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Procol Harum at Westbury NY, USA

Setlist 5 November 2010

Brooker, Dunn, Pegg, Phillips, Whitehorn

If you were able to get to this gig, please send us all your pictures, memorabilia, interviews and so forth  (notes here on how to do it)!

Shine on Brightly
Robert's Box (new Josh Hammond part)
Wall Street Blues
The Idol
A Dream in Ev'ry Home
One Eye on the Future
Simple Sister
Whaling Stories


The VIP Room
The Blink of an Eye
Pandora's Box
Strangers in Space
Barnyard Story (the Chopin has been removed this tour)
An Old English Dream
A Salty Dog


Whisky Train (with drum solo)
In Held 'Twas in I (complete! Matt Pegg, second spoken part)
A Whiter Shade of Pale

Soundcheck notes

Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 (Elgar)
Held Close
Broken Barricades
Tick-tock  from Homburg (GW)
Broken Barricades (complete)
A Rum Tale (complete)
TV Caesar (chorus)
TV Caesar (complete)
Gary played some organ from his keyboard (Bach?)
An Old English Dream (start)
She Belongs to Me [Dylan] (complete)
Down in the Valley (complete, or near complete)
The Blink of an Eye
An Old English Dream (complete)
last notes of 'Twas Teatime ... a loud "hooray!"
thunder / Autumn of My Madness
Bridge from In Held and start of next section
Skating on Thin Ice
Blueberry Hill (more than a little bit)
Tracks of My Tears (complete)

Thanks, Evan



21 (25)

songs altogether:


From Procol Harum

2 (6)

from Shine on Brightly


From A Salty Dog


From Home


from Broken Barricades


From Grand Hotel


From Exotic Birds and Fruit


from Procol's Ninth


From Something Magic


From The Prodigal Stranger


from The Well's on Fire

2 non-album releases 1 No studio version released as yet The numbers in brackets represent the tally if you take In Held 'Twas in I as five numbers, rather than one.

'Almost three hours,' notes our correspondent Evan Wagshul, 'less 25 minutes' intermission: about 2.5 hours in total. Great solo by Pegg in Strangers in Space as it began, GW got behind Matt and pushed him to the front of the stage. I mentioned it to Matt after the show and he said something like "He usually kicks me in the ass". We all anticipated the closer. We were all thinking alike: "... 2-3-4 ...". But it wasn't AWSoP. Gary had turned many pages through The Book of Orchids and I was thinking, "Why is he doing that? If he doesn't know the words (to AWSoP) by now ... LOL."'  Thanks too to Marty Tamlyn

The first fifteen songs on the list exactly replicate the Leamington setlist but in fact every album was covered in this remarkable concert.

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