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Separation • Procol Harum • Matthew Fisher

Bond listens to Fisher

Joan May writes to BtP (July 2009)
I was disappointed when the Resonance FM show featuring Jack Bond, Matthew Fisher and Separation wasn't on at its appointed time on Thursday, but decided to take a chance and listen to the scheduled rerun on Friday and was rewarded ... the interview material with Jack and Matthew was wonderful. I transcribed a portion of what Jack said, which I found very moving (I know he was describing the physical appearance of the Leslie rather than the Hammond per se, and probably recalls it to be huger than it really was,  but that's just a quibble and may be an indication of how impressed he was with the situation):
Henry Scott-Irvine
Jack Bond recollects meeting Procol Harum's Matthew Fisher for the first time
Jack Bond
"... He rang me one day, he said I've got this monster Hammond organ with its two Wurlitzer speakers, you know big tweeters on the top, do you mind if I store it at your place,  have you got room?  So it arrived and it was the size of a church organ, this monster. And he set it up and then he played. 
Now this house was built in1820 and it had walls about three feet thick. Nonetheless the entire thing shook as did every other house joined to it. I had people coming round looking up at the windows wondering if the entire row of houses was going to collapse just by the sheer force of its vibrations. It was wonderful to hear it like that, and he did quite a lot of composition in the house.
I'll never forget, 'cause the sun was shining on the canal, the refraction of the ripples hit the ceilings in the house.  So there he was, sitting at this organ making this magnificent racket, and the ceiling above him was awash with ripples, sunlit ripples.  Quite extraordinary really,  wish I had a photograph of it."


This brought to mind Bob Dylan's The Times They Are a'Changing
 "... the battle outside ragin'
 Will soon shake your windows and rattle your walls" 
[by the way most or all the online lyrics pages for this song have this couplet wrong; this it the way Dylan sang it on the album].
... and I could just see the lovely photo that Jack unfortunately didn't take.

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