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Fans play the music of Procol Harum

10 December 2005

The Palers' Band is not the only outfit playing Procol tribute sets!

Wilson Brown writes to BtP:
We are planning another Procol Harum tribute here in Massachusetts, in Williamsburg (see below for the first one)

Our keyboadist, Ken Forfia, will host a "Holiday Open House" on Saturday 10 December 2005. This is Ken's newly built home. Williamsburg is minutes from the city of Northampton.

Ken Forfia
116 South St. Williamsburg,
MA 01096
Tel: 413-268-7056

This will be an informal gathering of music lovers ... many of them are professional jazz and classical players from the area. The Peter Jones jazz trio will open the evening ... and our Procol Harum tribute will be the main event starting at around 9PM (EST) We are planning an ambitious set of 13 songs.

Our approach is to remain as true to the original arrangements as possible, depending on the players involved.

If there is anyone in the area who would like to attend, they are welcome. We won't be able to offer accomodations, but Northampton is a lovely town with many fine Hotels\Motels.

If anyone is interested, they can reach me at this address, or by phone:
Wilson Brown
43 Hubbard Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
781-238-7932 During the day
617-491-5321 Evenings

December 2003

A tribute to the music Procol Harum will be performed at Mt Blue Bar and Restaurant, Norwell, Massachusetts, on Thursday 18 December 2003. The ten-song set will begin at approximately 9:15 pm.

The band is listed as "Wilson Brown and Friends" perhaps a good omen given that
Wilson and Brown were the surnames of ground-floor Procolers. The first set of the evening will feature Wilson Brown and Sonny Dwight as a duo, playing classic and contemporary Rock'n'Roll that ranges from the Beatles to U2.

For the Procol Harum set, the musicians playing will be: Wilson Brown, vocals, electronic and acoustic drums; Ken Forfia, : keyboards; Paul Justice, bass; Sonny Dwight, guitar. These musicians grew up together in the town of Scituate, Massachusetts. Their band from 19681973, Sweet Rain, was known as one of the only bands playing Procol Harum music.

All have remained active in the Greater Boston music scene, but are together again in this formation for the first time in thirty years. Wilson and Ken were deeply inspired by the lasting complexity and richness of Procol Harum's music at
the Cambridge House of Blues show last May.

'We are confident that the joy and respect we have for this music will be shared by all,' they say. 'Mt Blue is a great club and a wonderful restaurant. There is NO ADMISSION charge. You can expect us to start our first set at around 8:30, and we'll come back for the "Procol Set" at approximately 9:15 pm'

For more information on Mt Blue food and music visit:

For pictures of the musicians involved, see here

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