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And The Ceiling Flew Away

Gary with Ringo: Fort Lauderdale, 27 March 1999

Beverly Peyton

A complete day has nearly passed since Franky and Gary have come and gone, having left me running on fumes and a wave of total elation. Initially, I thought taking notes on each song and the atmosphere they created would suffice but, it wasn't so much what they played, but how they played it.

Having been to several of Ringo's All-Starr concerts, this was clearly the best ensemble he has given the public. The audience displayed their hunger and six very talented musicians fed them for nearly two and a half hours. From the very debonair Gary Brooker to the bare-footed, two-tone haired Todd Rundgren came hit after hit after hit.

And just as you thought the applause and adulation couldn't pronounce itself any louder ... all got lost in the dust when Gary gave the crowd A Whiter Shade of Pale! As an added dimension for the highlight of the evening, an overhead globe began revolving, shooting green flecks of light. And the ceiling flew away while Gary sang his piece de resistance. This was the clear winner of the night and the audience told him so.

 Photo: Anthony Buonfiglio

Ringo seemed looser than usual, never at a lose for words and wit; he inserted his charm throughout and lauded his band mates more than once. Then he did something I don't believe I had ever seen him do before. He accepted gifts from a member or two of the 2,000 + audience and returned with one of his drumsticks for a child.

But not to slight the others, what these All-Starr's brought to the stage, more than familiarity, was a respect for each other's originality and showmanship. From the harmonies to the melodies, each player, a legend, showed growth and a true love for what they do. All taking turns in the spotlight and deservedly so ... I was so glad I was there!

After the show, Franky and Gary invited their guests back to the hotel bar for drinks and some very funny conversations. A good time was had by all. The evening ended with a message from The Commander for the Beanstalk which you can find under The Commander Speaks!

Beverly Peyton has been Gary and Franky's hair dresser and friend for a long time. BtP is very grateful for her personal memories from her meetings with Gary

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