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the Pale 

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Great Hall, Imperial College, London

Mammoth setlist • 9 November 1974

Brooker Cartwright Copping Grabham Wilson

Bringing Home the Bacon
Butterfly Boys
Salad Days (Are Here Again)
The Thin End of the Wedge
Shine on Brightly
Robert's Box
Adagio di Albinoni
The Devil Came from Kansas
The Poet [latterly 'Without a Doubt']
Nothing That I didn't Know
Power Failure

Still There'll be More
As Strong as Samson
Toujours l'Amour
Cerdes (outside the Gates of)
Grand Hotel
Beyond the Pale
Monsieur R Monde
The Idol
A Salty Dog
Nothing but the Truth
Simple Sister

I'm Ready
Old Black Joe
A Whiter Shade of Pale




songs altogether:


From Procol Harum


from Shine on Brightly


from  A Salty Dog


from  Home


from  Broken Barricades


from  Grand Hotel


from Exotic Birds and Fruit


from Procol's Ninth

The Poet is counted here as a non-album track: it would surface on Procol's Ninth. Albinoni registers as a non-album track and
parenthetically as a non-original

2 (+1) Non-originals 4

non-album tracks

Roland from BtP writes: I remember sitting on the floor with Linda among the Imperial College students for this fantastically-varied and extended Saturday-night gig; Mick Grabham complaining about getting aches following the demands made on his volume-pedalling ankle during the recent recording of Adagio; my amazement at the key-change ending of Homburg, which I hadn't heard before; astonishment at BJ's drum-solo. I'm not sure if the concert played with an interval, but I think it likely (as was the case the following night), as I'm pretty sure I recall being close to the stage at the start, and latterly further back. Gary played guitar for 'Monde' and Chris played the piano; he also featured on banjo for Beyond the Pale, of course.

Notes for this setlist came to light on 10 May 2008 inside a scruffy envelope: as the illustration shows, the song-names were written down very roughly, in the darkness of the gig, in fountain-pen on two pieces of cardboard – objets trouvés – originally destined to be folded up to become the trays of matchboxes. Robert's Box is written as 'Box (R)' as if to differentiate it from Pandora's Box, although I can't have known anything about that track at that era. No idea what is meant by the brackets after 'Samson': looks like 'mad'. Old Black Joe was recorded as 'Ole Banjo' , The Poet as 'Pelt' . This was such a gripping concert, however, that the author feels no need to apologise for such solecisms. Click here for a concert ticket from this show. A setlist from the previous month bears many similarities: the band were obviously enjoying playing together at such generous length.

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