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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

June 2009

June 30:

Added an exiguous memoir to this page (thanks, Dave)

Added an informative codicil to this recent page (thanks, Fred)

Added a link – this link in fact – enabling Procol Harum fans to buy the Harry Dean Stanton Whiter Shade of Pale on DVD (thanks, Charlie)

Procol summer bargain: still going strong ... get yourself a free Procol CD on Gary Brooker's own label

June 29:

Remind yourself of this fine setlist and then read an elegy for the venue, which has closed (thanks, Thomas / Robert)

This week in rock'n'roll history--Procol Harum released their classic album, A Salty Dog, forty years ago in June 1969.  It will be featured on this week's show.  Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones died forty years ago on 3 July 1969.  Lowell George of Little Feat died thirty years ago on 29 june 1979.  The music of both will be featured this week. Listen to "Hidden Treasures of Rock 'N'Roll", some of the best music you've never heard, every Monday from 12-4pm CST on the net at ! More show info at

June 28: Happy Birthday, David Knights (1945)

Hear Robin Trower today when radio host Bob Rice interviews the guitar legend via telephone during Crossroads on KYRS-LP in Spokane. The Trower interview will take place shortly after 2pm Pacific time. The 1–3 pm show can be heard live over (and also at 92.3 FM , for those in Spokane). The interview will cover everything from his days with The Paramounts to cuts from his forthcoming CD (thanks, Lloyd)

Added a 'Spoken Spokane' interview with Robin Trower ... namechecks also for Brooker, Copping and Fisher (thanks, Lloyd)

June 27:

 ' ...telling Procol Harum that there wouldn’t be a follow up studio album seemed like telling Mozart not to give up his day job ...'

 Added another review of Procol Harum's new CD (thanks, Geoff)

And here's a Procol interview by the same author

June 26: RIP Michael Jackson 

Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund in three weeks' time

Added an archival scan to this concert review ('Here's one for the Believe It Or Not Department')

Tidied up two complementary pages – with a unique line-up photograph – here and here

June 25: Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski in four weeks' time

Amended the transmission times of the Resonance FM documentary associated with the imminent London screening of the long-lost Separation movie (thanks, Henry)

Added a link for fans of Robin Trower & Jack Bruce (thanks, BfP)

Added an archival scan to this uncompromising review page

Remember Procol Harum's new DVD ... order it now from Amazon UK or from Amazon USA ... it's available from both

June 24:

Added English text to the Whitehorn article from Gitaar Plus, January 2008 (thanks, Hans)

June 23:

Added some pictures from Gitaar Plus, January 2008 (thanks, Geoff)

June 22:

 ' ... the music you make is the gift you're born with ...'

Added a brief Robin Trower interview touching on his compositions (thanks, Anvil)

June 21:

'... intensity and intrigue ... still compels fans four decades later ...'

Added a review of Procol Harum Live at Ledreborg, the stunning new Procol Harum DVD (thanks, Anvil)

June 20:

Added a page about Procol Harum's first album in a CD version with stereo bonus track, not recommended (thanks, Fred)

Free Procol CD on Gary Brooker's own label • all orders are now in the post, but there are still more tee-shirts left, so the offer remains open

Lost in the Looking-Glass ... last week's delayed orders are on their way at last (sorry, Stuart, Rod, Edo)

June 19: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund in four weeks' time

Added scans of the Procol triple box-set (thanks, Per) 

June 18: Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski in five weeks' time

Added a quaint and ill-subbed article about Robin Trower's career on the eve of his return to the venue where he recorded his live Detroit album last year (thanks, Thomas)

Henry Scott-Irvine has retrospectively updated his 'upcoming' page ... you can listen again to his recent Whiter Shade of Pale special there

Several CD orders this week for Lost in the Looking-Glass ... these are slightly held up while we wait for some printing (sorry, Stuart, Rod, Edo). No such delay with From Shadow to Shadow and Trace of a Feeling however

June 17:

'... always rated Gary Brooker and he was sorry that he didn't make big hits with him ...'

