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No Stiletto Shoes, Chiddingfold UK

BtP's photographs, 15 / 16 December 2006

Maestro Brooker MBE introduces the evening, urging us in particular to buy raffle tickets:
the aim being to keep the Royal Surrey Hospital open

Gary at the piano, Andy Fairweather Low close at hand with his guitar

In the interval Gary becomes an auctioneer. 'I've never done this before,' he quipped ... but he
raised  300 for this signed book by guitarist / racing driver Damon Hill.

Franky stood by during the auction process

The gear stands ready for the second half: in particular, Dave Bronze's second bass ... a gorgeous semi-acoustic ... may be seen.

The audience must have been close to 400, although 'Where's Eric' puts the figure slightly lower

Axel and Juliette, from Denmark via Scotland, conspicuous in the throng

Andy and Beverly Skeete

Frank Mead has an outing on the blues harp

The excellent Jay Stapley is the second guest on voice and guitar, Mr Clapton having left the building.

Gary and Andy again. The BtP sticker on GB's main instrument is somewhat obscured by the VK7 that he has mounted above the piano

Rather a blur here


Beverly, Jay and Frank

 The following day, outside The Swan public house in Chiddingfold

Heidi from Switzerland, Linda from the UK, Peter from Denmark, Stefano from Rome, Jens from BtP, Juliette  and Axel from Denmark, Titti, Aine and Steinar from Norway, Ingelise from Denmark; not shewn, but in the offing, George from Scotland via Canada, and One-Eye from LA.

Our destination, a nearby pub where Franky and Gary have invited fourteen fans to lunch

Not the most festive snap in the world! Axel, Juliette, Linda, Clifford (a local man!) and Jens:
but it was an excellent occasion with high spirits in evidence all round the table

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