum in Dallas twice, both from up close inside the first 10 rows. Once was with King Crimson playing Lark's Tongue in Aspic (awesome). Procol Harum had just released Grand Hotel. Gary Brooker and company were absolutely incredible. I was mesmerized by the new sounds to my ears and mind, mixing rock guitar and organ with the unmatched song writing talents of Brooker's melodies. What a supurb author of music! The next year they played Exotic Birds and Fruit. I still hold very vivid memories of both performances and hold these 2 albums among my all-time favorites of all rock music, both of which I listen to very often with the same degree of pure enjoyment as ever!

Procolbest concert( from my eyes) (1999-06-28 20:04:17)
My friend and I saw the band at the unairconditined Sports Arena.July, 1972. I had been robbed the day before. The Eagles opened the show- bland and bluejeaned. Ph came on- gary wearing Admirals coat in the humidity. He had a songbook on the grand piano.He was charming, bantering with Major Wilson and snuffing something out of a box! they were great- did 5 oncores and completely influenced us to the extent that i wrote one of my best songs which I still think Gary should do. dENNY cORDELL LIKED IT BEFORE HIS PASSING. wHAT A DAY.
michael david brown Dekalb library- atlanta,georgia.

Procolbest concert( from my eyes) (1999-06-28 20:03:30)
My friend and I saw the band at the unairconditined Sports Arena.July, 1972. I had been robbed the day before. The Eagles opened the show- bland and bluejeaned. Ph came on- gary wearing Admirals coat in the humidity. He had a songbook on the grand piano.He was charming, bantering with Major Wilson and snuffing something out of a box! they were great- did 5 oncores and completely influenced us to the extent that i wrote one of my best songs which I still think Gary should do. dENNY cORDELL LIKED IT BEFORE HIS PASSING. wHAT A DAY.
michael david brown Dekalb library- atlanta,georgia.

Whiter shade of pale (1999-06-22 10:27:39)
I think that this song is written by a man who is extremely confused about one night he spent in a pub.
Hannah O'Neil

(1999-06-10 22:20:39)

Procol Guitar Fantasy (1999-05-31 19:46:46)
Salty Dog changed my life.Come to think of it, so did Shine on Brightly. I always wanted to play guitar with Procol harum.What great progressions to sail over! Got to use more than the blues scale!though,except of course for Juicey John Pink!
James Carrington

In Quarter Time (1999-05-31 19:03:03)
Lighthouse shine in quarter time And guide me from this coast. In case I run aground once more And meet you, or your ghost. I've tried I can't turn back the clock. Your ship's too long at sea. A dream the river stole away.. Oh Misty Melody.Happy Birthday (belatedly) GARY....... CERDES
Larry Pennisi

In Quarter Time (1999-05-31 19:01:51)
Lighthouse shine in quarter time And guide me from this coast. In case I run aground once more And meet you, or your ghost. I've tried I can't turn back the clock. Your ship's too long at sea. A dream the river stole away.. Oh Misty Melody.Happy Birthday (belatedly) GARY....... CERDES
Larry Pennisi

What a day! (1999-05-30 04:17:37)
Best Wishes for you Gary on this glorious day! With love, Beverly

Gary's birthday (1999-05-30 03:44:43)
just wanted to wish Gary a happy birthday. also come back to n.o. andrew

Birthday Greetings! (1999-05-29 16:52:06)
Just offering best wishes and a toast to the Commodore in celebration of his natal day. I'll raise a glass of Luskus Delph Barleywine (which I brewed in 1997 and which, like us all, continues to improve with age) and say thanks GB for all these years of great music. May you shine on, brightly, for many years to come. P.S. I'll save some LD Barleywine for you for your next visit to the colonies, (soon, hopefully).
Alan Semok

(1999-05-26 02:21:26)

happy birthday gazza (1999-05-26 02:18:28)
Once again I remember a precocious genius who is every bit as good now as he was then. and one can only wonder how he got to be so good then. so glad that age had not diminished his genius in any way that good old salty dog thanks for all the inspiration each listen is another wonderment. sorry to sound so like the breathless fan I remain hope you receive this tribute in the spirit offered in celebrating your entry onto the life-stage to Gary Brooker, long may you write and sing sw
stephen wallace

AHOY (1999-05-18 10:44:06)
I wasn't raised around vessels, I wasn't brought up to like classic rock, and I am living proof you don't have to be experiencing back problems or other ailments of the sort to like this music. I have already converted two fellow teenagers into procol-holics and I crusade onwards.....shining through... Keith

AHOY (1999-05-18 10:41:45)
I wasn't raised around vessels, I wasn't brought up to like classic rock, and I am living proof you don't have to be experiencing back problems or other ailments of the sort to like this music. I have already converted two fellow teenagers into procol-holics.....I was standing at the station.. Keith

Music (1999-05-14 23:23:25)
I like yor music and speciel the hit Born to be wild. I`am a big fan and i buy all your albums. Good bye ME
Mads-Goran Arntzen

Long Live Procol Harum (1999-05-14 23:09:33)
It was with great joy that I learned Procol Harum were going to play in Poland and possibly other destinations this coming summer. It was equally as devastating to learn that things didn't go as planned.Let's all hope there will be a follow-up announcement for those plans once again in the not too distant future and that they will include their American friends as well.Does this mean we can look for a new release? It sure would be nice. By the way Procol Harum, thanks for giving us what you have given already. Much love to all of you, Beverly

tip o' th' hat (1999-05-12 07:27:41)
Great stuff! A text-based site this good is more important than all those sites dripping w/ Shockwave & huge media files. This is the best kind of rabbit hole to fall down on the net. The past explodes in your face and gets immediate feedback from the present. So much info from so many times, places & kinds of folks--music people, word people, people people . . . And it helps that Pro-Har were creatively at the cross-roads of so many scenes in the 60's & after, you get fans who saw their influence in Harrison, the Band, Bowie, Costello, REM and other more secret and amazing places. They were the first band I saw--in Charlottesville, Virginia, 1968. The audience was a drag--the frat boys were impatient for the Young Rascals, had no time for beautiful sadness, they wanted to PARTY. "And though the crowd clapped furiously/ they did not see the joke." PH weren't just pretty and sad, they were made of sterner stuff, often pretty and sad and strange and hard. What do the songs mean? They mean we're on our own, bub. Figuring it out for ourselves. So rock the house. They could do that too. They didn't waste energy w/ noodling, they played ensemble, like Motown, like Stax. So here's my plug for live, orchestra-free recordings--BBC & elsewhere. I'll be ordering the Liq John Death record as soon as I get the money-order thing together.
Gus Turner

James Dewar (1999-05-11 06:55:52)
Want his address to mail him a fan appreciation letter, and also the latest update on his health.
Mike C. none

Broken Barricades (1999-05-04 18:25:39)
Gary, if you are reading this, have we any chance of a decent CD reissue of 'Broken Barricades' one day? It remains the only official Procol album absent from my collection and I'd love to hear it. As I would 'Live With The Edmonton SO' on CD! Thanks for all the great music Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson

Keith Reid (1999-05-03 03:26:10)
I'll bathe my eyes in a river of salt: I'll grow myself right up to the sky, I'll sing in the forest and tear down the trees. A TRUE GENIUS.

(1999-05-02 00:26:31)

Kevin McLogan

wotawebsite (1999-05-01 16:59:46)
I have been browsing for about 40 minutes. Fabulous site. Lots of stuff to interest me. Thanks for creating and maintaining it.
David McKay

house of blues in orlando (1999-04-27 10:35:51)
just seen him here in orlando and he was excellent i got some excellent shots with my digital so if anyone out there wants to check out these shots let me know

house of blues in orlando (1999-04-27 10:34:00)
just seen him here in orlando and he was excellent i got some excellent shots with my digital so if anyone out there wants to check out these shots let me know
jim duboise

Scarecrow (1999-04-11 02:38:32)
As I listened to the last recorded works by B.J on the Echos in the Night album, it only reinforced my belief that he had a perception and approach to rhythm that was visionary. Tis a shame that the drummers often heralded as rock pioneers are garbage pail bashing, mattress thrashing, adolescently crashing and generally just not all that great. Again, they were in financially successful bands and were touted by the media.Sales equal quality. "RUUUUUUBIIIIISH!!" (Power Failure dub 1971)
Larry pennisi

A Salty Dog LIVE and the great B.J. Wilson (1999-04-05 21:35:16)
Hello Shai! Thanks for your wonderful message. I hope you visit the page here devoted to the late great B.J. Wilson - I've included the URL. You didn't leave an email address but you can email me or any of the fans if you'd like to discuss the band further. I've only heard two LIVE (on tape) versions of ASD by the Fisher/Trower lineup; one in a 1997 BBC special, and they wimped out at the end by using a {synth}. :-( I do have a couple of excellent (tho boot quality) unstrung and unsynthesized performances from the later incarnation (Vienna '75 and British Biscuit '76) that put the album version to shame, the guitar and Hammond (this time Mick and Chris) taking their rightful place in Procol's unique ensemble sound (instead of those trite homogenizing strings), and boasting BJ's incredible playing throughout (unobscured by synths or strings), especially his amazing endings -- different each time -- on the cymbals. I also heard the song performed Live in San Francisco in the 70's and that was the best of all, of course -- its memory and the boot tapes make me long for "that sound" to finally be captured on CD. I hope Procol will soon release many of their fantastic Live unorchestrated shows from the 60's and 70's. I'll keep repeating this request until it happens! Thanks again for your great message! Best, Joan :-)
Joan May

This truth won't fade away... (1999-04-05 06:01:59)
We're all closely watched by God on high. light a candle up in Kingdom Come. In the darkness of the night... A 'dead' man's dream ended, then the heavens opened invitation to a Sacred Bride. We were all afraid to die, but now we can learn to fly. Now and then my thoughts are pure, my heart is truer. Maybe death will be my cure Happy Easter, Palers! - Bert
Bert & Carina Saraco

(1999-04-04 23:15:12)
Dear friends, i can't express my deep feeling for this great band, songs as such as:A salty dog, Homburg are two from my "all time favorites". was a salty dog played live on gigs (by the Fisher/Trower line up). The drums' intro in the first verse of "A salty dog", is one of the most exciting drums rolls ever!!!! b.j. wilmson- a legend The people of israel love B.j, Gary, Mathew, Robin, Dave and Keith. LOve you all and Shalom from jERUSALEM SHAI NUBELMAN.
shai nubelman Israel

Love to you all (1999-04-03 02:30:27)
You've kept me going all these many years. Thanks and love to you. I regret never having seen you perform live. Oh, I want to mention that I'm reading "Moby-Dick," (again) and "Salty Dog" (the entire album) goes well with the text!!!
Brenda K. Lester

(1999-04-01 01:39:36)
I check in every day to see what's new among the Procoholics. This is simply the most serendipitous discovery I have yet made on the Web. Draw your own conclusions and shine on brightly!
Ron Sarkisian

(1999-03-29 04:09:00)
I love this stuff! Joan sure is a busy girl. Give her my best!

