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Variant set-lists from the Isle of Wight 1970

Of which one has the ring of authenticity

Brooker Copping Trower Wilson

Over the years we've received a few mildly contradictory reports of what sonogs were played.

We feel confident that the third column, below, comes closest to the truth.

Songs that appear in all versions are highlighted in green

Still There'll Be More
Wish Me Well
Shine On Brightly
Devil Came From Kansas
Your Own Choice ('Too Many Women ...')
Juicy John Pink
A Salty Dog
Wish Me Well
A Salty Dog
I Sing In A Voice
[see below]
The Devil Came From Kansas
Shine on Brightly
Your Own Choice
Juicy John Pink
Whisky Train
Whaling Stories

01 Still There'll Be More
02 Wish Me Well
03 Devil Came From Kansas
04 Shine on Brightly
05 Your Own Choice
06 Juicy John Pink
07 Nothing That I Didn't Know
08 A Salty Dog
09 Whisky Train
10 Whaling Stories
Move On Down the Line
High School Confidential
Move On Down The Line
High School Hop
11 Move On Down the Line
12 Shakin' at the High School Hop
13 Lucille
These seven originals came from Alan Semok, who adds: 'Judging from other gigs circa 1970 (including the several Fillmore appearances and the NYC radio broadcast that have circulated on tape), other possibilities could include Dead Man's Dream, Crucifiction Lane, Whaling Stories, Whisky Train, About To Die, Well I, and Nothing That I Didn't Know.'

These covers were mentioned in press reviews at the time

Steven Seyster writes to BtP:
This is the set list from a list of the whole festival according to an email posted on a newsgroup. Hope it helps.

Joan May reckons "that 'I sing in a Voice' must be Still There'll Be More – you know, 'I'll sing in the forest' ... etc?". If this is right it's a splendid mondegreen.

Gerhard Schinzel writes to BtP (March 2021) with the setlist above which, having been compiled from an audience recording (barely listenable, but at least the songs are identifiable) surely presents the most authoritative account to date of both content and running order of the Procol recital on that freezing cold August night.


13 Songs altogether: 0 from Procol Harum 2 From Shine on Brightly
3 From  A Salty Dog 5 from  Home 0 Non-album tracks
3 Non-originals This analysis is based on Schinzel's list, above


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