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BtP will be moving

We move to new location to avoid possible hacker attack

We are sure you have all seen articles on the Internet and in the papers lately about attacks on major websites. Big commercial websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Yahoo, e-bay and more were closed own for hours owing to hacker attack. The same happened to government sites like the White House and the FBI.

The attack was perpetrated by sending thousands of e-mails to the sites, and thus jamming their servers. And it required lots of efforts from skilled programmers and technicians to get them back online, as well as huge investments in new server parks and firewalls.

We have reasons to believe that Beyond the Pale might be next in line for a similar attack. We have received strange e-mails lately, suggesting that we are in for an unpleasant surprise. We have also seen a significant rise in the access statistics for BtP: more than 100,000 pageviews in March so far, and 23,000 visitors! Something strange must be going on.

We at BtP can not afford expensive programmers and technicians to stop such an attack, neither can we expect our server provider, Swedish Connection, to invest in expensive servers for BtP. So we have to find another solution.

BtP will move to a new virtual location immediately. From tomorrow, 2 April, BtP will be hosted on a different server, and with a new URL. (Sorry we'll have to give up the beloved until these hackers are jailed). And only approved visitors will be allowed to access the new server.

So if you wish to continue reading your daily dosage of Procol Harum material, you must seek approval at once.

This is what you should do:

Send an e-mail here, to ask for approval. Your e-mail address and name will automatically be cross-checked with our visitor-databases as well as with the CIA hacker database. If everything looks fine, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within few minutes with the new URL to use for BtP.

Please note: under certain circumstances the automatic system cannot verify your authenticity, in which case a manual authorisation is needed. Make sure your e-mail gives relevant information about yourself and why you should be granted access to BtP, otherwise we will not be able to give you manual permission, and you will be denied access to BtP. And for security reasons, if you are denied access to BtP we cannot give you a second chance until the hackers are caught.

We are sorry for this small inconvenience, but we are also sure that you appreciate our efforts to do anything necessary to keep BtP shining on brightly.

Shine On!

Jens and Roland

To ensure approval at the new BtP address, send your e-mail by clicking here.


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