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Procol Harum : Live at the BBC

Order by credit-card from Shine On

Strange Fruit have arranged a special price for Procol Harum Live at the BBC for visitors to 'Beyond the Pale': details here.

You can order from Amazon USA by clicking here - and from Amazon UK by clicking here

John Grayson of Shine On has kindly arranged to stock the record at the same price so that you can buy it by credit-card. He writes to BtP as follows:

Roland, further to your suggestion re Shine On selling the new Strange Fruit CDs, a deal has been struck between the chief executives of the two organisations and a lorry-load of the CDs is currently en route from West to North London, destined for our bedroom somewhere between the credit-card machine and the shirts cupboard (actually all these things have been re-located to a new custom-built studio but it doesn't sound as good).

So ... could you post somewhere at BtP the information that the new CD will be available from us as well as from Strange Fruit. Same price, same conditions as buying from SF, my email address etc. etc

But it must please have the instruction to make any cheques payable to Shine On (not to me personally). The main point of this arrangement is to serve card users but I'm sure people will buy from us as well who are using cheques so I'd appreciate the payee info being reiterated - fans do send me cheques for merchandise made payable to me and I have to bully the bank to accept them into the Shine On account and I know they'll refuse one day.

Full card details, while we're at it, are that we can accept any Visacard, Mastercard and any British debit card (Switch, Delta etc.) but not American Express.

Lots more merchandise from Shine On

So ... send 9.99 per CD (a special discount price) and note the post and packaging rates:

Postage & packing:



Rest of planet

First Item




Subsequent items
(per CD)






By post

Shine On, 56 Brecknock Road, London N7 0DD, UK

By e-mail

to John Grayson

By cheque

Payable to Shine On (not to John Grayson)

By credit card

Send your card number + expiry date + name on card + billing address

When ordering, please include your
visa card number and expiry date, name on card and shipping address
American Express not accepted.

Thanks, John 

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