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A fan's Procol tour diary: West Coast

29 July 2003 : Al 'One-Eye' Edelist in San Diego

Just checking my email prior to the show as it's the only chance I get.

The show starts with Bringing Home the Bacon in the nicely comfortable club named for its location at 4th and B.

Prior to Pandora's Box, I quickly check my emails. Nicely played with high energy.

Great guitar solo from Geoff during Wall Street Blues.

I am sitting about 20 to 25 feet from stage with Roland, Dennis and Rodger and young lady whose name escapes me. Nearby are Jan Vincent and Tony Kaleidowski too.

Great sound mix and very clear.

Piggy Pig Pig is brilliant

During Homburg, MAF's Hammond is coming through exceptionally strong. Tony provides a perfect blend blue, red and white lights.

Bright white lights with tinges of red brighten Memorial Drive and heighten as blue crosses through them.

At this moment I get a strange sense about this evening. Every song this evening is perfect and it is evident that band has come together from its closeness and continuous touring.

The Blink of an Eye has a new sound since its all heavier Hammond, a true Procol sound. Matt Pegg and Mark B provide a wonderfully steady backbone.

Weisselklenzenacht receives an applause after phase one, and Gary gets a bell sound during buildup secondary phase, and Geoff plays an incredibly massive solo. The band receives a standing ovation.


VIP Room rocks open the second set.

Grand Hotel is very emotional. "We used to stay at posh hotels. Now we just get takeaway Mexican," Gary states.

Exceptional solo from Mark on Whisky Train, although not much cowbell. The crowd goes crazy and Gary thanks Robin Trower for a great song.

Prior to Wall Street Blues, Gary states, "If you've all bought, we're in big trouble."

Shadow Boxed maintains the silent pose ending.

The Question again translates exceptionally well live. Roland relates that Franky Brooker started pointing her finger in rhythm to the beat in the barn when Gary played him them the new album: fans down at the front (including Kurt Harding from Texas) are doing the same thing. MF gets major response from organ solo. Great groove! Geoff and MF trade talking solos. Standing ovation!



Gary dedicates Conquistador to Nicola Wilson who is present, along with her sister Sarah. Excellent drumming and bass. MAF's solo drives the crowd crazy. Bright white lights emphasize the ending. A major standing ovation.

A smoothed out ending for An Old English Dream.

"Here's one for our friends who watch us from above," Gary comments. A Salty Dog brings another special treat as Mark is all BJ tonight. Roland and I look at each other totally astonished as the fills play out. A prolonged standing ovation.

A very strong crowd response as Simple Sister starts.

A massive standing ovation as they leave for four minutes to bring them back.

Fans have now rushed the stage.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale brings Pegg to the forefront with the bassline as dominant as the Hammond line. The second verse is the first lost verse after a beautiful passage by MF. A thundering crowd response.

Repent Walpurgis is incredible, and Geoff has the guitar talking during the closing lead run.

The best show I have seen this year, if not in this incarnation.

The closing music over the PA after the show was Procol's Blue Danube.

About 30 people are getting autographs about 15 minutes later by side the loading dock.

Unfortunately for LA, the emotions that were swallowed by the rain were front and forward tonight.

Watch for the incredible if unbelievable Epilogue to this series, to come later detailing the Ghosts and Spirits during the Fellow Travellers' Tour. The continuum is alive!

Leaving for the Coast,

oe, the monocular one

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