Il Tuo Diamante (1999-03-29 02:08:29)
Dear PH fans! Yesterday I got lucky at the Austin record fair. I found the wonderful 7" Il Tuo Diamante from Italy. The dealer asked for $20 and finally I paid $18. I love it! There is another 7" which I really love, Two Fools In Love from the Netherlands! Gary sings together with a local female star named Lori Spee, it is just wonderful to hear this special version! Gary, I miss the classical concerts very much you did around 1992 in Germany. Is there a chance to get another classical piece? I am looking forward to the 1999 concerts. Fortunately, I am in England at this time so I can see a lot. See you there, love, Juergen
Juergen Thielisch

Lost parts of guestbook restored (1999-03-28 22:44:01)
Thanks to archives from Joan May, most of the lost guestbook entries has now been restored.

Retriever Records

Matthew Fisher (1999-03-19 08:18:57)
I would like to thank Matthew Fisher for the enjoyment over the years I have had listening to his solo albums. He and PH have long inspired my musical endevours and will continue untill "my skull of stone be glazed". If anyone knows how to e-mail MF, let me know so I can send him a thank you note. Greg
Greg Bell

Beautiful B.J. (1999-03-18 13:02:03)
Dear,dear B.J.,You were such a great guy and a brilliant musician. I miss you terribly. On the day you were born, the world became a better place. It hasn't been quite the same now that you are gone.Hopefully, you are jammin' with the others. Thank you for touching my life. Thank you for sharing yours. Peace B.J.3/18/99
Beverly Peyton

B.J. (1999-03-18 05:18:26)
Dear B.J. wherever you may be. I may be a keyboard player but you have had a more powerful impact on me than any other musician that I have ever heard. I thank you for all these years of absolute joy. I miss you most of all, scarecrow. Larry

(1999-03-14 18:19:11)
Thank you for an excellent web site! My opinion is that Procol Harum is the greatest band ever. If I had to rank their albums(I don´t like ranking music) I would put the Live album from Edmonton first, just before Grand Hotel. I think the best with PH is their excellent ability to combine classical music and rock. No other group has managed to do that like PH.
Marten Ignell

Lost messages in Guestbook (1999-03-14 16:05:47)
Hi everybody. I did an error while removing double entries in the guestbook. And thus caused the loss of some of the first entries in the book. If you have a copy of the Beyond the pale questbook (it can be as old as january 98), please mail me. Shine On! Jens

Don't Be Fooled -- again (1999-03-08 02:33:44)
Jeez -- that last message of mine was posted from my Prodigy connection and maybe that's why all those funny characters were inserted..., but now I'm back at WebTV and find that the form has changed, and there's no longer a way to Preview these posts... O well, I'll try one more time and hope for the best.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> In any print medium, including the Internet, names of people, places, and things are not always what they seem, so I encourage a healthy skepticism -- checking details, sources, references, etc. before believing what one reads. That brings me to the new Westside CD "A Salty Dog PLUS" whose liner notes were just unvelied in "What's New?? (March 8th, UK time). I think the notes are a huge improvement over those concerning this album in the Westside 3 CD Box -- more musician credits, clarifying some misleading text, more respectful to the musicians, etc.. (I did hear Matthew Fisher in a 1991 radio interview referring to the whole Album as Procol's "Citizen Kane," not just the title track, which makes more sense to me, and this confusion is just one of the reasons I so agree with Keith Reid's astute comments regretting that Procol ever named any of its albums after a single track). But I digressed a bit...My main point is to caution everyone NOT TO BE FOOLED into buying the wrong ASD reissue!!!. As far as I can tell, the Westside CD isn't available for sale yet, but there are 1or 2 other ASD reissues at, and probably elsewhere that are described as "imports" with "extra tracks" and released in 1999. So --- PULEEZE Check for the details before buying -- i.e. the label -- Westside -- and/or the names of the bonus tracks -- must include "MacGregor." I hope the Westside ASD PLUS is available soon and that someone will post here when it is. Incidentally, since it's still March 7th here in the USA, Happy Birthday to Matthew Fisher! Best, Joan :-)

All Stars (1999-03-07 00:23:53)
Saw Gary last night with Ringo's All Stars in my hometown of Kelseyville Ca. Just a seven min. drive from the house! He did Wiskey Train, Conquistador, and AWSOP in that order. He sounded great and seemed to be having a blast throughout the whole show. Wish he could of done more but it was well worth it. The locals seemed to reconize the PH tunes and pretty much went nuts over his performance. I think they were pleasantly surprised. They play again here tonight-If you get a chance see this show!

Procol Harum (1999-03-06 02:12:38)
GARY dear, WE WANT MORE! My personal favorite... IN HELD'TWAS IN I, it always makes me ponder and sigh. OH silly me, what on earth am I saying? I'm on cloud nine just as long as you're playing! Much love to you,Franky, the band and all your fans. See ya soon. BP
Beverly Peyton

...oops not again (1999-03-03 10:35:06)
Make that not .com,aarghh,must be the weather.Sail on Palers ,play on Mr. Brooker and company.No fear of flying here!
Clyde "AJ" johnson

HEY BERT..... (1999-03-03 09:29:09)
....Check it out. I posted twice,arrrgh. But the second post does have my e-mail address,just left out the dot net on the end of the blumin' thing the first time matey.(sounds english huh...blumin' ,bloody arrrgh matey,but I'm in Arizona now sailing the Colorado River) Just in case looka here there thats more than official. OK,all Palers to the poop deck!!! Its time to raise the flag and cut some throats,arrrgh. Figurativly speaking of course ;-]
Clyde "AJ" Johnson

Welcome, Clyde! (1999-03-02 16:57:15)
Hey, Clyde - we need a good e-mail adress! This is the message I tried to send: Hi, I just read your posting on the Beyond the Pale Website. 'Sounds like you just found it - you've got a lot of exploring to do - check 'features' and you'll come across some great stuff! I have a version of the Hollywood Bowl concert on CD ( I agree with you about that show. Just having Mick Grabham on guitar instead of Dave Ball is a vast improvement! ) and I'm wondering if it's the same as yours. It's called (no surprise) 'Procol Harum - Hollywood bowl 1973' on the spine and 'Live Procol Harum ..Hollywood Bowl' on the cover. The company that released it is called STENTOR and it has a code number of Sten 91.002. They got several titles wrong - Christmas Cometh, Hotel Ritz, Fire Burns Brightly, and 'Instrumental' for the Finale from 'In Held 'Twas In I.' Like the broadcast, this only includes the Finale, not the entire song - how about the version that you've got? The sound is pretty good. If you could give me similar information about the CD that you have, I'd appreciate it. My e-mail adress is:
Bert Saraco

TEARS OF JOY (1999-03-02 07:52:51)
I went looking for a PH page way back in '95. Every other night I would enter combinations of words but nothing ever poped up till I found you the first month you were up. Been comming ever since but what finally got me to write was something MAGIC?? I was looking over your new Live At The Hollywood Bowl pics ect. wishing I had a recording of the broadcast. Two days later I contacted a guy in Colorado who for some reason. Anyway to make a long story short he sent me the King Bisuit Flower Hour CD!!!! The real thing (cue sheet and all)...was only played once when it was broadcast!!I am listening to it as I write and can't take it off...just keeps going round and round. I've seen them twice live,once in the desert in Palm Springs Easter '69 ...they smoked every other group there by coming on durring the "peak" hours .Then again in '77 for thier last hurrah at the Santa Monica Civic. But I always regreted missing the Bowl thing(I even remember seeing the ad in the LA times,shucks.Anyway All I can say is This is one scarry CD.Ever seen a grown man cry? If they don't release this along with the "other " live one as a double set someone needs there pipes cleaned!! Love ya PH and thanks for all those memories...and I can tell you exactly what they played that hazy nite in the desert,every detail. AJ
Clyde "AJ" Johnson working on it

First in U.S.? (1999-02-23 20:55:38)
Early in 1967 I went to a Sly and the Family Stone concert at the Westbury Music Fair on L.I., N.Y. As usual they cancelled and were replaced by the unknown PH(ahhh PH in the round). A few months later a barely more well-known PH appeared at the Anderson Theatre in NYC, across the street and 2 blocks south of the Fillmore, then called the Village Theatre. Is anyone aware of any earlier concerts? P.S. Where can I find Echoes in the Night?
Todd A. Schulman

Keep On Couperin (1999-02-20 01:23:37)
....Yes, but do not for a moment neglect Louis Couperin, Francois' Uncle. Glad to see folks showing some interest in Baroque antecedents in that tasty Procol sound. Dig in deeper boys and girls. It's all there to be be sought... or sot...or Pete..or Peep. Oh whatever!
Oleh Bandura

The Photographs I Put In the Mail a Month Ago (1999-02-18 20:18:58)
Jens, I hope that the photos I sent to you last month arrived alright. I hadn't heard anything since, so I became a little concerned. All the best, Carol.
Carol Bellantoni

