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Singles, A's and B's

Triple CD album from Repertoire, August 2002

This must surely be the most lavish and welcome Procol compilation ever released: 56 tracks, all the A and B sides from 1967 to 2002, with lavish photographs and comprehensive liner notes. All collectors will prize this album, not least since it includes Adagio di Albinoni and the live Blue Danube that was its B side ... items too precious to play from the rare vinyl versions. A few links, on the rarer titles, will take you to further, explanatory articles. A direct link to order this album (in Europe or in America) is available at the foot of the page.

Disc 1

1 A Whiter Shade of Pale

2 Lime Street Blues

3 Homburg

4 Good Captain Clack

5 Il Tuo Diamante
(Shine on Brightly)

6 Fortuna
(Repent Walpurgis)

7 Quite Rightly So

8 In The Small Hours of Sixpence

9 Quite Rightly So (alt)

10 Rambling On

11 In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence (alt)

12 A Salty Dog

13 Long Gone Geek

14 The Devil Came from Kansas

15 Boredom

16 Whisky Train (edit)

17 About to Die

18 Broken Barricades

19 Power Failure


Disc 2

1 Simple Sister

2 Song for a Dreamer

3 Homburg (stereo)

4 Conquistador (studio)

5 Conquistador (live)

6 Luskus Delph (live)

7 A Salty Dog (live)

8 All This and More (live)

9 Robert's Box (edit)

10 A Rum Tale

11 Grand Hotel (edit)

12 Bringing Home the Bacon

13 Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)

14 A Souvenir of London

15 Toujour's [sic] l'Amour

16 Nothing but the Truth

17 Drunk Again

18 Beyond the Pale

19 Fresh Fruit


Disc 3

1 Pandora's Box

2 The Piper's Tune

3 The Final Thrust (edit)

4 Taking the Time

5 As Strong as Samson
Is [
sic] (remix)

6 The Unquiet Zone

7 Adagio di Albinoni

8 The Blue Danube (live)

9 Wizard Man

10 Backgammon

11 Something Magic

12 All Our Dreams
Are Sold

13 The Truth Won't Fade Away

14 A Dream in Ev'ry
Home (edit)

15 You Can't Turn Back the Page

16 One More Time

17 Perpetual Motion

18 Learn to Fly

19 Into the Flood


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