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Ringo's All-Starrs

Assorted concert-reviews

1997 Ringo & Co at Michigan - several PH songs featured

1997 July: Ringo and friends at the Mohegan Sun: Brooker was musical star of the show

1997 Ringo and his mates play Jones Beach : some offstage pictures here

1997 Ringo and his chums play Harborlights Pavilion

1997 Pat Keating reviews the video of the Ringo / Gary show from Pine Knob (Detroit)

1998 August: reviews from Skanderborg, where some squirrels stole the beer

1998 August: Dublin: A Salty Dog sails the Liffey, and AWSoP brings Dubliners to their feet

1998 August Lisboa: a pictorial record

1998 August Stuttgart: a pictorial record

1998 August Moscow: The Red Place turns A Whiter Shade of Pale

1998 September: Essen, where Gary doesn't sweat much!

1998 Undercover Music News

1999 13 & 14 February: Atlantic City

1999 16 February at the Beacon Theatre in NYC: more on this here

1999 17 February at the Beacon Theatre, New York

1999 18 February at the Mohegan Sun (foretaste)

1999 21 February: Westbury Music Fair, Long Island; and another review here

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hilariously shoddy piece of writing

1999 28 February Park West, Chicago

1999 6 March, Kelseyville

1999 20 March, Reno (pictures)

1999 27 March, Fort Lauderdale

1999 Orlando: Goodnight Mr Barney Brooker!

2000 Ringo's 2000 tour, without Mr Brooker

2010 Gary onstage at Ringo's 70th birthday celebrations

Ollie writes: the Ringo All-Starr video is currently available through Beatlefest (1-800-BEATLES). It has footage that we didn't get in the Connecticut show, including A Salty Dog. Just thought folks would like to know. Taking turns in trying to pass it on ...

Marvin Chassman writes: here's a site with Gary / Ringo photos and stuff; and here's another with a bit more commentary: BJ got a mention! And for all you complete-niks out there, check out this link in regard to the 3-disk Ringo's All Starr box set: Gary is featured on 4 songs on disk 3: The Devil Came from Kansas, A Salty Dog, A Whiter Shade of Pale and Conquistador.

Jack Bruce's official website is called Rope Ladder


Ringo Starr's all new ( February 2000) 3CD box Anthology And 10 Year Anniversary includes four All Starr recordings featuring Gary Brooker. See details and order from Amazon here.

You can also order the video from the 1997 All Star tour from Amazon by following this link


See also Procol Harum onstage

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June 2002: information about the new Ringo album on King Biscuit



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