Paramounts (1999-02-18 06:08:36)
I ran a band agency in Southend from 1964 to 1967 until I came to Canada, it was called "The Daymel Band Agency" I managed a group for a couple of years called the "Planets". The Mick Brownlee became a member of the Planets after we talked him in to joining with a bribe of a boom mike stand, he became the lead singer after a while. Also do you know of the whereabout of any members of the "New Vaudville Band" Mike Wiltshire was their lead guitar and singer. Mel
Mel Dobres

(1999-02-17 17:36:41)
Great site for a great band . I mean i love Procol Harum . It's one of my fav bands . I saw Ringo Starr and the Allstars last year in here , Finland . After that gig and night i fell in love to the band . Gary was magnificent - so if you ever read this thank you very much ! You guys made one Finnish girl very happy at that night .
Jenni Harjunpää

Mysterious Barricades at! (1999-02-16 14:37:46)
Thanks for the Couperin tip! I'd be willing to bet that Matthew Fisher is familiar with him - email the Webmasters and they may be able to find out for you. If you search the *Classical* database at for Les Baricades Misterieuses (hope I've spelled that right) you'll find about 15 entries. I've ordered the piece for guitar and harpsichord (but not banjo or tuba). Best, Joan
Joan May

A supremely beautiful Baroque piece you have probably never heard... (1999-02-15 20:34:58)
I assume many of you have some Bach in your record collection. BUT - have any of you heard Francois Couperin, who Bach admired, who wrote many harpsichord and organ pieces? One piece I'll recommend in particular is Les Baricades Misterieuses, whose title could have been that of a Procol Harum song buried in a dusty archive. I'm curious if any of the band members are familiar with him... (Believe me, it's worth the effort to track it down - I've found 3 versions so far - one by the San Francisco Saxophone Quartet.) To keyboard players: Couperin wrote what is still considered a definitive book about playing harpsichord - L'art de Toucher le Clavecin.
P. H. Perkal

A Whiter Shade of Guitar? (1999-02-12 17:01:37)
The drums? No. The bass? No. The piano? No. The voice? Not a chance. The organ? Who cares? It's the guitar that makes that song. God bless you, Robin Trower. --JL

One instrument does not a masterpiece make (1999-02-11 21:30:01)
As a fan, I appreciate anyone's commendation of A Whiter Shade of Pale. We're human, and that means that we all develop favorites - but the organ without the voice would have been as empty as the piano without the organ. Or the melody. Or the rhythm. or the bass line. Get it? What we've got here is a collaborative masterpiece - a moment of genius frozen in time, space and sound. Let's love the song and the band for what it is/was. I would suggest that now that you've opened the door, go in all the way - find out what Procol Harum is all about.
Bert Saraco

Brooker on Swedish TV (1999-02-11 16:51:28)
Gary did "Salty Dog","Conquistador" and "Whiter Shade of Pale" live (no playback!)on Swedish Tv 1 last week and it was just superb ! His voice is as good as ever,and his sense of humour was shown in the interview.
Jonas Rydin

My Sister's Memorial Page (1999-02-11 14:32:14)
This is a Letter to Matthew Fisher, I hope he reads it: Dear Mr. Fisher, I love Pipe Organs too, but one song you did that started my fascination was "A Whiter Shade of Pale". The lyrics don't really make it for me, your organ playing DOES ! I heard the song in 1968, but I didn't find out who did the song until last year. 30 years it has taken me to find you and now I want to tell you that you made the song work. The lyrics didn't, the singing didn't, your organ playing did. One other thing about the song that makes its point is the basis of the song about Ghosts. I saw a ghost in 1973 and although it didn't have to do with the song, I can't but think of my experience when I hear "Whiter Shade of Pale". I hope you will write back, I just want you to know that you make the song and I'll be your fan until I die. Thanks, David Carter
David Carter

I love "Whiter Shade of Pale" (1999-02-10 21:52:13)
Dear Fans, I heard this song in 1968, but I never found out who did it until just a year ago. 30 years it took me to find out who performed this song and now I can't hear it enough. WHO DID THE ORGAN ? That was the best instrument of the song, everyone knows that. Who was the organist ? I want to write to him personally and tell him: "You are outstanding as an organist and the song works because of your skills" Thanks, David Carter
David Carter

(1999-02-06 04:45:51)
All and I miss Procol Harum. Such saddness sometimes, such yearning.Gary...Keith...Matthew! Can you hear us crying out in the wilderness? Please help us find our way...we are lost amidst this sea of wheat. Lost, forever lost. Can you hear us?
Larry Pennisi

A personal Erotic interpretation of WSOP (1999-01-31 07:54:27)
I came to find A Personal Erotic Reading Linked to the page but when I clicked on the link it said it was only pending.. Being a grown woman I won't sob.. LoL... But... Instead I figure ya'll are busy and I'd basically just linked it myself. Keep On Keepin On. Peace.. Give a little Get a Little..
Always Darlin
Oh yeah .. I've had lotta people tell me this is a really hot, sexy Interpretation... WoOHoO! Laters and take care!

hello!!!! (1999-01-27 07:59:34)
hello everybody. well, i have a version from "a whiter shade of pale" that a friend recorded for me but i am not sure who plays it and my friend doesnt know either. i think the version is from the early 90´s or from the end of 80´s, cause the sound its really fresh and actual, it sounds a little like " hard rock" with great lead guitars and has a great hammond sound too. PLEASE, IF SOMEBODY COULD TELL ME WHICH BAND PLAYS THIS VERSION THAT IM TALKING ABOUT , I WILL APPRICIATE IT A LOT!!!! THANKS.
Fer Grasso

hello!!!! (1999-01-27 07:59:21)
hello everybody. well, i have a version from "a whiter shade of pale" that a friend recorded for me but i am not sure who plays it and my friend doesnt know either. i think the version is from the early 90´s or from the end of 80´s, cause the sound its really fresh and actual, it sounds a little like " hard rock" with great lead guitars and has a great hammond sound too. PLEASE, IF SOMEBODY COULD TELL ME WHICH BAND PLAYS THIS VERSION THAT IM TALKING ABOUT , I WILL APPRICIATE IT A LOT!!!! THANKS.
Fer Grasso

(1999-01-21 12:22:59)
GO for it! Nice work! Question: Where can I find some songs i can play with Steinberg Cubase? Greatings peter.

(1999-01-21 08:18:08)
I miss you! Yours sincerely Steen
Steen Christiansen

A Salty Dog (99-01-19 20:59:46)
A Salty Dog was always my favourite Procol Harum song. I love the sea imagery and the music is sublime. Last year I recorded an album called Mariner, based loosely on Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It is all original and mostly instrumental - apart from my cover of A Salty Dog. What a moving song to sing. I don't have Gary's voice (who does?) but I hope I have done it justice. Have a look at my site if you would like to know more about the CD. Been a fan since the beginning. Sev
Sev Lewkowicz

Procol Harum (99-01-17 01:29:01)
Procol Harum is one of the finest groups to have come along in my time. When I heard "Whaling Stories" WOW. Gary if you are reading this.... when you end the song singing the line "Those at peace shall see their wake" playing the single notes on your piano behind the lyrics is so haunting and beautiful. Procol Harum forever !!!

Procol Heirloom (99-01-14 18:11:49)
where to start? how do you begin to convey so many wonderful years of memories wrapped around this, this,..... "cosa nostra" (this thing of ours) appologies to the mob, hehe really it is a thing that "we" all have in common! ever try telling someone about PH and getting.."oh yea, whiter shade of pale" and thats the extent of it. poor misguided masses! let them remain in their shallow musical graveyards. we are a minority of epic proportions (is that possible?) well just take a look at the guest book. and you thought that YOU were the only one. didn't we all feel that at one time or another? i think i was 16 years old and while others were listening to the "box tops" and the "grass roots" my best friend and i were blasting "cereds, kaleidoscope,...'walpurgis and the rest. when shine on brightly came out a year later we were blown away and wore that vinyl "thin". by the time a saty dog was released we were journeyman "procolholics" (breezy, if you read this give me a call) anyway enough for now except that i have two sons 15 and 13. the elder of the two likes Seal and "Kurt Franklin and the nu nation" so although his tastes and mine differ i'm not too worried for him. the younger on the other hand is well,uh,er,well like Keith said some things are better left unsaid. regardless they both refer to PH as Procol "Heirloom". as they think that i am a dinosaur and perhaps i am. perhaps we all are, but they are correct in that websters defines heirloom as.. something of value handed on from one generation to another.. so as the last lines of pilgrims progrss say..."we're taking turns in trying to pass them on oh we're taking turns in trying to pass them on" and thus; thank you for this website. it's sooo nice to come here. bye for now
joseph caprio

(99-01-14 15:59:34)
Dearest PH-fans.I`m so happy to visit this site. It seems to be what I`ve been longing for all the tears I`ve loved PH. In some of the darkest time of my life , the music and lyrics have been of the greatest comfort.I fell in love with PH as 18, and wrote my 3rd year highschool assignment on Reids lyrics, but my teacher didnt really understand it. Actually, noone seemed to understand the passion i felt for this music and lyrics, but now, at this site, it`s nice to seethat there are people who feel the way I do. In my generation ( I ´m 24) its hard to make people see the beauty of PH , but now I see that they really do have eternal life!Love form Louise.
Louise Kristensen

EDMONTON (99-01-09 07:03:37)

Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (99-01-09 01:51:59)
Great site! I've been looking for way too long to hear Procol Harum Live, In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra on CD. Seems like it does not exist. My question is why? A great record worthy for CD format. This record has never left my consciousness. It will be a great loss to the future if it never makes it to compact disk.
Mark Lally

Happy New Year! (99-01-07 20:58:49)
I made several New Year's resolutions, among which was to finally make copies of my photographs of Procol when they played at Hofstra University in Long Island, N.Y. in May, 1977. Well, I sent the photos to Jens 2 days ago and I hope they were worth the wait (I'd like to dedicate them to the memory of B.J Wilson and Linda McCartney). Happy 1999!
Carol Bellantoni

