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Sending photographs and reports to the website

Guidelines for 'Beyond the Pale'

'Beyond the Pale' is always glad to received fans' photographs from Procol Harum concerts, as well as scans of tickets, posters and flyers, setlists, reviews/interviews, and specially-written fan reports/impressions/reviews about the gigs: please send them to

To avoid confusion, and make it easy for us to use your submissions promptly, it would be helpful if you could do the following:

Labelling photos etc  

Save your photo/report/scan etc so that the filename shows who you are, the date of the event it reports, and a sequence number:

Put the date first (like 100613 ... that means 2010, the sixth month, the thirteenth day)
Then your short name or initial (like -bert or -bfp)
Then a sequence number (your first picture will be -001, your last -103 or whatever)

So if Zeke sends 43 pictures from the Procol gig in Chicago on 20 June, his first shot will be named "100620-zeke-001.jpg" and his last "100620-zeke-043.jpg"

This means we don't end up with a dozen pictures called 'procol1.jpg' or a bunch labelled things like "IMG00000049.jpg', which make it hard to keep track

In most cases the software you use to connect your camera to your computer will offer a simple routine for labelling a batch of pictures.

BUT if you try this, and find you can't handle the labelling of your material, do send it anyway, and we'll do our best to sort it out.



How large should the photos be?


Send photos large rather than small, but don't attach too many to each e-mail. If you can send them in batches of five at a time, that will be ideal

It's always nice if you can write your own captions! You can send those in the e-mail, or attach as a Word document. So your message would look something like

100620-zeke-026.jpg:  Lola in the Procol East-Coast tee-shirt
100620-zeke-027.jpg:  Jethro Tull reinforced by three Procolers
100620-zeke-028.jpg:  deep blue light on Josh's Hammond for Whaling Stories
100620-zeke-029.jpg:  piano-and-organ duet on Last Man Standing
100620-zeke-030.jpg:  road crew grapples naked dancers from the stage
100620-zeke-031.jpg:  climax of slowed-down Fat Cats as fireworks close the show
100620-zeke-032.jpg:  backstage refreshments for Geoff and Geoff
100620-zeke-033.jpg:  Matt poses with my grandchildren, Vera Chuck and Dave
100620-zeke-034.jpg:  Keith signs for my girlfriend as dawn breaks over the Enormodome 

Please don't trouble to make your own webpage ... we do all that ... just send the photos (labelled as above) and the captions, and we shall compile them

BUT if you don't want to write captions, that's fine: the BtP team will do it (though we can't guess the names of people in photos). So in fact you can send captions for a few photos, if you prefer: just the ones we can't work out by common-sense.


Written reports  

Ideally send these as Word attachments, or type directly into the e-mail message. Any length is welcome: fans all round the world love to read concert impressions and stories, specially if they weren't lucky enough to be able to get to a show. So your writing a report is really appreciated. No need to do anything special in terms of formatting: BtP takes care of all that.



Please look in your local media for reviews and interviews associated with Procol Harum concerts, and send them to us!

Ideally, scanning them in a suitable resolution causes the least hassle at both ends (though some kind contributors do type the articles out). If scanning, choose 300 dpi resolution, and if necessary make several scans to get the whole article in. Don't worry about stitching the bits together: BtP will do all that.

It would be really helpful if you could save the scan(s) with a useful file-name, such as

"100620-zeke-chicago-tribune-001.jpg", "100620-zeke-chicago-tribune-002.jpg" etc. It doesn't matter how long the file-name is.


Thanks very much, everyone! We really look forward to receiving your material at

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