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Procol Harum at Fillmore East

Complete list of their performances there

27 + 28 September 1968

Country Joe, Ten Years After, Procol Harum (review here)

14 + 15 March 1969

Procol Harum, Pacific Gas & Electric, The Collectors (How much did Procol charge?)

27 + 28 June 1969

Procol Harum, The Byrds, Raven (two shows each night)

12 + 13 June 1970

Procol Harum, Rhinoceros, Seals & Croft

14 + 15 August 1970

Procol Harum, Country Joe, Toe Fat (replaced Seals and Croft) (two shows each night)

23 + 24 April 1971

Procol Harum, Winter Consort, Teegarden & Van Winkle

Thanks, Beverly and Allen   


Thomas Peck writes to The Beanstalk [October 2012]:

Being an old-timer from Rochester, NY, I just wish I could convey the beauty of a Procol Harum concert at the Fillmore East.  The Joshua light show was the frosting on the cake in those days, and to hear the Byrds, then with the late genius country picker Clarence White and the guys playing the cleanest country rock in existence, to be followed by Procol at their young finest, conveys memories that ( I confess) bring a bit of a tear. I wish I could hear Procol Harum in their new version live, but the world keeps getting in the way ...

I heard them three times at the Fillmore East, and once at the Fillmore West, then again at a concert in Rochester at the University of Rochester.  How lucky am I! In the Sunday concert that my friends booked for Procol Harum at the University of Rochester, by then the band was a quartet, and Robin played bass on a couple of tunes. Which ones?  My feeble, sick and weary brain can't recall ... what I have noticed is that the difficult 64th-note part in the middle of Simple Sister, played so well by Gary on that Sunday afternoon, is now being expertly done on guitar by the great Mr Whitehorn. 

One hit wonder indeed.  The point is that they were indeed ABOVE IT ALL. 

A complete list of concerts at Fillmore Fillmore / Procol posters

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