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A fan's Procol tour diary: West Coast

1 August 2003 : Al 'One-Eye' Edelist in Vancouver

Early Evening Thoughts

Richard's is a small, bar-like venue as opposed to the Commodore Ballroom where the gig was originally scheduled. The gig has been moved and it appears that there are not more than 200+ people here.

This may be a very personal and fun gig. We'll see!

It appears that the band will play around 9 pm.

Spoke with Geoff, and Matt was running around with his new video camera Wednesday evening onstage in SF. Barry and Gary walk in and we exchange hellos. I haven't seen Matthew or Mark yet, but I have moved away from the back door.

I overhear a guy saying this will be a better venue as there is a big dance floor at the Commodore.

About 60 seats are set up on the small floor.

I think this will be a loud show in this small room that fits about 400.

The show begins
I'm upstairs and the sound is good and clear.

The set starts and Bringing Home The Bacon rocks.

Gary adds a "da da dada, da da dada da da" to the closing of Pandora's Box.

Shine On Brightly is amazing!

In reference to the small venue, Gary states, "Well, here we are ... a bar-band!"

Strong response to Wall Street Blues.

New twist tonight for The Blink Of An Eye: Geoff holds a George Bush doll up to the mic which talks of no compromise for the Alpha Male. Geoff adds backing vocal to last verse.

Gary comments, "This one's in C from Book Five." Simple Sister is fluid. MF sustains the last note right into Quite Rightly So. Completely awesome and great response.

Weisselklenzenacht gets first-note response again. Smooth no-flair lead from Geoff. Just perfect! Massive applause!

As the second set starts, I talk to a guy who points out Andrew Loog Oldham and his wife sitting three rows out in front of Gary.

VIP Room get nice response.

Awesome solo from MF on Fires (Which Burnt Brightly), and a big crowd response.

Gary enlightens the audience with, "Apparently we have a curfew, because we have to make way for the disco!" which brings a huge laugh from him.

Beyond The Pale is flawless.

The second verse of Grand Hotel is in French. Geoff adds a pleasant mandolin effect during the first intermediate musical passage.

Now some fan in front of Gary and Geoff won't stop talking to them, so Geoff playfully flips off the guys.

The smoke/fog machine takes off like a cloud factory.

Now Gary talks to the same guy Geoff flipped off. "We can chat all night!" then Gary addresses the crowd, "The drugs must be taking effect."

"We'd like to play a couple songs from the new album: you'll love 'em."

Matt and Mark particularly are strong and are noticeably having a lot of fun during Shadow Boxed.

A massive response for An Old English Dream.

Gary lets out a chilling scream and the steam effect comes from Geoff. Unbelievable solo from Geoff, and the best Whaling Stories so far this tour, imho. Mark hits "Shalimar" tonight.

Massive and deafening applause for Conquistador with screaming, whistling, clapping, and stomping.

The whole band is smiling visibly, very pleased!

Tonight brought dynamics all around with power throughout. Can't get better than this!

Mark is perfect again on A Salty Dog! A massive response and standing ovation.

MF is playful tonight, and Gary is in great voice!

A Whiter Shade of Pale is nothing short of awesome.

Final thoughts
I didn't think it was possible to match San Diego, but it did and then some!

Just a great night in a small venue. Just perfect!

And, yes, Richard's did become a disco after the show. Well, it just goes to show...........


oe, the monocular one

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