Happy 1999! (99-01-02 03:18:18)
A Warm New Year's Greeting from a rather cold Sweden.... Wishing You All the best for 1999 - and y'all know what the Best would be, huh?! Right!- Peace on Earth and another Procol Harum live concert! *smile* (sending a Special Hug to my Paler Friends and - oh well - everyone else who needs it.....)
Christina Hermansson

(98-12-31 03:00:27)
Outstanding website. I saw Procol twice in the 70's, first at Seattle's Paramount Northwest, and then in London following the release of their last album in '77. I am shocked that Power Failure only mustered 6 points on the Top Ten poll. Shocked!
David Steuer

PH: thanks for the music (98-12-29 02:10:15)
over 20 yrs ago, as a teenager, I couldn't get enuf of PH. now that i found this web site i've started listening to my old favs. again. my fav. was "live with EDMONTON". Grand Finale is the most awesome 2 1/2 minutes of music of i've ever heard. thank's for the music gary,keith,b.j,robin, dave,chris, & especialy matthew- i love yor solo lp's-journey's end & i'll be there
Andy Mikus

Christmas 1998 (98-12-26 17:48:11)
Dear Folks, A big thanks to all those Palers, Whalers, and Mailers who managed to get to Giuldford or Southend last weekend. Under great self-induced pressure we managed to play one premier PH song called 'A Real Attitude'. For those interested this was a song from The Prodigal Stranger album that got forgotten about until last week. I hope those that were there enjoyed it as much as myself and the rest of the band. Seasons greetings and happy ramadan to y'all at BtP. Gary Brooker
Gary Brooker

Christmas 1998 (98-12-26 17:40:35)
Dear Folks,
Gary Brooker

Chris Copping (98-12-25 00:53:47)
Whoops - forgot my email address - its If anyone knows where Chris Copping of Procol Harum is please let me know. Last heard of in Melbourne Australia. Many thanks - Stewart Elliott Goldring of Gnidrolog

Chris Copping (98-12-25 00:46:24)
I am trying to trace Chris Copping who used to play with Procol Harum. I know he moved to Melbourne some years ago. I wonder if Gary or anyone in the band knows where he is now. E mail me Stewart Elliott Goldring of Gnidrolog if anyone knows. Many thanks and much love to Gaqry and the lads.

(98-12-23 10:21:36)
Hi Roland I promised to leave a message, when we spoke backstage at Guildford, so here it is. Keep up the good work, and I'll be hitting the site regularly. Regards Neil - Lighting Designer for GB at Guildford
Neil Jerram

Guildford 98 (98-12-22 20:25:00)
Come along a baby whole lotta Lucille going on.Played with 'A Real Attitude'.More please Commander! Over.
michael wickens

MY FAVORITE GROUP FOR 30 YEARS (98-12-19 05:47:18)
Just got a computer. Just got an E-Mail address. First thing I did was look for a PROCOL HARUM WEBSITE. I have been a lone PH fan for 30 years. I know nothing of the band except thru the music. Guess my PH Vacuum days are over now. I will be learning a lot soon. How could a group with so many musical masterpieces not be as big as Pink Floyd? I first bought Shine on Brightly in 1968. Greatest thing I ever heard. Still in a class by itself. PH gave us an album a year, more or less thru Procol's 9th. Then the 15 year gap. When Prodigal Stranger came out, I bought it, listened to Truth Won't Fade Away and Hold On and cried like a baby (did the same for George Harrison's Cloud 9). Music is my life and Procol Harum is my music.
Tom Mitchell

GOING DOWNSTAIRS (98-12-16 20:26:59)

PH and the website (98-12-15 04:54:04)
I can't tell you how good it feels to have found this website. The music of PH has always been important to me. It never ages. It never ceases to be relevant. The music has always been positive; reaffirming; providing for me a "spiritual center", if you will. As a young man growing up in Detroit some of my best memories are of the Procul Harum shows at the Grande Ballroom. I think I saw every show they ever did there. To me they were like the house band of the Grande. I'm generally not one to dwell on the past. I prefer to live in the present moment, but the music of Procul Harum has never aged. It still lives in the present and still has meaning. Somehow I feel as if I have come home, having found this website.
Joe Crachiola

Gary Brooker & Friends, 18th December at Guildford (98-12-10 18:24:41)
Come on you lot, hurry up and buy your tickets for Gary's premier event this year. Although tickets are selling well, we need to sell more so that we can give more to Cherry Trees; our very a worthy charity for this year. So get on the phone NOW 01483 444555 to book, £15 standing, £20 seated. The music will be incredible, and you never know which of Gary's musician friends will turn up unannounced. See you there Diane
Diane Rolph

(98-12-09 06:30:03)
Found this site looking for info on Robin Trower for my 15 year old son. He is a prodigy on the guitar! Can play anything he hears. Just thought I'd let you know that even the "younger" generation enjoys the "old" music. All he plays is the old stuff. I thought Robin Trower was upstairs the day he played Bridge of Sighs. He plays Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc. I could go on and on. I'm just a proud mother, who is also happy that the "great artists" are being carried on by the young music lovers of today.

Glad to find this site (98-12-07 22:12:16)
I am fairly new to computers and seem to be spending all my time visiting music sites. But, music has been the #1 activity of my life. Just want to say that I was so happy to find the Procol Harum site, have followed them for over 30 years. They are 1 of a handful of bands that I always listen to, no matter what current trend or "whatever" is going on. Have seen them live 3 times including about 3 years ago, still great. Just wanted to say HI and am enjoying the site, and hope for maybe a new cd this year. Thanks, Mel
Mel Tullgren

irony (98-11-25 03:26:28)
Great site. Came here looking for indexes of the Commander's solo work and Paramounts stuff. This to add to a dozen PH records, started by my first ever LP purchase at 17 of 'Live...'. From putting on my older sister's 'Homburg' 45, dancing at 'Grand Hotel', through rediscovering 'Prodigal Strangers', there is no more amazing stream of music. What an irony so many think of PH as a "one-hit wonder"! Bach, too, I'll bet.

(98-11-24 15:21:06)
So good to find this site. I've been listening to this great music since the beginning. Saw them last in Vancouver on the Prodigal Tour in'91. Asked one of the stage hands if I could send a song book back stage to be signed by the band after the concert. Was told to come back then. I did, and was expecting to hand over the book. The next minute I was ushered back stage. Unbelievable. Gary was very gracious and introduced me to the rest of the band. We had a drink and talked for a short while & had my book signed. It was greatly appreciated. Would love to see them back here sometime soon.
Goff Martin

(98-11-22 01:19:16)
First saw PH at UMIST (Manchester UK) 1971/72 - thought they were brilliant then and still do. Came across Prodigal Stranger a couple of years ago and was amazed at the quality of songs. Finally saw GB and MF at Cropredy (Fairport Festival) some two years ago. Gary put in an absolutely perfect performance of AWSOP but the all time favorite for me was "Strong as Samson". See you at Southend.
Bernard O'Connor

Awesome (98-11-21 20:32:21)
While browsing the CD's in the store came across the Shine On Brightly with the UK cover looked wierd saw the cuts on the back and brought it busted it open in my car and immediately started crying as old memories came back instantly. My friends used to critized me about this group which I thought was so great. The only song they liked was Pale while I listened to every song on the first three albums a zillion times. Saw them at the Fillmore East concert in 69, Old NY World Fair ground in the 70's and again at a rib burnoff in Cleveland in the 90's. Would like to send my thanks to this band which had so much energy to blend that B3 Organ with Classical grand piano (did he really ship it everywhere???) Robin on that guitar from hell and the drums and pounding bass to produce some of the best melodies ever heard. Long Line PH -
David Miller

Chords (98-11-21 10:43:16)
If anyone wants the chords and fills for Toujours l'amour, let me know. I am interested in getting the music for all the albums from Broken Barricades on (i.e. GH, EB&F,9th, SM, PS.) Any ideas how I may do this gratefully received! Thanks, Joe (I'm lost amidst a sea of wheat!)
Joe Reevy

Procol Harum Tour? (98-11-20 00:44:48)
Greetings from Northern Virginia. Any possibility that Procol Harum might consider touring the States soon? Please let us know cause we would like to set you up with a gig here in the DC area at a great venue!! Thanks!! Regards, Richard
Richard Fuller

Commander to the bridge - immideately !! (98-11-12 22:23:20)
Left in stranger´s hollow brains Left in septic hallways Left in addict´s bursting veines We´ll remember allways A whiter shade, the poets main A different drummer´s pound A gusty vocal´s mellow strain That mesmerizing sound

Guildford & Southend (98-11-10 16:37:50)
Commander speaking: We will do our duty and ensure that the ship sails safely and with a fair wind through both charted and uncharted waters. If you come to the concert, I promise to play a Procol song you have never heard before! See you at Guildford and hopefully Southend. Skip softly! GB
Gary Brooker

Super Site! (98-10-28 13:44:34)
Procol Harum's music have shaped my life and made me how I am since I first saw the band at the Colston Hall, Bristol in 1974. Thanks guys! Your music has meant so much to me ... keep up the news of any future events!
Julien Weston

Finding this web site and Paramounts (98-10-26 21:55:03)
Just bought The Paramounts at Abbey Road today. Interesting..Gary Brooker's vocal quality is so familiar. 'You never had it so good' sounds quite Procol-ish, I think. Also found the 'Within our house' Gary Brooker CD..another pleasant surprise. This web-site is a real find...I've looked at some of the lyrics you have listed which has managed to resolve some confusion over lyrics from way back. Such as 'daily starvation..our diet of news' on As Strong as Samson (I could never decipher that!!). It's great to see the band still getting publicity
Anthony Pike

Grand Hotel (98-10-22 21:26:00)
Will somebody PLEASE digitally remaster Grand Hotel!? If any Procol album is crying for remastering, it's that classic!! And while you're at it, give the same treatment to Broken Barricades!!

