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29 May 2024

Today would have been Gary Brooker's 79th birthday. BtP spoke with Franky Brooker, who was in good form. She asked us to pass on to fans the news that work continues on the planned DVD of the Memorial Concert, from 4 December: 'People can expect to see it, perhaps in a couple of months'.

In that connection, there are still supplies of the Memorial Concert official programme, which 'Beyond the Pale' is sending out to collectors of Procolabilia, for a nominal charge.
The offer stands while stocks last ... it has been very popular. Read how to get your copy or copies by clicking here

In that connexion, too, there's a great GB interview online here (thanks, Dianne)


19 December

Added The Final Farewell, Charlie Allison’s liberally-illustrated report from 4 December's concert in memory of Gary Brooker at Guildford (thanks. Charlie, Jim and Franky)

24 November

The organisers of the 'Remembering Gary Brooker' concert write to us with another ticket offer as follows:

"We have created a new 20% discount code for your audience (see below), which will bring the remaining tickets down from £250 to £200 each. The buyer gets:

• A ticket to the concert
• A collectible one-of-one digital version of an official concert photograph that they can own, or sell or trade
• The option to choose the photograph from the official portfolio released after the concert."

Place your order by clicking here, and claim the discount by using following code PH20RGB or call Box Office +44 (0)343 310 0055

17 November

'A chilling emotional lifetime memory ...'

With great regret we must announce the death of organist Peter Solley, who left a strong mark during his relatively brief tenure with Procol Harum, and remained a proud Procoler to the end of his days. Read his comments here, and follow many links from the same page.

Both BtP webmasters count themselves lucky to have known Pete, largely through e-mail exchanges and phone-calls, and mourn the loss of a very erudite, musical and friendly correspondent.

Readers of
this tribute will notice a slightly crossed wire: 'Webb' is not a thinko for 'Reid'. Keith Webb and Peter Solley were co-founders of the British twin-keyboard band Paladin.

15 November

Added some new and special tickets for the Gary Brooker memorial concert

29 October

Palers' gathering at the Gary Brooker Memorial Concert. Added two possibilities for meeting new and old friends before the Gary Brooker memorial concert in Guildford UK.

26 September

Pre-sale booking for the
Memorial Concert for Gary Brooker: click here and read it all carefully!
(thanks, Andy; thanks, Mark)

Click on the link provided in the pale purple panel: this will insert a Promo Code into the booking process, allowing readers of this website – BrookerFans, in fact – to get through to the priority booking that would otherwise be open only to signed-up members of the venue.


25 September:

Sorry to report that the pre-sale booking for the
Memorial Concert for Gary Brooker
will not begin on 25 September as previously announced.

We understand that it will start on Tuesday 26 September at 10:00 am UK time, and last for 24 hours, after which fans will be competing for tickets with the general public.

21 September:

' ... always there with his bouncy positivity and musical contributions ...'
With great sorrow we publish
words and pictures commemorating the life of our good friend Gary Shepard (thanks, Bert; thanks, Geoff)

15 September:

Watch this page for an imminent announcement about the
Memorial Concert for Gary Brooker
(thanks, Franky)

When the page goes live, you will find a link for fans of 'Beyond the Pale' to use, to book tickets before they go on sale to the wider public.

NB The pre-sale link itself will not go live until 18 September at 10 am UK time.

NB2 We've just now (18:00 on 15/9) heard that the show announcement is being delayed by a week ...
to give an additional artist time to assess whether 'they' can or cannot participate.
Keep watching this space.

20 May:

RIP Pete Brown

Poet, musician, lyricist (not least, furnisher of words for much of Procol Harum's well-loved final album ... time now to re-read this interview with Gary Brooker)


14 May:

RIP Francis Monkman, a wonderful and highly influential musician

Time to re-read the BtP interview in which
Francis describes his 'audition' day with Procol Harum ... and explains the guitar break in Quite Rightly So

23 April:

'No-one sounded better with band and orchestra than Gary!'
Added an intriguing page about
the continuing tradition of sold-out 'Rock meets Classic' concerts in Wuppertal, ten years after Procol Harum's triumphant showing there with orchestra and chorus, and featuring an artist much influenced by Gary Brooker and his music (thanks, Michael)

30 March:

‘Don’t get caught again ...'
Added a second written tribute to Barry Sinclair

29 March:

'Taking turns in trying to pass it on'
We are extremely sad to have to anounce the death of Keith Reid, in the words of his official representative

28 March:

‘He will be remembered ... for his humour and his passion for Hornby trains ...'
Added sad news of the death of Barry Sinclair (thanks, Franky)

22 March 2023:

Added a rather special, orchestral/choral setlist ... upgraded from this incomplete version (thanks, Peter, Ken)

19 February:

To mark the first anniversary of Gary Brooker's death, added a special Haiku written by an admirer, from the Palers' Band (thanks, Nancy)

Sleep well, Commander!
Your voice lives on forever
In our grateful hearts.


The 'Beyond the Pale' team would like to express our sympathy to everybody touched by Gary's death, especially to Mrs Franky Brooker, surely foremost in every fan's  thoughts on this sad anniversary.

4 February 2023:

'... gradually, through Diane’s perseverance and Gary’s generosity, more and more [Procol] members (past and present) were recruited ...'

Sadly added
a page commemorating the life of Diane Rolph, outstanding Procol and Paramounts fan to whose vivacity, acumen and loyalty all readers of this website owe a tremendous debt of gratitude (thanks, Franky, Lou, John)

1 January 2023:

Added a taster from long-time friend of BtP, Steve Hunter, by way of a taster for a piano album of Procol songs which we're all looking forward to very much!

Happy 2023 to all our readers, and let's hope for a good one at last :-)

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