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Brooker and Fisher play AWSoP on TV

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Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher were playing AWSoP in front of 10,000 people at the Preussag-hall in Hannover tonight, 17 April 2004! (Click here for a YouTube clip of this performance)

GB seemed to be in a very good mood and his voice was really brilliant. He played on a Seiler grand piano (!) wearing a black hat, a red shirt, a red jacket and a black pair of trousers. MF (playing sovereign as ever) could be seen for several times at his Hammond.

They were accompanied by some strings, Peter Frampton on guitar (nice but not remarkable) and Ian Anderson on flute. Ian brought an interesting new flavour to the song, but couldn't be heard clear enough unfortunately. They got a big applause from the audience.

"Did you see Brooker's eyes" my wife asked me in the morning. "Juvenile and vigorous. What an aura this man has!"

At the end of the show the "All-star-band" played Imagine, dominated by Gary's voice for several times. But the cameras only showed some short-cuts of the band, so Gary only could be seen for a few seconds.

Rascals! ;-)

The whole show (Fifty years of Rock 'n Roll) also featuring Ian Anderson, Bobby Kimball, Jon Lord, Pete York, Chris Thompson, Peter Gabriel, Bill Wyman, John Miles, Eric Burdon, John Kay and others: it could be seen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A good promotion for Procol Harum I think!

Thanks, Nik Clever

Gary looked very good, kind of fresh (had a nice haircut), sounded brilliant! I was looking for some pictures at to send to you, but there weren't any with Gary, unfortunately.

But I noticed an interview with the young Finnish band Rasmus (performing a really nice rocksong) one of the members spoke about " ... the singer of Procol Harum ... " which is his personal favourite. I like to see those youngsters loving the good old tunes. That's what music has to be: no borders.

I found this picture today in my newspaper. Beside a pic of Bonnie Tyler it was the only shot from the show. Remarkable! Gary looks fine in his red jacket and hat, what do you think? (Peter Frampton in background)

Thanks, Andreas Havlik


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