(98-10-14 06:07:29)
Procol Harum is great. Brooker/Reid would destroy John/Taupin any day. Im looking for some Procol Harum albums under Chrysalis, but I haven't found much. If anyone knows of a place...please let me know.
David Wheezy off the Heezy

Richard Beck's articles (98-10-08 08:43:43)
Another dynamic article by Richard Beck! What a treasure for the Website! Kudos to Richard!!! Happy Anniversary to the Website!

Midnight Special (98-10-08 04:10:47)
Great site -Great band- Right after Grand Hotel was released PH hosted a late night TV show in the US called The Midnight Special.I remember they were the special guest and Humble Pie and an American group named Mylon who were joined by Alvin Lee were supporting acts.This may have been a UK TV show originally but shown here in the states as a Midnight special show but I don't think so.They did awsop and much from agh.It ended with the end of TV Ceaser.It was awesome and the next day I went out and bought Shine On-Home and Salty Dog and have been hooked ever since.Anybody out there ever heard of or seen this? Is it available on video?

(98-10-02 18:27:00)

David Lemire

(98-09-28 22:52:19)
I saw Procol Harum in 1970 at Hobart College. I was a huge fan since Repent Walpurgis. I saw them at the Orpheum in Boston in 73 or so and Dave Ball was phenomenal, even though I am a huge Trower fan. I saw them on the Prodigal Stranger tour several years ago in Boston. Great Band. Salty Dog , Pilgrim, Home , The first one, Shine on Brightly are my favorites.
Bill Ryder

A Whiter Shade of Pale (98-09-09 19:14:02)
My mother heard the song in 1967 or 68 after a attempt to kill her self, and that was a turningpoint for her. Last sunday, 30 years later she killed her self. The song made her to live at least 30 years. This song will keep my memory of her intact. Nicklas
Nicklas Manns

(98-09-05 00:51:03)
Great site. Finding it was a little like coming home. PH have been a great love of mine for over 25 years now since a spotty 14 year old picked up his sister's boyfriend's copy of Home and entered the Twilight Zone. Piggy Pig Pig? What was this guy Brooker on??? First saw them live at the London Festival Hall in late '73. GB was his usual wry, stiff collared self but I was completely transfixed by BJ. There was no going back after that. I bumped into Keith once backstage at a Frankie Miller gig at the Fulham Greyhound in the early eighties(?) I was just launching into my "how privileged etc" introduction when he turned tail without a word and headed for the exit as fast as his legs could take him! If you ever read this Keith.....cheers mate!!
Gareth Jarvis

(98-08-28 21:06:05)
To try and describe what this band and their music means to me is impossible. I am deeply gratified by the number of people who have the same realization of just how good this group is. I am a musician and hard-core music critic and this music is truely inspirational. Keep up the good work, I plan to visit often. Best Regards!!!
mike kemper

(98-08-28 00:52:38)
Suffice it to say, I've always enjoyed the music of this band.
annette wallace

Top list (98-08-23 11:06:55)
Felt I had to be an "online-an" when I read the Top-list. Got a bit upset since you´ve got it all WRONG! Thats definitly not the correct top ten list! Have you completely missed whats probably the best album ever, Grand Hotel and the best side of record, the first on Exotic Birds and Fruits. Gaah, its tiresome enough to rule the earth, couldnt you at least get this list right,,,,
Per Gustafsson

Contact wanted (98-08-10 14:04:30)
Til Per Hermansen - hvis du er dansk PH-fan, så skriv venligst til min e-mail-adresse. To Per Hermansen - if you are a Danish PH-fan, then please contact my e-mail-adress.
Niels-Erik Mortensen

Top 10 (98-08-05 22:11:47)
Here goes: 1. A Christmas Camel 2. Piggy Pig Pig 3. Cerdes 4. About to Die 5. Toujour L'Amour 6. Kalidescope 7. All This and More 8. The Idol 9. Shine on Brightly 10. Simple Sister
Steve Polevoi

MIDI (98-07-25 02:21:18)
Add MIDI to your page!! With out midi, it sucks! ~beer
Jack the Ripper Dirty Man eats pool stick

Keith and Gary (98-07-21 23:37:34)
Ha! Well, I read their message, and they WERE pissed! (English for sozzled----see me previous note). They are actually much more friendly and sociable than their message may imply, and I know you would all like them.....but don't try to figure out Keith's words....they make sense to him, and sometimes leave even Gary in the dark! I've looked at some of the letters you folks have written, and it's heartwarming to see that many of you remember BJ Wilson fondly....he was a sweet soul. I always described his drumming style (I play drums myself) as sounding a bit like a drunk falling down stairs in perfect time. BJ always liked that description of his drumming. I just saw Sue, BJ's wife, for the first time in twenty five years....she came over to England for Gary's 30th wedding anniversary last week....great party, with lots of old friends (and getting older!). I'll check in the site from time-to-time to see what's\ going on---I'll keep gary up to dayte, as he refuses to go online! I'll get him to weaken, though. Peter Frampton is working on him (Gary's computer guru) maybe by the millenium, we'll get Gary wired up....don't hold your breath! Anybody has any questions, write me @ Adios again!
Paul Olsen

(98-07-21 23:09:17)
I'm an old friend of the band's, from the Haight- Ashbury in the 60's....they stayed with us (Funky Features) on their first tour....and just spent part of the day with Gary, who told me he and Keith had gone to a cyber-cafe in Soho and played with a computer and left a message on the web. They had had a few by the time they were online, so their message may have been more abstract than Keith's usual! I'm looking forward to cruising through the site to see what's there.... Adios!
Paul Olsen

procol harum (98-07-21 06:59:47)
so nice to know that my freinds and i were not as alone as we thought in enjoying the music of procol harum.
scott outten

URL Correction for Matilda's Great Redhill Article! (98-07-19 23:45:35)
I think I got it right this time. Maybe Jens can consolidate these 2 posts..?

A Wonderful Redhill Remembrance!!! (98-07-19 23:38:33)
Thanks so much to Matilda Linder for her fantastic article about the Redhill Concert! (I tried to put the URL below under "My homepage" though its Hers of course ) She really identified the most important aspects of PH and Redhill -- the timelessness of PH's music, the immortal beauty of Matthew Fisher's Hammond and AWSoP -- and -- something that was sadly Not done at the concert itself -- she singled out for special mention the *TWO* musicians who were *BY FAR* the Most important and noteworthy players on that stage. It's young fans like Matilda who will assure that Procol's music will live on into the next Century and Beyond. Thanks again to her for a remarkable article!! Best, Joan :-)

Keith's Secret Admirier (98-07-18 07:04:06)
Once when I was younger I met a young man with a lot of notebooks who wrote lyrics.Just that.Then my older friends and mentors made me part of their legend, and introduced me to PH.I saw someone who was part of a band,yet only wrote words.As a writer of words myself, this impacted my entire being.I began and am still writing them, whether in a band context or not.But what I wish to do is from the bottom of my heart,thank you, Wordman."Still write it down,it might be read/Nothing's better left unsaid/Only sometimes, still no doubt/It's hard to see,it all works out."I was introduced to this site by a dear friend, whom I often strangle with words. Shine on brightly, Keith Love,Laylana
Laylana none as of now

Garry Brooker (98-07-17 21:39:05)
GB should have won an Academy Award for his work in "Evita." Didn't recognize him at first, but the voice was unmistakable. A possible second career awaits.
steve polevoi

The Harum (98-07-17 21:33:29)
Saw Procol Harum for the first time at the Anaheim Convention Center in 1972. All in total I saw them 11 times, once having the pleasure of sitting front row center at Santa Monica Civic. Hollywood Bowl w/ the LA Philharmonic was a real treat. "A Xmas Carol" and "Piggy Pig Pig" were incredible. Actually have a bootleg cassette of the entire show!!!! Had three friends who were PH freaks that I've lost contact with. Anybody know the whereabouts of the following folks originally from LA's San Fernando Valley: Steve Besser Greg Turner Barry Wosk
Steve Polevoi

Procul Harum--saw 'em! (98-07-07 23:28:07)
Hello everyone! Well it's great to see this site! I was am will be a PH fan allways....saw them when I was a kid (14) one wild evening at the Fillmore-a show I put at the top with oh..Merle Haggard, Johnny Thunders, and Black Flag...I still loan their tapes to everyone I meet.. I'd like to see the REAL voices of the 60's being heard---PH, Syd B., Byrds and Incredible String Band-not that I live in the past--far from it, but I fear our musical legacy dissapearing in a sea of superstar mediocrity. Well..........outside of Primal Scream the only new rock I can stomach are local oi! bands. But if ya'd like to write..........A Salty Dog-----JDragon .
JoeDragon is coming soon....

(98-07-07 11:26:11)
Exelent site and exelent music. I have seen the band twice in Stockholm 1973 with Leo Kotttke and 1992 on the Prodigal Stranger tour, also in Stockholm. Procol Harums music is classical not because its classical influenses but because it lasts so well.
Mats Pettersson

Procol Harum (98-06-26 05:50:25)
Hello, I'm from Argentina and I don't know nobody who likes Procol Harum I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one My favorite album is Shine on Brightly (But I love them all) and my song "In held 'twas in I" I'm 22 and I think that more people at my age should listen PH Gary, if sometime you read this...... You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and please come to Argentina I like to see you (don't make me go there, it's too expensive) Write me Procol fans, I'll be waiting Shine on!!!!!!!!!
Patricio Durán

nan's enquirer (98-06-15 10:43:55)
AWSoP became my favorite song when i first heard it at nine years old... i suppose it still is and always will be. my good fortune: my co-workers and i listen redigitalized PH while we work; the one of us who has the biggest collection hadn't heard of one of the records i'd had (EB&F)... so there must be spirit of Procol Harum that sees to each of us our complete enjoyment of it! my co-worker was saddened upon hearing of BJW, the most creative drummer: he hadn't otherwise heard, and the only reason i knew was from this vast resource provided by other dedicated fans of these superb websites. also, sites with Keith Reid's words... i am truly appreciative and thanks to all of you!!

