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Shine On-line

Memories of May 1998 (The Haircuts)

Beverley is a long-time Procol fan and friend, living in Fort Lauderdale. You may remember in a previous Shine On she told us about her New York hairdressing salon Procol Hairum. When in Florida on holiday in May Gary and Franky had their usual haircuts from Beverley. Which reminded Shine On of a previous haircutting pic from many years ago!

I couldn’t wait to see my pals
It’s always such a treat and now…
This time they were here for some fun and sun
And I was ready to take them and run
The Brookers had called and said "We are here"
Coming from them, it’s always so dear
May in Fort Lauderdale will never be the same
Well, maybe only, if we can do it all again
While Gary and a friend went off to fish
Franky, the Saleby’s and I simply dished
There was shopping and primping and dinners galore
Then Pete Solley suggested we explore
Think Gary will sit in with my "Nickel and Dime" band?
It didn’t take long for him to turn rock into sand
People came running from adjoining stores
I believe they came running from the upper floors
The band held tight, you could hear the lift
I sat there listening to this incredible gift …
The night was graced when on a whim
Pete duly revealed another side to him
Citing his lady "Pete never sings"
I wasn’t the only one loving this thing!
Evangelines was the name of the place
I doubt they will ever forget Gary’s face
For when it came time to even the till
They gratefully removed twenty percent from the bill!
It wasn’t enough, we can’t stop now ….
His birthday is Friday, we’ll get him to bow
Eli and Cherie opened their doors
To any and all who might feel the lure
Speaking of lures, the cake was a fish
And everyone there prepared a great dish!
The proclamation by Panama Phred
Got even better donning a hat on Gary’s head
The party was great and started to sail
When Gary broke into that good ole Rum Tale
The hush that suddenly filled the air
The voice distinct and full of flair …
I reached for the hand that was closest to me
In awe of what had just befell we
It was his day to chill and rest
Instead he chose to give us his best
It was intended he not soon forget
Now we were listening to one of his sets
Like the times that have come, many before
Will I ever get over it is they who give more
I stretch and I stretch my imagination
How is it they came into my creation?
It all ended too soon, it always does
Dreadfully "The Goodbyes" are never a plus
All I can hope is that I screwed up their hair
And they have to return to get it repaired!

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