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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

October 2000


Added a page describing how Procol Harum wrestles with sound problems in Chicago, 1973 (thanks, Pat)

Added details of a new 24-hour ordering facility at Shine On ... in case for some reason you haven't yet got the brilliant new Procol Harum live album yet (thanks, John)

Added the Klaus Wunderlich AWSoP to this page (thanks, Jonny)

October 30:

Added a Tenth-Anniversary Procol piece from Circus, published July 1977 (thanks, Marvin)

Have a look at the latest item in the BtP shop

October 29:

Added a clipping about the 1967 Procol Harum film, Seventeen Plus (thanks, Larry)

And we have (finally) added a new guestbook for BtP. The old one wasn't working properly. Let's hope the new one, which is an entry in the forums section, will fill the need.

October 28:

Added a picture of an alligator (thanks, Joan)

And, specially for readers who couldn't get to the Millennium concert and are fed up with BtP banging on and on about it, here are a Paler's pictures of Guildford that have almost nothing to do with Procol Harum at all. (thanks, Greg)

The 2-on-1 CD reissue of Matthew Fisher's first solo albums Journey's End and I'll Be There is now shipping. You can order this CD using our direct links from Amazon UK or from Amazon USA

October 27:

Added three images of Gary Brooker from 70s French magazines (thanks, Malène and Yves)

October 26:

Added some shots of Guildford's Stoke Park, scene of Procol Harum's Millennium Concert (thanks, Greg)

October 25:

Added some pictures taken before and during the recent Palers' Convention (thanks, Greg)

Added another nice item to the BtP shop

October 24:

Added a provocative page which examines the possibility that A Whiter Shade of Pale is a modernisation of Robert Burns's famous poem, Tam O'Shanter (thanks, Dark Horse)

October 23:

"If I ever appear as a bootlicking Procol sycophant, then so be it. Can you blame me?"

Added the extraordinary story of the Procol-based romance that culminated in Gary's musical performance, and an onstage proposal of marriage, at the Palers' Convention at Guildford last month (thanks, Richard and Donna)

The limited-edition Brooker / Reid signed AWSoP CD is now sold out. Many thanks to all the loyal Palers who honoured BJ's memory and subscribed to Gary and Keith's scheme.

October 22: Please remember the Channel 4 Top 100 singles and Dotmusic Awards votings above.

Added some reminiscences from a Paramounts roadie (thanks, Aubrey)

October 21:

Added some excellent concert shots of GB+4Ms … plus! (thanks, Michael + Diane)

October 20: RIP Julie London

Added an invitation to a forthcoming Procoholics' Convention (thanks, Niels-Erik)

Added another Conquistador cover to this page (search for 'rarity which ought to stay that way') (thanks, Tormod)

October 19:

Added some more pictures to the foot of our page showing PH on stage at Hofstra in 1977 (thanks, Carol)

October 18:

Added more interesting pictures of the Convention (thanks, Marvin)

Many thanks to all the collectors who have written in acknowledging safe receipt of their signed, numbered A Whiter Shade of Pale CDs: very helpful. 'Welcome aboard!' to many hitherto-unknown Palers!

BtP has been asked if these collectable CDs will play OK without damaging Keith and Gary's signatures. We guess so, but there's no need to try, as the music is familiar to all! This is something to exhibit on the wall, or to stow in the gloating-vault with your other Procolabilia.

Visit this page if you want to buy one … all proceeds to the BJ Wilson Memorial Fund. Pay online in US Dollars … follow links at the foot of the page

October 17:

Added Roland's liner-notes from the CD reissue of Matthew Fisher's first two solo-albums … and easy links to click and order it online … and a glimpse of the first-draft artwork … (at last)

October 16:

Added a page about a strangely dreamlike printed postcard, which plays a well-known Procol Harum tune (thanks, Jonny)

Added an illustration to this Fisher-related page (thanks, Joan)

October 15:

Added more interesting pictures of the Guildford show (thanks, Marvin)