Added a page about the late Ron Richards (thanks, Peter)

June 16:

Added some ale-shots to this dedicated page (thanks, Dave)

June 15:

Added some Separation news re. Matthew Fisher on air (thanks, Henry)

I just got the DVD; it's fantastic, I don't exaggerate if I say that this the best I have heard/seen from PH since Grand Hotel! JosÚ

June 14:

Added two scans showing the Mobile Fidelity re-issue of A Salty Dog (thanks, Per)

Procol Harum go into the studio today to record a couple of songs they've been routining earlier in the week ... shall we hear these at this summer's gigs?

Procol summer bargain: still going strong ... get yourself a free Procol CD on Gary Brooker's own label

June 13:

Added advance notice of a Procol-related church fundraising gig in the summer

June 12: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund in five weeks' time

'... a slight change in a line-up makes the outcome so drastically different ...'

Added a review of the 2009 Home reissue album (thanks, Dmitry)

June 11:  Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski in six weeks' time

Added an excellent review of the Ledreborg DVD (thanks, Thomas)

I have just received my copy of the new DVD, sent across the world by Amazon. I was almost in tears of emotion watching it. The sound quality and the arrangements are out of this world. It is such a pity I cannot get to see the band these days. Also the notes in the booklet were very interesting and well written. Long may Gary and the boys continue to perform and record.

Michael Wilson, Cape Town, South Africa: 'a Procol Harum fan since 1967'

June 10:

'... a sharp comment on the situation in the ranks where too many forces emerged to keep it all together ...'

Added a telling review of the 2009 A Salty Dog reissue album (thanks, Dmitry)

Since Paler illusionist Derren 'Glimpses of Nirvana' Brown has just published his long-awaited album of caricatures, may we draw your
attention to his various DVDs and (heavily-discounted) books currently available at Amazon UK and at the American branch of Amazon ?

June 9:

Public booking for Separation in London opens today. You can pre-order your Separation DVD, which has Matthew Fisher and Procol Harum music on the soundtrack, here and here.

Added a brief but appetising soundclip to this page – BJ Wilson is fantastic on this recently-released festival recording of Power Failure from 1974

Added a genealogical note to our guitar-picking entry for 5 June, below (thanks, Jimmy)

Procol summer bargain: still going strong.

June 8:

Added a couple of limited edition box-sets (thanks, Per) 

June 7:

Added an interesting memorabilium from Procol Harum's organist (thanks, Josh)

June 6:

'Why not a Darker Shade of Tan?'

Added a new, brief Keith Reid interview (thanks Robert and others)

June 5: Procol Harum play Br°nn°ysund in six weeks' time

' ... even 'progressive' musicians have a heart of solid rock ...'

Added an article about Procol Harum's Scottish dÚbut (thanks, Jim)

Click here for some great guitar playing by Jack Briggs, who contributed a notable Trower cover to the most recent Palers' Project 2CD album. No surprises that this young player has genes in common with another noted North-Eastern player  (thanks, Jimmy, who explains that 'Mick Grabham's dad and my dad were cousins. I remember going to his house when I was very young as we lived on the same estate. I also saw him playing with Cochise; he was my favourite guitar player! I remember he played with his teeth after I sent him a message on a handkerchief during the interval!)

Procol summer bargain: please forgive us if we can't get all your orders into the mail until the weekend, but keep them coming!  

June 4:  Procol Harum play ─ńnekoski in seven weeks' time

'Just a line is all I need ...'

But what sort of line? Added a quintessentially English, steam-powered page entitled Tornado Torment  (thanks, Jeff)

June 3:

Free Procol Harum CD with tee-shirt

Added an extreme summer bargain, to our online store, that will help clear some shelf-space at BtP, while giving much delight and pleasure to Procol Harum fans

June 2:

'... it's incense and earth, dying through birth, light to come from dark moon to sun ...'

Added a review of another of the recent Salvo re-masters (thanks, Captain Claptrap)

Added some statistics to the foot of this Procol Harum music download page

June 1:

  ' ... For my money the best DVD of the year so far ...'

Added a review of Procol Harum's fantastic Ledreborg DVD (thanks, Thomas)

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