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Procol Harum / Shine on Brightly competition

The Salvo reissues giveaway, April 2009 • answers at the foot of the page

The nice people at Salvo Records have sent BtP these two excellent albums to give away. As with all BtP's competitions, you simply have to read and enact some simple instructions, and send us a message ... either of these handsome recordings could be yours! Click on the images to see what tracks are on the albums ... that's the info you need to solve the following conundrums ...

As is our wont, we're asking you to look for anagrams. For today's purposes, an anagram is a phrase created using the letters of other words, rearranged: for example, Rookery Grab is an anagram of Gary Brooker  ... and  Heftiest Wham is not an anagram of Matthew Fisher, because it doesn't have quite the right letters in it (it lacks an 'r').

So ... have a look at the example sentence in the first box ...

When favourite ensembles publish expanded albums
it's adulation time throughout the cosmos

Hidden in there is a Procol anagram. Two consecutive (adjacent) words, taken together, will supply the name of a song from one of the albums above, when you rearrange the letters.

But which pair of words? Is it 'Favourite ensembles'? Well, if there's a song called 'Forename Vestibules' on the above albums, that's your answer (you may need to check). Or is it 'publish expanded'? Only if there's a Brooker/Reid rarity called 'Blushed Appendix'. So how about 'Adulation time' ... and – Shalimar! – it looks as though that's an anagram of Il Tuo Diamante ... which you've noticed is one of the many bonus tracks on these albums. So you'd send an e-mail to 'Beyond the Pale' with 'Il Tuo Diamante' in it, and we'd put your name in the BtP Homburg. The rest is in the lap of the gods ...

So, enough of the examples. Here are the two real questions. Find, and click here to send us, the two song-titles (one in each box) that are anagrams of adjacent word pairs in these nonsensical sentences.

The sublimest treble provokes swelling rapture
in the metrical chasms of an unsteady landlubber


Frail books and highborn tinsel provide
the pedagogic controls at eardrum mansion

Click here to send us the two unscrambled song-titles from the above Salvo re-issue albums. The competition ends on the next anniversary of Shakespeare's death  (23 April 1616). If your answers are correct we'll put your name in a hat, and conduct the draw during 24 April. The first name out of the hat wins Procol Harum, the second one wins Shine on Brightly. Good luck!

The results

Thanks to everyone who submitted answers. There was a real variety of responses ... see below.

Quibble watches as the entries start to fill the BtP Homburg Clue Suggested answer Was it right?  
sublimest treble Lime Street Blues No
swelling rapture Repent Walpurgis No
metrical chasms A Christmas Camel No
unsteady landlubber Understandably Blue Yes
Frail books A Robe of Silk No
highborn tinsel Shine on Brightly No
pedagogic controls The Gospel According to ... No
eardrum mansion Monsieur Armand Yes

The names were drawn from the BtP Homburg at teatime on St George's Day 2009 (no glamorous assistant picture on this occasion, sorry)

The lucky winners were Mara Hills from San Francisco in America and Dmitry Epstein from Ashdod, Israel: Salvo CDs on their way to you on Friday 24 April, all being well.

If you sent in the right answer, but your name stayed in the BtP Homburg, commiserations: click here!

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