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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

December 1997

December 31:

Seventh outbreak of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale'

We've recently added a lot to the list of online friends who visit this website: have a look -- and if you would like your own name, town and country to be added, just mail us

Procol Harum recordings under assumed names

December 30:

Sixth load of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale'

Added the Liner notes and track listing of Repertoire's third re-issue, A Salty Dog

December 29:

Fifth collection of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale'

Added link to Annabel's Random Gallery   Drawings, mostly of Procol Harum band members


December 28:

Fourth set of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale'

A load of pictures from Larry Pennisi

December 27:

Third dose of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale'

Goldmine review of 30th Anniversary Anthology. I bet this article has been cut down by the editors. Maybe one day we can post the whole article?

December 26:

Second delivery of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale'

Full details of the 1997 Repertoire re-issue of Shine On Brightly

Christmas Day:

First instalment of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale' ... enjoy it!

Christmas greetings from Gary Brooker ! And from Jens and Roland !

Christmas Eve:

Updated our page about Jerry Stevenson

24 hours to wait for our Christmas puzzles with their fab prizes

December 23:

Added a good article from Creem magazine, 1972 including an interview with Keith Reid and a summary of the Santa Monica concert.

Started a list of Procol Harum guest-musicians: please write in with suggestions

Added a little more to our Dump my Thesaurus feature.

December 22:

With the greatest pleasure, added a greeting from Gary Brooker!

Added Keith Reid's only solo writing credit for a published Procol Harum song

December 21:

Just back from Saturday's No Stiletto Shoes gig at Chiddingfold, which included a two-verse AWSoP played by Fisher / Bronze / Brooker / Spinetti – a full complement of Procols! Coincidentally the opening band was the fine Be Sharp, featuring Jerry Stevenson, Prodigal Stranger guitarist. Full report to follow, Christmas permitting.

Added Progression's Spring 1996 introduction to the Brooker and Pegg interviews

Added details including full liner notes for the 1997 Repertoire re-issue of Procol Harum's first album

December 20:

Why did Tom Jones sing Simple Sister? How much meat does The Commander consume? Read Progression's Spring 1996 interview with Gary Brooker

December 19:

Added Progression's Spring 1996 interview with Matthew Pegg, a good deal of which is actually about Dave Pegg and Jethro Tull.

Tomorrow (Friday) Swedish Connection are moving their (our!) webserver in the wee small hours. Please bear with us if you experience problems, though with any luck 'Beyond the Pale' should suffer only minimal disruption.

December 18:

Added a moving letter from a Lithuanian fan (forwarded to us by Shine On) which we thought might prompt some kind-hearted replies from 'Beyond the Pale' visitors.

December 17:

Added a link to information about an upcoming Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band tour, and video from the 1997 tour including Gary Brooker in the line-up. Will we have a chance to see Gary and Ringo in Europe in 1998? Thanks to Marvin Chassman for supplying this link!

December 16:

Added the sleeve notes for A Salty Dog Returns: sweet romantic uncontrived purity played with macho melodic genius!

December 15:

Added link to The Weekly Classic Rock Music Charts – vote for Procol Harum as your favourite Classic Rock music, today and then once a week ... for ever!

December 14:

Added a preliminary notice about our Christmas conundrums

December 13:

Added a little to our Dump my Thesaurus feature.

December 12:

Added some AWSoP press from June 1967: ' ... they are not the sort of boys to let success go to their heads ...'

December 11:

Added information about Jerry Stevenson, and a link to the website for Be Sharp, a band Jerry and David Bronze founded

December 10:

Added a list of Procol Harum's BBC sessions, in the hope that visitors will update us with errors and omissions.

Guitarist Dave Ball has kindly enlightened us with more info about himself.

Added links to Tony Visconti's homepage. Tony was assisting producer of 'Shine On Brightly'

December 9:

Scandinavian Yuletide is traditionally a time for puzzle-solving. 'Beyond the Pale' will feature conundrums throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas ... have a look at the rather excellent prizes on offer.

Added liner notes from the indispensable Westside 30th Anniversary Anthology

December 8:

Added the variant refrain to the words of Quite Rightly So

Added the Rolling Stone review of the Procol Harum Live album

Added page for PH organist, Don Snow

Added Mojo review of 3-CD boxed set and Mojo readers' vote for AWSoP in their poll for the 100 best singles ever

December 7:

Added a snippet about Keith Reid's other No 1 hit record

Added some detail to the cover-versions page

December 6:

Added a 1991 set-list from The Palace of Fine Arts (thanks to Robert Moselle)

December 5:

Added an Italian review of Grand Hotel (thanks again, Antonio C B!)

December 4:

Added a fascinating equipment list compiled at a time when Procol Harum featured a B3, but had no-one to play it ... and no guitarist either.

Read how the press reported the arrival of Dave Ball and Alan Cartwright, and the non-return to the fold of Matthew Fisher.

Added review of the 3CD box from Record Collector November 1997

December 3:

Added a review of 'the complete rock and roll band' playing at Santa Monica

Added 1997 address for Chrysalis Music

December 2:

Added a little to Matt Pegg’s page about his non-Procol work (thanks to Scott Hunter)

Added another review of Broken Barricades, with a British fan's outraged reaction; and another tiny review of the same album

December 1:

Added a little Kansas insight into Last Train to Niagara (thanks to Pat Keating)

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