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Procol Harum Tour Diaries

Al 'One-Eye' Edelist covers two US tours ... and Japan!

Not even the most ardent European Procoholic that we know of has succeeded in covering every single venue on a tour ... and if they did, they would probably not notch up the mileage proposed by Allen 'One-Eye' Edelist.

2 May 2003:
arrival in Montréal

3 May:
concert in Montréal

5 May: House of Blues
in Cambridge, Mass.

6 May: at the Birchmere in
Alexandria, USA

7 May: with many Palers
in Philadelphia

9 May:
The Bottom Line

10 May:
IMAC, Long Island

East Coast diary ...
a summary!

29 July:
San Diego

30 July:
Fillmore, LA

1 August:
Vancouver, Canada

2 August:
Portland, USA

3 August:
Seattle. USA

Epilogue: some spooky synchronicities ...

Japan: 30 October 2003

Japan: 31 October 2003

Kawasaki, Japan:
1 November 2003

 Osaka: 2 November 2003

Japan: epilogue

Islington and beyond!

Europe, 2004


One-Eye was added to this picture, in Seattle, by Mark BrzezickiAllen Edelist (shown left behind the band, drawn in by cartoonist Mark Brzezicki in honour of his Procoloid ubiquity) is well-known to European Palers, for popping up in the UK at Guildford 2000, Manchester 2001, Croydon 2002, and Lewisham and Milton Keynes 2003 ... and from his vocal contributions to the Palers' Band and to the Palers' Project.

He is also a guest guest presenter of the Procol marathon broadcasts from his native Los Angeles. Needless to say – despite his monocular moniker – he is in fact equipped with the normal complement of functional eyes, towit, two.

Steelhand himselfBtP is pleased to present his tour diary for Procol's North American dates: Montréal Canada, Cambridge, Mass, Alexandria, VA, Philadelphia, Bottom Line, NYC, same again IMAC Theatre, Long Island ... and we hope someone will be able to cover the Bottom Line, NYC again in his place, since he has to be back in LA on that final night.

The index above shows that we were able to add Al's West Coast observations to this sequence as well. This was a tour that he missed only the first gig of, and that because he was onstage the same night himself when the Palers' Band played BBKing's Club in Hollywood.

And astonishingly, as the index shows, we are now adding his observations about Procol's three-date Japanese excursion!

So if you have not been able to get to these concerts yourself, click the links above and enjoy them vicariously through the writings of someone lucky enough to be able to, and generous and energetic enough to share the experience online.

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