Huntsman at the Voyeurs' Ball (98-06-05 17:18:21)
Greetings fellow Procolites ..... and g'day band members in cyberspace. To the former: great to know you're out there, please drop me a line. To the latter, if you're tuned in to this guestbook: caught you live during the Prodigal Stranger tour in Dallas on Sept. 30, 1991. Thanks for the splendid show, despite the heat, which Gary commented on. Hope to see you all again sometime. Cheers.
Duncan Mills

gary (98-06-05 14:45:14)
hello's the first time iam on the net.thank you gary for your wonderful music!
huber wolfgang

All once bright jewels and glittering sands (98-05-29 16:51:42)
You know you used to have to attend a Procol concert to see who your sibling fans were. Alas, but no more. Now we are one again. Perhaps if we all shout in unison PH will know we are still the crowd calls out for more. God bless us, one and all.
Dean Becker

Repent Walpurgis (98-05-29 15:58:00)
Yes, there are fans in the US...for many of us who grew up in Cincinnati, OH in the 60's, our first introduction was on WEBN-FM, an almost-underground station that used Repent as background music (!!!) for the 4:00PM news broadcast every weekday. I heard that for several days, and wondered what it was (the announcer never gave credit). I was (and am) hooked. Saw the band in Cincinnati twice in the 70's, including once when a snotty little so-and-so namd Billy Joel opened for them at the University of Cincinnati Armory Fieldhouse, and dared to make fun of Gary's piano playing.
Matthew Cottrell

anniversary greetings (98-05-29 08:14:36)
For Gary Brooker: Friday May 29 is a special day for many of us who who know the ph music. This is the birthday of Gary Brooker, who brought us some of the finest music I have ever known. As a piano player he has brought a style to music which reinvented rock piano. As a writer of fine music he has carved out a reputation as one of the finest writers of 20th century music. As a singer he is simply (in Keith Reid's words) 'the voice'. It has been my privilege to share his music since 1967 as one of the enduring treasures of my life. His music continues to be a source of great pleasure and inspiration. Thank you and happy birthday (from an unashamed and longtime admirer)
stephen wallace

Procol (98-05-26 23:39:15)
What a joy to find so many similar PH fans . I first saw them live in 1974 (I think) at Sheffield University Students Union . They were (and probably still are) one of the top live bands . What a shock to learn of BJ's passing . He was the best ! Skip softly and shine on .
Dave White

nice knowing you (98-05-22 00:57:38)
great to see so may others still appreciate this great band when will they return to the states ?./
howard finkel

One Turning and One Signpost (98-05-17 05:42:20)
The turning: At a gig in Columbus, Ohio in 1973, the Copping-Cartright-Grabham edition responded to a request from the crowd with about a half a chorus of "Louie, Louie." Great. The signpost: On a bootleg (sorry) titled "The Elusive PH" is an live "J.J. Pink" with Robin, Chris, B.J., & Gary that is far beyond beyond. Oh, this outfit could swing. Thanks to all‹‹players and hearers.
John Myers

Music Resource page for students (98-05-12 22:31:56)
First: A Tribute To Your Wonderful Site Wish them well with saving grace those sailors who go creeping through alleys dark and seas of wheat For Procol Harum's keeping Strive to lace your shoes up right to keep your eyes wide open God's alive, Beyond the Pale Where truth is known and spoken Procol Harum was the most significant factor in my musical development. Being a keyboard player, I learned every album, and often dreamed of becoming a member! Saw them live in Toronto twice - my favourite memories. Just got the 30th Anniversary Anthology, and for the most part was quite happy. The only thing left I really want now is a CD version of the original 45rpm of "In The Wee Small Hours of Sixpence." I have the original 45 (labelled as Side 1), and it's backed with "Quite Rightly So." This version is much snappier, B.J.'s drumming is much tighter, and Gary's vocal's have much more energy than the weaker version I keep hearing on all the 33 albums or CD's I've collected. Perhaps it's lost forever. Anyway, it's great to see that I'm not alone in my admiration for these relatively unsung heroes of musical genius! BTW - I too was saddened and curious about B.J. Wilson's passing Why is there never any mention of how he died?
Doug Callowhill

Boredom....... (98-05-12 21:46:19)
Some say they do....... some say they don't...... Some say they will..... some say they won't..... some say they shall....... some say they shant..... some say they can......... some say they can't.......... Call me if there's any change.

(98-05-12 15:06:35)
While writing this on Tuesday 12 May at 3.10 pm, Danish radio is just playing AWSoP to celebrate the 31th anniversary of its entry in the charts. But the announcer told us that Reid's lyrics is inspired by Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' - !? This is news to me...
Niels-Erik Mortensen

guest registration (98-05-09 17:50:31)
Great homepage! Keep pushin´ for a new album!
Bøje Arenholt Jeppesen

Procol (98-05-08 23:57:41)
Went to the 30th concert at Redhill. What a phenomenal event it was!
fred genther

Beanstalk, yeah (98-05-06 23:05:01)
Early NYC concerts at Fillmore with the original band; following them around; playing frisbee with gary at an outdoor concert in PA (circa '68); my band as opening act for PH at St. Peters College, NJ (probabaly '70); forgot our tickets to show at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ; bumped into Chris who was getting some air; told him the story; he gave us two tickets; seeing show at Town Hall, NYC (probabaly 1991); bringing my sons to see PH as opening act for Jethro Tull at Garden State Arts Center (NJ); too short a set; good memories; don't take it all to seriously; it's only rock & roll but i like it.

joining guest registry (98-05-06 13:31:55)
I'm a PH fan from Chicago, Il. U.S.A.
Dick McDermott none

(98-04-24 07:17:21)

Robert Newton

words to the music, meaning (98-04-22 08:31:59)
We skip the line fandango.. I man is in a bar on an island near a coast dancing with a girl who has a miller for a husband. Despite the fact he hits it off with her and the miller tells a dreadfull story about her he thinks he may have a chance. he has deluded himself. She only loves the miller. and the traveller who knows he should have known better ( like a vestal virgin) believes otherwise. depite the long night he leaves in the morning. - a fine tale . Mike morgan
Michael S. Morgan

Procol Harum again! (98-04-21 22:03:07)
It's soooo good just to know that you're all 'out there' ...and you know who you are! This is to officially cyber-bond with the great hoards of Procol Harum fans that are still out there, as well as all of the new pilgrims who are joining up in retrospect! There's just so much to say about the band and the music that it's almost impossible to break it down into a few sentences. Here's hoping that there's more material to come, both old and new, from this great rock institution. On to the rock and roll Hall of Fame! Gary and Co. belong there if only for WSOP!
Bert Saraco

ROBIN TROWER LIVE on the WEB! (98-04-16 04:09:42)
All you Robin Trower fans - check out the House of Blues WebSite where there's a RealAudio concert from 6/97 -- one hour and 20 minutes of Hot blues playing, also including RT's excellent Vocals -- his voice is much different from his PH days.. Also check out his Website for info on the CD he's sending to subscribers to his newsletter "Trower Power" - some recent LIVE performances and interviews.. Thanks, Robin, for this great gift to your fans! :-)

RT in LA, CA, this May... (98-04-14 08:21:21)
Now that I have _my_ tickets (sorry. It's just that I've never seen him live and had to be certain...) I'm happy to pass along the news that Robin Trower is slated to play the Los Angeles House of Blues on Friday, May 29, 1998. I'm very much looking forward to the show. I haven't a clue what sort of tunes he's playing these days. Don't particularly care, unless he's given up the guitar for the pan flute. That, I suppose, might be somewhat of a disappointment. Barring such, I should be happy as can be. P'rhaps I'll see some of you there. Cheers!
Doug Nichols

musings on Procol Harem (98-04-12 01:58:28)
One of the best concerts I ever went to was Procol Harem at the old Music Hall in Boston....1974 Great nite! Will the album, live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra ever make it to CD????? Because it should. I don't know what to think of Tom Jones singing Simple Sister.
Mark Lally

(98-04-09 00:26:56)
many thanks for a great site, despite discovering punk rock when I was 15 ( I started listning to PH when I was 12) I've alway kept listning to them and still do (apart from that song... the big one which I never liked) and I'm enjoying the mass of information that you've got on the site, keep it up

Jacques Loussier Here Again (98-04-06 00:47:14)
You think I'm joking, but I'm not. I just won't leave my e-mail address because there is no telling how many of you Procol Harum "fanatics" (or "lunatics") would try to contact me! Mark my words, John Mayer and I will have the last laugh about AWSoP. Regards, JL

PH (98-04-05 09:51:47)
Over & Out? Please come back!
Bernie B

BJ Wilson (98-04-05 06:33:33)
BJ Wilson was and continues to be one of my drumming heroes. He was greatly underrated by the general public, but WE know of his talents. I was saddened to hear of his death some years ago, but I was never able to find out the circumstances around it. Anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks!
Jim Griffey

Great Band ! (98-04-01 05:22:50)
This group was one of the first I really listened to the words, and what they were saying. They always hit that perfect groove.
Van Bodem

Great Band ! (98-04-01 05:19:02)

Van Bodem

procol harum fan since 1967 (98-03-28 06:46:39)
phil benedetti

Procol Harum (98-03-19 21:27:53)
I love Procol harum so much. I never could get tired of hearing their music! They are my second favorite group next to the Beatles which is impossible to beat. Just wanted to say thanx Gary and Keith, but I would like to see you in concert!
Louis Francis

Procol Harum (98-03-19 21:25:11)

Louis Francis

BJ Wilson (98-03-18 19:01:34)
There were drummers and there was BJ Wilson. What can I say? He was just amazing.

