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Procol Harum on tour

Dates from 1967


We have no authoritative master-source for these dates, so we rely on the fans to search their diaries, photo-albums, ticket collections, poster-stashes, even their memories: and send in further dates and references for any year of this growing Procol tour index.

670506 Southern ITV As You Like It
670517 BBC1 TV Billy Cotton’s Music Hall
670520 Southern ITV As You Like It


Saville Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue: Procol Harum's live début, opening for Hendrix

670609 UFO Club: Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Graham Bond Organisation

670612 Marquee

670616 Tavistock, Devon, UK: story here
670617 New Cornish Riviera Club, Carlyon Bay
670618 Princess Theatre, Torquay
6706xx It appears that 'the' Procol Harum were scheduled at one time to play at least six ballrooms in Ireland: Queen's Court Hotel, Starlite, Flamingo (we might guess these first three were in Belfast), Castle (Banbridge), Strand (Portstewart) and Arcadia (Bray)

The Irish tour was cancelled by the band's management, and the apology (right) was published in The Belfast Telegraph on 23 June 1967.

Many thanks to Jim Corbett for the research and the scan

670701 Roundhouse, 'Angry Arts Festival':  with Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Yardbirds, Social Deviants
670708 BBC radio: Top Gear
670712 BBC radio: Pop North
670714 BBC radio: Saturday Club
670716 BBC radio: David Symonds-
670722 BBC radio: Happening Sunday


Konserthallen Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden (setlist)

670831 Grona Lund, Stockholm, Sweden (setlist)
671006 BBC TV Crackerjack
671014 BBC TV Dee Time (promoting Homburg)


Village Theatre, NYC (pre-Fillmore East name)

Café au Go Go, by some accounts. But note the conflicts with the Village Theatre / Boston dates quoted above and below.

Debbie Goodman writes, 'I can't account for the discrepancies ... but I can say that the Fillmore East Preservation Page on Facebook mentioned interest in Village Theater play dates. Also, the Venue with 'Boston' in the name was probably in Mass., but I never heard of it. It had nothing to do with the Go Go as far as I know. I worked there in 1968/69. The dates I gave for Procol, which coincide with the dates David Pelletier gave, I got from the Go Go's web site. Those dates were given by a rock historian in Italy. He got the dates from newspaper ads for the club. Last night I looked at Go Go ads from the Village Voice newspaper online for 1967, and this is what I found: the 19 October ad said Procol Harum would be at the Go Go 26 October – 5 November. The 26 October ad said Procol would be at the Go Go 26, 28, 30 and 31 October,. and 1 November. Obviously, there were a lot of last-minute changes in Procol's schedule. I think it is safe to say that the band played the Café au Go Go the end of October and early November, 1967'.

671030 Two shows: Psychedelic Supermarket Boston ('where I loaned them my father's Wurlitzer piano and met Kellogs for the first time' says David Pelletier).

'The Psychedelic Supermarket was an underground parking lot (car park) next to Boston University (in Massachusetts) converted to a concert space. Cream also played there,' writes Debbie Goldman

671103 Chicago Tribune, Friday 3 November 1967 (thanks, Jim Corbett)



Fillmore Auditorium, SF, CA, America


Winterland, SF, CA, America


Winterland, SF, CA, America


Fillmore Auditorium, SF, CA, America


Winterland, SF, CA, America


Winterland, SF, CA, America


The early fall of 1967 at the Hamilton Park Roller Skating Indoor Ring in Waterbury Connecticut (Mark Ritucci)

67xxxx In the fall of 1967 I saw Procol Harum in Bedford New Hampshire USA. Rhinoceros was the opening act. A nearby college sponsored the show off campus. I remember it as it was my first real concert where people sat on the floor, smoked pot and they had a real San Francisco type light show. Awesome show... (Joe Connolly)

Plus ... Did Procol play The Memorial Ballroom Lanark?

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