Some of the original 67 Brooker / Reid signed AWSoP CDs still remain at the BtP shop, if you would like to contribute to the BJ Wilson Memorial Fund by snapping up a limited-edition Procol rarity online

October 14: Have you voted for AWSoP in the Channel 4 Top 100 singles poll? (see above)

Added a BtP review of the excellent new Procol Harum live album

October 13:

Added a vivid and substantial report on the fourth gig of Procol Harum's New Testament (thanks, George)

October 12:

Added an intimate page of pictures of exhausted and jet-lagged Palers snatching a quick rehearsal in the Jarvis Hotel (thanks, Linda)

October 11:

Added another good report on the Guildford weekend (thanks, George)

October 10:

Added more more interesting pictures of the Festival Afternoon (thanks, Marvin)

Added more translations of the words of Repent Walpurgis (thanks, Roke)

The 2 on 1 CD reissue of Matthew Fisher's first albums Journey's End and I'll Be There is now ready for shipping. You can Order this CD from Amazon UK or Order on CD from Amazon USA

October 9:

Added a note about the piano used by Gary Brooker on stage at Guildford (thanks, Barry)

Added some AWSoP cover-details (search for Harrison, Greaves, Hesitations and Lefevre) (thanks, Jorge)

October 8: Happy Birthday Ray Royer (1945)

We are pleased to be able to commemorate this third birthday of 'Beyond the Pale' by adding a lovely out-take from the Grand Hotel picture sessions (thanks, Dave) as a reminder of the great Barrie Wilson, 18 March 1947 - 8 October 1990

In 1999 we commemorated this day with a new portrait of BJ and a friend's tribute;
in 1998 we commemorated this day with
new photos of BJ submitted by Mick Grabham;
in 1997 we launched this website with
a new interview from Barrie's great friend, Kenny White.

Buy a wonderful Procol rarity from the newly-inaugurated BtP shop,
and contribute to Gary and Keith's BJ Wilson Memorial Fund

October 7:

Added some very nice pictures of Gary Brooker performing with Ringo and his All Star band in Reno, 1999 (thanks, Paul)

Added a setlist from 1992, Boston

October 6:

Added the text of a fascinating talk given at the Palers' Convention, and the absentees' messages and other tributes (thanks, Sam)

October 5:

Added a good picture to cheer you up while you wait for the next batch of Guildford mementoes (thanks, Richard)

Added a set-list from 27 September 1991 (New Haven, Connecticut) (thanks, George)

Did Procol Harum ever play the same set on consecutive nights? You'd think not … but you might like to compare an unusual run of four 1991 set-lists from 24 September (Spectrum, Montreal), 25 September (Electric Ladyland, NYC) 26 September (Town Hall, NYC) and the above 27 September (New Haven, Connecticut)

October 4:

Added more interesting pictures of the Festival Afternoon (thanks, Marvin)

Added news of two AWSoP TV recordings made this week by Brooker and Fisher (thanks, Diane)

Added links, to the new Amazon Beatle-shop, to two BtP Procol / Beatle pages, here and here: should be of some interest to fans of the Fab Four …

October 3:

Added some intriguingly-presented images of the Guildford weekend (thanks, Larry)

Club Riga in Southend confirms The No Stiletto Shoes gigs on 10 and 11 November. Lineup: Gary Brooker, Andy Fairweather Lowe, Henry Spinetti, Dave Bronze, Nick Pentelow  More details at the Club Riga website. Why not prepare by reading the report from the No Shoes gig at the same place in 1998?

October 2:

Added a comprehensive page of good pictures from the Palers' concert (thanks, Peter)

October 1:

Added another item to our list of Keith Reid's non-Procol songs (thanks, Frans) (search for 'Miller')

Added a new AWSoP cover (thanks, Jorge) (search for 'Mariachi')

Re-vamped this who-did-what list in the light of the latest evidence (thanks, Hermann)

Time to order the entirely fantastic new Procol Harum Live CD, One More Time

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