Barrie James Wilson (98-03-18 04:35:52)
On this anniverary of the birth of B.J. ,I would simply like to thank him...... wherever he may be (always in our hearts).....for the untold joy that he has delivered through his rare gift. If he only knew......I miss you.. most of all, scarecrow.......CERDES96
Larry Pennisi

Beautiful B.J. Wilson Tribute! (98-03-18 03:36:42)
Many thanks to Larry Pennisi for his wonderful pages in praise of the great B.J. Wilson on this the date of B.J.'s birth (UK Time). This is the kind of tribute I wish had been included in the liner notes for Prodigal Stranger. Perhaps Larry's great words and photos can be used on a future PH release - i.e. a showcase for B.J. in the form of Vintage non-orchestral LIVE performances. I'll keep advocating for such a release until it happens! Thanks Again, Larry!!!! :-)
Joan May

BJ Wilson (98-03-17 07:04:00)
Barry was a good friend and colleague, whom I still miss. If his daughters still cruise the Procol sites I would love to hear how they are doing, I haven't seen them since they were little, and think about them and their mom when I am in Corvallis or Monmouth.
Chris Mercer

Whiter Shade of Pale (98-03-16 15:47:13)
Question: I've wanted to know this for a long time: Who "officially" wrote the song "Whiter Shade of Pale"? I always thought it was Gary Brooker and Keith Reid of PRocol Harum. But now i see the article in "Music Publishing Monthly" that gives the credit to, and I quote, "Loussier/Fisher/Reid/Brooker (adapted from Bach)." Is this the same Fisher as Matthew Fisher of PRocol? And who is "Loussier"? I love the Website. This is great! John Mayer Chicago

message (98-03-14 23:08:50)
Procol Harum was and is very important for me. Shine on brightly is my favourite album: listen to Glimpses of Nirvana and again and again. Enjoy the fine lyrics! The live album opened another world for me, classical music. I still listen to Procol Harum, an old friend...
J.J. Soetekouw

Worldwide Influence-Professional Musicians (98-03-08 01:32:44)
Above and beyond the effect of the the influence of the average "rock" band, Procol Harum's performances & recordings have, for many years, been a great inspiration to myself & others who have listened to their music and have marveled at their amazing ,almost spiritual, combination of original musical ideas, lyrics, R&B, and classical influences. SHINE ON BRIGHTLY-B.U.
Bruce Uchitel

Closing the circle (98-03-04 22:40:01)
For thirty years, I've wanted to find the words (Keith Reid always objected to "lyrics") to PH songs. This was the band I loved. It is a delight just to know what words he chose, even if I can't understand. But let me also greet all who posted here, because you are an elite in the world of popular music.
Rodger Govea

Lyrics (98-02-18 20:16:21)
Thanks for making the all-important PH lyrics available! I always thought the last part of the first line of Barynard Story sounded like "There's an oven in your bin." But I couldn't make any sense out of that; so I assumed it must really be something else. Now I find out I had it right all along. Still don't have the foggiest idea what it means, though.
Rick Oliver

Che Guevara Homepage (98-02-15 23:56:59)
I love Procol Harum; thought myself the only 18yr. old person left on Earth who did!! Saw them in concert and was blown away. Procol were/still are every bit as talented and captivating as Pink Floyd, only minus the glamour-but they're better off that way! Gary and Co. keep shining on brightly!!!!!!!
Michelle DeLaRocha

math (98-02-15 17:10:37)
rodney marks

PH (98-02-10 02:44:46)

Mr Beckett's Obsession (98-02-08 16:14:14)
I too was the only Procol maniac in my immediate circle of friends. I had made other friends into them, but they were not in my local musical circle. I was truly taken to the point where I had a PH picture pyramid in my bedroom. It was temple like in structure and made it abundantly clear where I stood. I recall the pulse punding anticipation I felt every year as the release date of the next album approached. I recall, with equal pleasure, each and every "PILGRIMAGE" I made to purchase the newest addition. The bus rides as a teeager, the stores themselves..the ride home...the MANIA!!! What joy to extract these moments of delight from long term memory. I recently placed the poster from the Deram album in a tasteful wooden frame where it now holds sway in my ordinary American living room. It makes a great screen saver too!!!! :+) Brightly.... into that dark night of the soul!
Larry Pennisi

And An Espresso For Mr. Beckett (98-02-07 14:17:40)
I wonder if the Krup's Last Tape comment made by Gary and Keith wasn't a bit of drunken clever word play. Sam (the Sham) Beckett, a most excellent, but most dead novelist and playwright wrote a play called, "Krapp's Last Tape." And Krup(s) is a brand of coffee maker,innit? A sobering thought for ye.---Oleh
Oleh none

Like Some Small Corner Of Heaven (98-02-07 14:06:02)
BTP is a visual and informational treat. I am particulary intrigued by how profound an effect exposure to the band had on so many of us in our youth. We were Procolfied, and good! Was it also typical in others experience to be pretty much the only rabid PH fan among yer pals? While not exactly up there with being hipped to the most obscure psychedelic/garage bands extant at the time, it seems to me that being a PH fan back then was a pretty hip and "alternative" thing to be, in retrospect. I wish I knew you all in my early teens when I first connected with the band. The first LP, procured by my just college graduated brother, messed with my twelve year old neurochemistry in a big way, and continued doing so for many years after. He bought it for AWSoP, I'm sure; but I just about "bought the farm" after hearing 'A Christmas Camel.' I still remember the almost fetishistic delight I had holding that sturdy Deram label vinyl in mein 12 yr. old mitts. Ahhh....Oleh

A Whiter Shade of Bach (98-01-31 20:31:32)
Just wondering when GB was going to trot out his version of my rendition of J.S. Bach's "Air on a G String" once again. (It was my idea to add the fourth verse, you know!) Regards, J.L.
Jacques Loussier

Illuminations II (98-01-28 01:07:49)
Is Mr. Krup any relation to Good Captain Clack? Seriously, folks, glad to know that GB & KR got online and posted here! Hope they visit again in the near future - I know I'll be looking forward to seeing their posts! (Must admit though that butterscotch schnapps just isn't my thing...)
Diane Wells

(98-01-26 00:16:22)

Kostas Paltoglou

(98-01-23 17:59:41)
I'm so glad Keith and Gary are raving it up in a cyber pub! Hope this is the start of something new and long-awaited! Cathy
Cathy Frumerman

Illuminations (98-01-22 18:44:19)
Hello Sailors ! Krup's Last Tape It's all up with Mr Krup he wouldn't play the tune Me 'n Keith are in a cyber cafe but don't know what to do except drink our butterscotch scnnapps ! (and coffee) so hello - shine on - and a hey nonny nonny no to folks beyond the pale. By the way, it's Peep the sot. Over and out.
Gary & Keith

(98-01-22 04:09:20)


Procol Harum with Trower (98-01-16 00:16:35)
Hi, PH fans. Anyone out there know of any live PH tapes featuring Robin Trower? I've got all the albums, but I want to hear what they sounded like live back then. I've got plenty of tapes to trade. Check out my tapes page. Cheers, Jay
Jay Folk http://www.geocities .com/BourbonStreet/ Delta/1802/

A twenty-three-year memory of Procol Harum (98-01-12 02:15:13)
I'd like to congratulate Jens and Roland on their beautiful website which certainly renewed my love and interest in an outstanding rock band. Visiting this page, reminds me of an important phase of my youth, when I discovered Procol Harum. Soon after having listened to and purchased the 'Edmonton Live' album more or less 'by accident', the group was on tour in Switzerland. I remember very well their Zurich concert on 6th December 1974 which made me a dedicated Procol Harum fan forever. It was the Exotic Birds & Fruit tour (I lively recall fantastic versions of 'The Idol' and 'Butterfly Boys', the latter with Gary Brooker on guitar and Chris Copping on piano!) but the repertoire also included all the earlier classics with perfect renditions of 'Magdalene' and 'Repent Walpurgis'. They played for well over two and a half unforgettable hours. What a thrill to see Gary and Procol back on stage in Zurich many years later in January 1992! The group (to my delight with Matthew Fisher on organ; but how did we miss B.J. Wilson!) was in excellent form and showed that all their songs had stood the test of time. It's good to have a website dedicated to Procol Harum (I wish I could have had it twenty-three years ago !) and to see that there are still a lot of people who like the band and their music. Ernst Schuiki
Ernst Schuiki

(98-01-11 07:58:25)
I've loved the music of this band since the age of 12. I know I'm one of few who heard the words and the melodies and appreciated them. I am happy to see others in the guestbook who love the band.
Susan Cork

Long timer (98-01-10 07:14:15)
I bought the original "Procol Harum" album for my sister for a Christmas present when Whiter Shade was a hit. She deemed it too depressing for her. She had a sweatshirt with a picture of a spider web and logo "The desolates" that she had printed. This album was too depressing. She left the album with me when she returned to colllege after the holiday break. I listened to it over and over on a hi-fi (remember those), trying to capture every nuance, every word. I burned the opening lines of Mathew on "Repent Walpurgis" into my brain and memorized all the lyrics. I haven't listened to the album in at least 10 years and still know the lyrics to A Christmas Camel, etc. I'm glad to know this website is here. MrEWorm

Procol/Allmans (98-01-08 02:17:24)
At the Allman Brothers Band website `Hittin' The Web', there is a reproduction of a poster for the Nov.7/70 Procol Harum/Allman Brothers Band concert at the Ware- house in New Orleans. I'm astounded that my two favourite bands at that time actually shared a stage. Too much! Man, I wish I could have been there...
Daryl Mann

Procol Harum (97-12-29 22:27:15)
It does my poor ancient heart good to hear that someone younger than myself is involved with listening to one of the worlds great bands.

