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What was new at 'Beyond the Pale'

January 1998

January 31:

Added a snippet about Procol Harum and Zabriskie Point (thanks, Dave Lee)

January 30:

Added a contentious 1973 review of Grand Hotel in which Rolling Stone claims that 'Reid may have hit rock bottom on the album' and that 'Brooker's music ... is the real villain'.

January 29:

Tidied up the Barbican suite of pages, and added the Latin words of A Salty Dog

The list of Procol Harum Online friends is growing like a beanstalk. 78 persons listed now!

January 28:...

Added the musicians' resumés from the Within Our House Aldershot programme

January 27:

Added a note about the writing credit for Fortuna to the Repent Walpurgis page

The Procol Harum friends' page now lists 76 names.

January 26:

Added a review of Procol Harum 'on another voyage through the Sargasso Sea of rock'n'roll' at the Cropredy Festival, 1995

January 25:

Added a scan of the cover of the original Homburg sheet-music (Thanks again, Dave Lee)

January 24:

Added some excerpts and observations concerning a new Hammond organ book and A Whiter Shade of Pale (thanks, Joan May)

Two very welcome visitors left a somewhat cryptic greeting yesterday evening in the 'Beyond the Pale' guestbook!

A new PH album in 1998? Sadly not.

January 23:

Added a page for pictures associated with Edmonton 1971 ... contributions welcome

Added wavelength details for Radio Azzurra Novara

January 22:

Read about Westside records, who were responsible for the 30th Anniversary Anthology (thanks, Mike Lee)

Already added some fresh detail to the page about Dave Ball's contributions to Grand Hotel

January 21:

Added a page about the musical and pictorial traces left by Dave Ball on the Grand Hotel album

Added a snippet about Old Black Joe to the commentary on Everything I Do Is Wrong

January 20 (RIP, Carl Perkins):

US musician Greg Panfile has sent us a full version of his Procol memoir, Unwelcome in Asbury Park, which started life on the procolorg message-line.

Inexplicably we find that we have been exhibiting an early draft of the Kenny White interview about BJ Wilson lately, and not the properly updated version. Sorry: it's now restored.

Long time to download the pages from Beyond the Pale? Swedish Connection informs us that there are problems with the Swedish telephone lines, which we hope will soon be sorted out.

January 19:

Added a pair of illustrations that accompanied the release of Gary Brooker's first solo single, Savannah. (Thanks, Dave Lee)

Added news about Pat Keating's PHAST

January 18:

'As always Procol Harum takes the uncommercial road': a 1996 Radio Azzurra interview with Gary 'I just live with goats' Brooker. (Many thanks to Antonio Costa Barbé)

Corrected a minor error in our words of Pilgrims Progress (Thanks, Matthew)

January 17:

Added a Swiss review of The Prodigal Stranger (thanks, François)

Also added more Procol Harum covers

January 16:

Added a Gary Brooker interview about Keith Reid (thanks, Wilfried!)

Substantial updates by Ronald L Smith to the Procol Discography (thanks, Ron!)

January 15:

Added a brief history and discography of Mick Grabham's band, Cochise

January 14:

Added some great photographs of Friday and Saturday's musicians to the Chiddingfold 1997 report. (many thanks to Antonio Alfaiate)

Added a link at the foot of the Isle of Wight pages, leading to details about the Festival Procol Harum played at.

January 13:

Added an article from Progression (Spring 1996), which purports to relate the history of Procol Harum from a 'prog-rock' point of view. Not always accurate, but full of thought-provoking opinions!

January 12:

Did you miss an important message in the Chiddingfold report? Read here about the rumour of a new Procol Harum album!

Thanks to Dave Lee for this: go to Notes and Queries at London's The Guardian newspaper, and click on 'Search' in the frame on the left hand side, and enter the words 'Procol Harum'. Then you can add to (and amend!) the unfolding correspondence about A Whiter Shade of Pale

January 11:

Added link to Michael P Dawson's page of Procol Harum picture sleeves

Redesigned international online Procol Harum fans list, which is growing almost daily:
mail us if you would like your e-mail address, town and state to be added to it.

January 10:

Roland Clare's report on Gary's Chiddingfold concert is just in; it contains links to several related pages ... but the link in the last sentence is the one that will set every Harum fan's heart racing!

January 9:

Added Around & About Procol Harum, a fascinating 1971 piece about the 'streetcorner prodigies' of Procol Harum, strong on Trower and Reid, adrift on 'class' ('Fisher ... upper-class cat'). (Thanks Marvin Chassman)

Shine On's Redhill Souvenir: progress

January 8:

Added a page for reports on Gary Brooker's non-Procol concerts

Added a review of a Ringo Starr and friends concerts starring Gary ('more distinguished banker than rock musician')

January 7:

Added information on more recordings in which Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher participated. (Thanks, Dave Lee)

Added a sage review of Procol Harum at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts in 1991. 'Brooker and Fisher ... baronial bookends': great stuff! (Thanks, Joan)

January 6:

Our Scandinavian season of Christmas Conundrums has ended: thanks to everyone who took part ... hope everyone enjoyed it ... now have a look at the list of Triumphant Victors

Added a resumé of all the Christmas features at 'Beyond the Pale'

January 5:

Added Twelfth and final effusion of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale' ... good luck!

Added a seasonal whimsy to ponder while taking down your Christmas cards.

January 4:

Eleventh blast of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale': one more to go ...

Please remember: new names are added almost-daily to the Procol Harum friends list, so be sure to visit this page regularly; and if you would like your own name, town and country to be added, just mail us.

January 3:

Tenth dollop of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale': two more to go ...

January 2:

Ninth consignment of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale': three more to go ... also corrected a mistake in the above consignment. Thanks, Marcelo!

1 January 1998:

Eighth burst of Christmas puzzles at 'Beyond the Pale', and a Happy New Year to all our visitors!

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