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Whilst you play the piano-grand ...

Gary Brooker non-Procol Harum concert-details

The Paramounts

Brooker, Copping, Trower and Brownlee: one night only, Southend-on-Sea, 17 December 2005; see list of historic Paramounts concerts here

Albert Lee

At Albert Lee's 70th Birthday Concert

Also with Albert Lee, and Eric Clapton, at the farewell show for Chas Hodges

Gary Brooker : Band du Lac

1988 Wintershall, Surrey: 2 July

2001 Wintershall, Surrey: 7 July

2005 Wintershall, Surrey, 11 June. Tickets were 95 GBP a head: the aim was to raise close to half a million pounds for the completion of a new wing at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Guest musicians included Eric Clapton, Mike Rutherford, Roger Taylor, Rungo Starr, Katie Melua: and the 'Band du Lac' included Gary, Henry Spinetti, Dave Bronze, Graham Broad and Andy Fairweather Low. Dress was black tie.

2011 Wintershall, Surrey: 4 June 2011 : setlist

Gary Brooker Ensemble

1997 A Huge Slice of England: the second 'Within Our House' concert, at Aldershot

2005 Guildford Cathedral, Tsunami Survivors' Concert

2006 Chelmsford Cathedral Festival

Rock Meets Classic

1970s: Hermann Braunschmidt's account; the same author on the Early Nineties; the 1993 tour

The RD Crusaders

19 October 2003, Ronnie Scott's Club, London

Gary Brooker with Eric Clapton

1981 Stockholm, Sweden

2002 Brands Hatch, England

Gary Brooker and Judy Blair

9 February 2010 Haiti benefit

21 August 2010 Abbaye Nouvelle

Gary Brooker, Georgie Fame and the Tivoli Big Band

14 July 2007: setlist

Gary Brooker with Hogan's Heroes

May 2007

Gary Brooker and Friends

1995 Chiddingfold Club ... see ticket scans on this page

1998 Christmas concerts: review linked from this page

2001 Mick Brownlee's retirement gig in Southend

2004 The closing-down gig of the Guildford Civic Hall

2005 Club Riga, Southend

2007 Club Riga, Southend, October

2007 Christmas charity concerts in Surrey and Essex

2008 Ollie G, Charity Ball in Surrey

2013 Gary Brooker and friends, in France

Other Charitable Work

Review of the Prince's Trust video

Benefit for White Lotus School, Ladakh and Tibet House Trust: Brooker, Gilmour, Starr, Rutherford, Roger Taylor, Lulu, Geldof, Carrack, Donovan, Kenney Jones, Damon Hill etc : 21 June 2002

With Paul Jones, December 2013

No Stiletto Shoes

1988 Very early Shoes appearance at The Half Moon, Putney

1989, 23 December, fine playing from an inspired line-up including a terpsichorean flower (YouTube film here)

1994 Gary Brooker's Christmas bash - from Record Collector, February 1995

1996? Gary Brooker: another Christmas bash

1997 The 'Shoes' at Chiddingfold, Christmas 1997 - including an all-Procol AWSoP

1998 Club Riga, Southend, Christmas Concert

2000 The Shoes' Millennium Concert : lots of pictures, still and moving!

2000 Club Riga, Southend, November

2001 Retirement Party of Paramount Mick Brownlee

2001 Wintershall, Surrey: 7 July

2002 The concert for George Harrison, 29 November 2002

2002 Brands Hatch

2002 The Brookers' Christmas Charity Concert : here, here, here and here

2002 No Stiletto Shoes, 21 December in Southend (booking details here)

2003 Royal Albert Hall, 25 March

2003 No Stiletto Shoes and Procol Harum: Chiddingfold, 20 December 2003: here, here, here, here and here

2003 No Stiletto Shoes at Southend: here and here, and setlist here; Jens's pictures of Chiddingfold here

2004 No Stiletto Shoes, Chiddingfold: a suite of pages

2005 No Stiletto Shoes (with alternate line-up) in India

2006 No Stiletto Shoes setlists: 15 December (photos here here and here), 16 December (photos), 17 December;

2007 No Stiletto Shoes setlists: 20 December, 21 December, 22 December | pictures from 22 December | Chiddingfold Chronicle | Axel's pictures | BtP's shots | Robert Cooper's pictures

2010 No Stiletto Shoes: 10, 11 and 12 December

Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings

From 'Record Collector', summer 2009A good piece on sidemen's superstar bands ; brief Procoloid snippets Bill Wyman's Stone Alone

1997 At London's The Forum: mentions Gary Brooker but not Graham Broad on drums!

1998 Tour dates here and reviews from Paradiso, Amsterdam; Paris, Linköping, Sweden, Aarhus, Denmark, Vega, Copenhagen

1999 UK Tour dates and reviews

2000 European Tour dates and numerous reviews

2001 European dates, US dates

2004 Charity gig with Clapton, Zombies, Peter Green and many others

2008 Monte Carlo

2008 Cahors Blues Festival

2013 Blues on the Farm

Bill Wyman talks to Record Collector, November 1998, about Gary Brooker

Wyman interview from BBC Radio 2: mp3 and from NY Daily News 2001

Gary Brooker on stage with the Rhythm Kings in Paris, October 1998. 


Ringo Starr's All-Starrs

A good piece on sidemen's superstar bands

Several reports on Gary Brooker and the other All-Starrs on stage

1998 Tour Dates (From Shine Online)

1998 Wintershall, a huge charity gig

2008/2009 Gary Brooker with 'The Fourth Edition'

1987: Gary Brooker with Ad Visser

2019: Gary Brooker with Don Mescall, University Concert Hall, Limerick, Ireland

2012 Gary Brooker in Douglas Adams's Front Room Band

Gary Brooker with the British Rock Symphony

Gary Brooker solo in Poland, 2004

Gary Brooker solo in Italy, 2005

Gary Brooker on DVD with The Drifters

Gary Brooker with Rag Mama Rag

See also Procol Harum onstage

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