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featuring Matthew Fisher ...

The following article, which mentions an album recorded with Matthew Fisher, was submitted by Joan May, who found it here. Joan subsequently heard from Carlo Little that the album was made, but never released.

Early Stone in New Musical Express, UK, 21 July 1973, p.17

During Radio One's recent Rolling Stones Story Mick Jagger talked about an early Stones' drummer called Carlo. Well, Mick, even though you couldn't remember his last name, you may be interested to know that Carlo Little is alive and well and still hurtling up and down the motorways.

A real veteran is Carlo who began in the skiffle days, and helped form the Savages.

'We found Dave Sutch and I taught him how to sing and the next thing, the group became Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages.'

He has many interesting tales to relate, has Carlo:

'Keith Moon approached me, so I gave him a few drum lessons, used to teach him in my front room. I taught him how to play,' he alleges, 'and then he copied my style and progressed from there.'

Carlo is now a member of Hurricane, which consists of other veterans who have been with numerous 'name' bands. There's Freddie 'Fingers' Lee, Dick Middleton and Stuart Colman. They've just finished their first album and guests include Howie Casey, Matthew Fisher, Brian Keith, Sue & Sunny, Ray Dorset and Dave Wendals.

There are several sections of the Carlo Little pages that mention Matthew Fisher. First, as a member of the Lord Ceasar Sutch band (see the photo of Matthew and bandmates in their gladiator outfits the same one that appears in Mike Ober's book Then Play On).

And here's a page where Matthew is pictured at Carlo's 60th birthday party December 1998: we understand that this was the prior arrangement that prevented him taking up Gary's invitation to play at Guildford. Thus far (March 1999) this is the most recent photo of Matthew at BtP, or anywhere on the Web, to our knowledge.

And here's the page where Hurricane is mentioned. See here for all the Carlo Little singles that Matthew engineered at his studio in the 80s.

More about onstage by-play between Matthew Fisher and Carlo Little


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