(97-12-26 05:31:48)

Procols web page (97-12-26 05:27:34)
Been a rabid Harumite since summer '70 - Fillmore East "HOME" tour. Did'nt get to see Mathew until summer '95 in Pompano Beach, Fla. Met the boys at the Plaza Hotel in NY during the "BROKEN BARRICADES" tour. Spent hours up in their hotel room watching "Clockwork Orange" on closed circut - BJ loved it, and I'll always cherish the memories. Saw then too many times to list - they'll always be number 1 in my heart.
Scott Siminofsky

Mem'ries.... (97-12-23 19:44:12)
Thanks for a fun romp through the few pages I got to read before heading off for the LA malls. Pre- xmas madness is decending after a protracted illness. Still, I've got a good gift idea for my older brothers, if I can find "Within Our House". They're the ones that tied me to a chair and made me listen to "In Held 'twas I" in a pitch black room when I was 12 and told them my favorite band was the Archies. 1972. Changed my life, thank goodness! Cheers!
Doug Nichols

(97-12-21 07:03:46)
After the Beatles broke up, I scouted around for a quality band; one that had the depth and soul worth my time and effort. Frankly, I was a little pissed that I hadn't found Procol Harum before.
jim sabo

Members (97-12-21 00:07:33)
What is the membership in and how do I join?
Brian Niemi

first procol experience (97-12-16 21:43:07)
i was four years old during the summer of love, so my intro to procol was probably different from most people's. i first heard the edmonton album, sneaked out of my brother's collection, in about 1975. i didn't hear whiter shade until about a year later when i finally found the first album and spent my hard-earned baby-sitting and lawnmowing money on it. i have never regretted a dollar spent on or a minute spent with this fine music. bh
barry hamill

Memories (97-12-13 07:22:25)
As I scroll through these hallowed pages, I am drawn back to the years of my awakening. Procol Harum was integral in this aspect. I can still remember that first night at the Fillmore East in 1969......the show was over.....I was mute with joy at what I had just experienced. I recall moving up to the stage as the crowd was filing out and being dumbstruck that I was within such close proximity to the devices on which so unearthly a sound was offered. As clear as yesterday, I remember touching the leg of the Hammond and wondering if I too would ever have one. I waited until 1972 for that to occur. The most inspiring moment though, was standing before B.J.'s drumkit. For years I saw that bassdrum skin with the surreal painting on it in my minds eye. Imagine my surprise when that same lovely vision unfolded as I watched the Procol video from Robin Copping. The memory was almost totally accurate. I owe so much of my internal landscape to the the gardeners who tend to Procol Harum. May it resound in our hearts forever..........
Larry Pennisi s96/index.html

Be Sharp (97-12-12 21:45:43)
Our homepage is about the band Be Sharp, In this band is playing Jerry Stephenson (former Procol Harum) Great band Be Sharp Invite them for a tour in sweden and so. More information see our homepage bye
Jan van Duren

Be Sharp (97-12-12 21:43:42)
Our homepage is about the band Be Sharp, In this band is playing Jerry Stephenson (former Procol Harum) Great band Be Sharp Invite them for a tour in sweden and so. More information see our homepage bye
Jan van Duren

Procol Years (97-12-10 00:48:40)
Just an old sweat saying howdee-doodee from Scotland. Remarkable that any of us are still here isn't it? Regards, Dave Ball
Dave Ball

Nice work ! (97-11-25 21:21:27)
Old fan of PH and related guys.

B. J. and Procol (97-11-23 18:40:01)
Thanks for responding about my interest in B.J. and lost Procol recordings.(Joan?) I bought a bootleg in 1979 in Seattle Wa. of a live concert of PH during the Rare Birds and Fruit days. Their is a version of The Blue Danube on it that is truly inspirational. Mick Grabham plays great guitar but the quality of the recording is poor. I have included an alternate e-mail address as my other one seems to be in-operative at present. I remember seeing PH circa Broken Barricades with B.J on a highrise fronting the band. Procol's recent recordings are good and I love them, but they really miss B. J.'s dynamics - he truly captured the essence of their oeuvre. Jim Krapf
Jim Krapf none

the music (97-11-21 18:11:36)
since i first hear "AWSOP" it has remained my favorite song. Hearing Gary do it with Ringo this summer in St. Louis gave me chills. Bless you boys!
terry waldron none

the music (97-11-21 18:11:34)
since i first hear "AWSOP" it has remained my favorite song. Hearing Gary do it with Ringo this summer in St. Louis gave me chills. Bless you boys!
terry waldron none

procol harum (97-11-21 01:57:32)
my time with procol harum go back to the summer of '67 when i first heard the lp 'procol harum'.remember being blown away by it.did'nt get to see ph until 1970's isle of wight festival,(anyone out there who was there?,i'd love to hear from you.),which was ph mach II, sans the one and only matthew fisher, but memorable none the less for robin trower.saw them again in buffalo n.y.(kleinhan's)on the exotic birds tour,then again in london at one of their last gigs,ph machIV?with i believe mike heron in support.on the last two occassions i had the chance to talk to the elusive mr. reid,and experience procol sound checkthat i wish now i'd recorded!i remember 'runaway',and 'matchbox' in particular...the last time i saw gary and the lads was at Toronto on the opening night of their 'prodigal' tour,finally got to see mr.fisher live! that night was bittersweet as i met bill graham, who not long after died tragically in a helicopter crash.but i digress.procol harum was one of the very best bands to have come out of the sixties,and i appreciate this web site.keep up the good work.
jay king none

procol harum (97-11-21 01:56:34)
my time with procol harum go back to the summer of '67 when i first heard the lp 'procol harum'.remember being blown away by it.did'nt get to see ph until 1970's isle of wight festival,(anyone out there who was there?,i'd love to hear from you.),which was ph mach II, sans the one and only matthew fisher, but memorable none the less for robin trower.saw them again in buffalo n.y.(kleinhan's)on the exotic birds tour,then again in london at one of their last gigs,ph machIV?with i believe mike heron in support.on the last two occassions i had the chance to talk to the elusive mr. reid,and experience procol sound checkthat i wish now i'd recorded!i remember 'runaway',and 'matchbox' in particular...the last time i saw gary and the lads was at Toronto on the opening night of their 'prodigal' tour,finally got to see mr.fisher live! that night was bittersweet as i met bill graham, who not long after died tragically in a helicopter crash.but i digress.procol harum was one of the very best bands to have come out of the sixties,and i appreciate this web site.keep up the good work.
jay king none

(97-11-21 01:41:34)

jay king none

Hello All! :-) (97-11-16 22:29:25)
Jens and Roland - you continue to do such a Fine Job with this Site - Thank You So Much!! I especially like the fact that in THIS guestbook, the most recent postings are on TOP! I LOVE the new "Bands even Better than PH" page -- I'm continuing to study it dilgently - and the Message Board. How about some more postings on that Board, by the way? Jim K - I tried to email you but got an "address unknown" message.. So email me if you want to, and we can discuss the great BJW, and talk about Blue Danubes, etc.. What I'd most like to see is the release of all the phenomenal LIVE shows PH did in their Vintage years! Best, Joan :-)
Joan May

Hello All! :- (97-11-16 22:29:08)
Jens and Roland - you continue to do such a Fine Job with this Site - Thank You So Much!! I especially like the fact that in THIS guestbook, the most recent postings are on TOP! I LOVE the new "Bands even Better than PH" page -- I'm continuing to study it dilgently - and the Message Board. How about some more postings on that Board, by the way? Jim K - I tried to email you but got an "address unknown" message.. So email me if you want to, and we can discuss the great BJW, and talk about Blue Danubes, etc.. What I'd most like to see is the release of all the phenomenal LIVE shows PH did in their Vintage years! Best, Joan :-)
Joan May

Rare Birds and Cuts (97-11-16 20:08:54)
Thanks so much for all the info on PH. I don't want to sound morbid, but how did B.J Wilson die? Evidently there is some mystery involved as to what caused his death. Was it suicide? I was a great fan of his drumming and thought he was intregal to Procol's sound. I respect the desire to let him rest in peace - it just seems so mysterious. I would love to see all the previously un-released music ever recorded by PH released in a box set. Any chance of this ever happening? It almost seems as if there is a law against publishing/releasing these wonderful works of art. I understand there is a studio version of "The Blue Danube Waltz" recorded in Europe. I wonder if I'll ever hear it in my lifetime. My memory of a 1968 concert in which the band played their second album remains a highlight in my life. Thanks again Jim Krapf 4347 Bohm School Rd Edwardsville, IL. 62025 U.S.A.
Jim Krapf

(97-11-15 20:01:18)
It was great discovering your page. I've been a Procol Harum fan for 27 years and have seen them 7 or 8 times. I'll never forget one time where they played in New York City in a place what I remember was called the "Academy of Music". The triple bill had Yes (in their first American tour), King Crimson, and Procol Harum - man, what a night! I'd lost track of the band in the last few years, so its great discovering this Web site and rejoining the PH community. Jon Tso
Jon Tso

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(97-11-12 04:47:50)
A truly wonderful site. So nice to know there are others who have listened and loved Procol over the years. I have enjoyed their flights of fancy since about 1980. It was a great joy for me to finally see them live in 1993 when they opened for Jethro Tull (my other favorite band.) I remember they seemed so mysterious with their gothic songs and cryptic album photos. There has never been much written here in America about PH, but I hope Gary, Keith, Matthew and Robbie understand that there is a loyal and devoted cache of followers on this side of the pond (Where the weary exiles stay.) Shine On!
Daniel N. none

(97-11-12 04:46:57)
A truly wonderful site. So nice to know there are others who have listened and loved Procol over the years. I have enjoyed their flights of fancy since about 1980. It was a great joy for me to finally see them live in 1993 when they opened for Jethro Tull (my other favorite band.) I remember they seemed so mysterious with their gothic songs and cryptic album photos. There has never been much written here in America about PH, but I hope Gary, Keith, Matthew and Robbie understand that there is a loyal and devoted cache of followers on this side of the pond (Where the weary exiles stay.) Shine On!
Daniel N. none

Procols (97-11-09 12:56:01)
Love the site. I have been a fan for a quarter century, and love ' do our kids! I have seen them live several times,and think they are the best live rock band I've ever heard. I would be very grateful to hear from if anyone who has any Procol Harum sheet music or tab. I have a tape (lousy) of their ?1977 BBC radio live gig.I guess it's not allowed to be copied.
Joe Reevy my son stole it!!!

(97-10-31 19:48:46)
Just wanted to say that this is my first day on www and that I'm hilarious about the fact that my favourite band hasn't been forgotten. I'll be back with further information on PH relating to my 30 years of appreciation. See you all soon.
Henrik Gøttrup none

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Henrik Gøttrup

(97-10-31 17:14:41)
Really nice work for the fans of my/our favourite band. Shine on and let´s play the light fandango once more.
Niels-Erik Mortensen