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Christmas quizzes 1999

With substantial Procol prizes ...

In true Scandinavian fashion 'Beyond the Pale' is running another twelve days'-worth of little Procol Harum quizzes. In 1997 it was anagrams, 1998 it was cryptic clues about the songs: but this year's questions are very simple and are based on a central Procolesque obsession: The Truth.

Each day we will present a series of statements about the songs from a particular Procol album. Most of the statements will be obviously false, and one only will be true. You'll be able to sort out the true one using a mixture of common-sense, simple evidence from the records, and info from BtP: each instalment will include a daily clue to click on, to help you to the right answer ... we really want lots of winners!

Each statement about the songs has a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Collect a letter a day, corresponding to the true statements, and when you have the full set of twelve we will tell you what to do with them! If you miss a day or days there will be no difficulty about catching up ... but you'll want to be there on the final day when we tell you exactly how to win.

Enjoy the quizzes daily, starting on Christmas Day, and you could end up owning one or more of our fab Procol Harum prizes: a book, a tee-shirt, a CD signed by Gary ...

Links were connected to a new page of prize quizzes on each of these dates

December 25

December 26

December 27

December 28

December 29

December 30

December 31

January 1

January 2

January 3

January 4

January 5


How to win: the last instalment, on Twelfth Night (5th January), is accompanied by simple instructions: you will merely have to mail a one-word answer to 'Beyond the Pale': the prizes will go to the senders of the first correct answers we receive.

1997 and 1998 saw a fantastic race against the clock, with the winners (1997, 1998) separated by very few minutes. In the unlikely event of there being fewer winners than prizes this year, early claimants will get more than their fair share!

Prizes will of course be awarded at the absolute discretion of Roland and Jens, who run 'Beyond the Pale', and whose decision will be final; their families are not eligible to enter (hard luck Jane again!).

The solution will be published here; winners here; conundrums from 1997 and 1998


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