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Kellogs, aka John Kalinowski

b. 2 May 1946, Rochford (Essex) General Hospital; d. February 2013, Oxfordshire

John Kalinowski  –  ‘Kellogs’

We were devastated to hear of the sudden passing this weekend of our very good friend of fifty years at his home in Oxfordshire.

Kellogs, who grew up in Southend-on-Sea, joined the Paramounts on the road in 1963 and was a loyal and dedicated stage man. He came out with Procol Harum when they first toured the USA and made many friends, expanding his gifts to work with Joe Cocker & Leon Russell, Madness, and Nick Lowe and a host of others with whom he shared his expertise, good humour, and solid good sense. Many great people will miss him being with us.

When A Salty Dog is played on stage, one always hears Kellogs’s bosun’s whistle, even though it’s not there.

Our thoughts are with his wife Anne, and his children, at this time.

Gary & Franky Brooker – Procol Harum  (27 February 2013)

Kellogs at Parliament Hill Fields, 1969
from Kenny White's collection


Chris Copping adds: 'Very fond memories of Kellogs and Wilk. I believe the photo of Kellogs (above) is Parliament Hill Fields in 1969. If it is uncropped I believe it has BJ on one side of him and me on the other. So I’m next in line! Seriously though that was a pivotal day in my life – the first time I had caught up with Kellogs, Gary or BJ in at least five years. And one thing led to another. First PH gig I ever saw – very nice.

'And in the evening I went to Hampstead Country club to see Spooky Tooth (also named by Guy Stevens). Juicy John Pink was played on their system before the band went on – I liked that band.

'Here’s to Kellogs whose great quote on rock n roll was “Lose a few, lose a few” as I remember. With fond memories, Chris Copping.'

Former Procol Harum roadie, manager of Procol Harum and of Gary Brooker ... a diamond geezer in anybody's money

Also managed Madness (read about it here), Van Morrison

Albums: A Salty Dog; also heard on 1995 tour via Matthew Fisher's sampler

Instrument: Bosun's whistle

Transcript of Radio Azzurra Novara's interview with Kellogs, February 1996

Another picture here; Kellogs in the Southend coffee-bar days is shewn here

Obituary written by Procol biographer Henry Scott-Irvine; another from Southend Echo

Photo: Alan Mynal

Left: Kellogs arrives at church for his wedding, on 12 August 2000

Below: Mr Brooker plays some Ray Charles blues for Kellogs and Ann at the reception

Photo: Lavada Nicholls

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