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Brooker / British Rock Symphony

Excerpts from the UK Summer Tour programme

Rock Symphony logo
Thanks to Gary & Diane for getting the programme to us; Gary says that as well as his allotted two Procol Harum numbers he had great fun singing Imagine and Come Together at Blickling Hall, in Paul Young's absence. In a sense, performing this Lennon material completes the cycle of Brooker Beatle-links.

UK summer tour 1999
28 June
Royal Albert Hall,
(Indoor venue: review here)
2 July
Powderham Castle,
A fab dwelling ... very British Tourist Board
3 July
Ragley Hall,
Warwickshire: performance pictures here
Another magnificent stately home
5 July
The Docks,
(Indoor venue)
7 July
Bridgewater Hall,
(Indoor venue)
9 July
Somerley House,
Another gorgeous stately home
10 July
Blickling Hall,
Another lovely stately home

Roger Daltrey. How does he do his trademark mike-whirling stunt in these cordless radio days?
Roger Daltrey ... one of the most influential performers in rock & roll history ... he is uniquely credentialed [sic!] to front this first-of-its kind symphonic tribute to the timeless masterpieces of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who (wot, no PH?)

One would be hard-pressed to identify a rock band who more successfully meld the elements of recording, concert performance, live theatre and film than The Who. Daltrey's personal contribution to this extraordinary group-profile is inestimable.

Prior to Tommy the Show's [sic!] début album, My Generation, was released in 1966 ...

'Face it,' says the programme note, 'Alice Cooper brought show business and rock & roll together in ways never seen before, and rarely seen since - and the shock waves he created are still shaking the foundations of both.'

'We were into fun, sex, death and money when everybody was into peace and love,' Alice (elsewhere 'The Coop') explains. ' ... we drove a stake right through the heart of the Love Generation.'

The road remains Alice's second home ...

'The Coop'
Paul Young
Paul Young is blessed with one of the most distinctive and expressive voices of his generation; he started out as a semi-pro bassist with Kat Kool and the Kool Kats. His début album in 1983, No Parlez, kicked off his series of great hit records ... five studio albums, two collections: his most recent album, in 1997, was entitled simply Paul Young.
Gary's biographical page is a lot less hyperbolic than most of the others and the full text may be read here

His para ends with the address of Shine On, quoted as 'his fan club', and refers readers to an internet address,, for further information. 

No-one else in the programme is quoting a website, we notice!

Our man
Specially for you, Hermann!
Darlene Love: her 'thunderbolt voice is as embedded in the history of rock-and-roll as Eric Clapton's guitar or Bob Dylan's lyrics' said the New York Times. The past twelve months have seen her inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; she has published her autobiography, My Name is Love; starred in Grease on Broadway, developed a feature film based on her life-story; completed two albums and released Lethal Weapon 4. In the past she has recorded with the likes of Dionne Warwick(e), the Beach Boys, The Mamas & Papas, Elvis, Tom Jones, the Righteous Brothers and Sonny & Cher.
What you would have heard had you been there
Musical Director and Conductor, Keith Levenson (successfully crosses the borders of rock, pop, Broadway and symphonic music)

The Heart of England Philharmonic (for the last three years they have accompanied Chris de Burgh on his summer picnic concert tours)

Voice of Gospel (an ensemble of twenty singers ... on a mission to present music that inspires and changes lives)

Alvin Fields and Nikki Lamborn, vocalists

Zak Starkey, drums

Geoff Whitehorn, electric and acoustic guitars and backing vocals

Simon Townshend, acoustic guitars and backing vocals

Jaz Lochrie, bass guitar and backing vocals

Jimmy Jewell, keyboards

Conquistador words
If you can read these words from the programme (none of the songs had any author-attributions, by the way) you may notice one or two curiosities in comparison with the 'official' words
AWSoP words, in part
And, just in case any Palers fancy the Brooker-free album of the above ...
Advert for Rock Symphony Album (graphically, a dog's dinner!)
What's on the GB-less album


Gary Brooker's page at BtP
The 1999 Australian tour
Touring Australia, February and March 2000

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