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The Ghosts of A Whiter Shade of Pale

A new full-length Procol Harum biography • Henry Scott-Irvine

Click here for availability of unsigned copies Click here to buy the book from Amazon in the USA

The long-awaited 'Procol Harum: The Ghosts of A Whiter Shade of Pale' – publishing début by Procol maven Henry Scott-Irvine,  issued through Omnibus Press and released in November 2012 globally in English (soon to be available in five languages). It charts the story of Procol Harum from their childhood days until 2012. Here's a close-up of the cover

Henry promises some 80,000 words of his own, dealing with the history of the band 'from 1960 to 2012'; Martin Scorsese wrote the exclusive Foreword, Sir Alan Parker wrote the exclusive Introduction, Sebastian Faulks wrote the exclusive Afterword and Will Birch provided the Indexing. (Birch on Procol here)

'We have over 50 photographs in this 100,000 word 300-page hard-back rock biography,' writes Henry to BtP. 'Some pictures have never seen the light of day until now: in particular Procol at Advision Studios in July 1967; Procol live at The Fillmore West in 1968; the San Francisco Pop Festival 1968; the Constitution Hall in Washington DC 1969 and the Hollywood Bowl in 1973, among others.

'Importantly I have interviews with virtually everyone who has ever been in Procol Harum – bar the bass players and two of the current line-up. There is also a 10,000 word prequel about The Paramounts, too, naming all of their 'lost' TV appearances and featuring interviews with every member including archival quotes from the late BJ Wilson.

'Many people have contributed brand new interviews from former managers (Derek Sutton and Kellogs) to former sound men (Dave Pelletier) as well as celebrities such as Jimmy Page and producers Chris Thomas and Dennis Weinreich, amongst forty exclusive interviews.'

The biography has its 'first preview' in Shindig magazine (Oct/Nov) which can be bought online or at large branches of W H Smiths (inside all major railway stations in Britain). The second preview is scheduled for the magazine Bucket Full of Brains in the first week of October.

The book itself is due for release on 15 November 2012 ... and there was a great film-show, hosted by Henry and Dick Fiddy, to go with it:

Procol Harum's best performances on TV & Film in an Archive Night at The British Film Institute (NFT 1) in London, UK

18.00 – 19.40 (100 minutes, and a chat) on Saturday 3 November (see map below).
Box office UK 11.30 am till 20.30
UK (0)207 928 3232
Or online at ... 3 November page is here. Online booking opened 9 October

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Henry's own blog about the book is also worth a visit: click here

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