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The Concert for George Harrison, 29 November 2002

Allen Edelist reviews the film of this event for BtP

It's Friday, 3 October 2003, and I have just located a theater for a 9:45 pm showing of the movie.

As I am directed by a website to a theater across the street from the correct one, I think that maybe it's par for the course considering some
misdirections I received during the past two PH tours.

I finally settle in for the show with the other four people who arrived at this enormous theater. I hope there were bigger crowds earlier in
the evening and during the day.

As the "Coming Attractions" concluded, a sense of uncertainty hits me. I am anxiously awaiting the known Brooker offering of Harrison's Old Brown Shoe."

As the show begins, Olivia Harrison lights a lamp symbolic of George's presence, and Eric Clapton appears on stage to welcome all to this

While I won't go far into my perceptions of the undercurrent and thereby influence you who will view this piece, I will say that I was very taken by Director Leland's editing for presentation.

The highpoints were:

All in all, I was completely thrilled to relive George's music again live.

What about The Commander?

Well, some wonderful early shots of him. A tremendous solo during Honey Don't after an in-song intro by Ringo, and another solo in another song later. It was obvious to me that the other players were taken by Gary's keyboarding. Give a good listening to the opening song.

Ringo commented during a rehearsal the Billy Preston is among the best, if not the best Hammond players. I thought for a moment, "What about Maf?" Where does he fit in? But Preston showed how perfect a Hammond player can be. He was thoroughly infectious.

And now we are three-quarters of the way through the film and where is Old Brown Shoe?

But I had been enjoying watching the two Procols in the main band. Two? Yes, Dave Bronze was the bassist, and he was great.

The ending symbolism, thanks from Dhani to the musicians and the crowd, the warm hugs by all, including Dhani and Olivia, made it known how important it was to every member who participated.

As Eric Clapton mentioned - he and George childhood friends - he did it for himself so as to lessen his grief and remember a friend from his heart.

As the rose petals fell from the ceiling of Royal Albert Hall concluding the concert of 29 November 2002, one year to the day of George's
death, the second of the two tribute posters on display high above the stage took on an eerie feeling that George is still with us in more ways than a spirit supplies.

I thought, "OK, no Old Brown Shoe."

As the credits began to roll, here it came. I am sure people were wondering who was singing that song as there was no indication given
even in the credits.

I surmise that it and others will appear on a CD and DVD. The final credits did show, "Gary Brooker appeared courtesy of Eagle

If it hadn't been so late, I could have sat through it again.

A most enjoyable concert with many familiar faces I have enjoyed over the years displaying their friendship and love for an icon of rock.

Don't miss this one. Two eyes up!


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Thanks, One-Eye


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