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'Nothing But The Sea Between Us'

Order online: official double CD of the Palers' Band (now sold out!)

Here, at last, was your chance to buy a 22-dollar Souvenir of Guildford, the Official Double CD of the Palers' Band (+ a Gary Brooker track) as recorded from the audience at the Palers' Convention in September. Twenty talented fans got together to play a rare and choice selection of Procol material, some never heard live before. Franky Brooker reported that Gary was 'touched to tears'.

Listen before you buy (links below): read the full setlist to establish exactly who is playing what.

The Double CD cost 22 US dollars plus shipping, and was available from the BtP shop (pay online by credit card in US dollars) or from the manufacturer, Hermann Braunschmidt in Germany (mail Hermann for paying arrangements: the price is the same). It came with a full liner-note and with a great collage on the cover, and was ready from December 2000. Thanks to all who ordered!

Any profits from the sale of this recording went towards the work of BtP in furthering the cause of Procol Harum; it was released with the kind co-operation of all the musicians, including Gary Brooker. Hermann arranged for full composer-royalties to be paid on each copy so that Brooker, Fisher, Trower and Reid would be rewarded for writing all the material on the two discs. We were very grateful to purchasers who kindly refrained from burning further copies of this recording.

You can read the liner note from the 2CD album by clicking here

Homburg, Kaleidoscope, Lime Street Blues, Toujours l'Amour, The Thin End of the Wedge, Salad Days (Are Here Again), Too Much Between Us, Barnyard Story, Wreck of the Hesperus, Ghost Train, Mr Krupp, A Salty Dog, Nothing But the Truth

A Rum Tale*, Fires (Which Burnt Brightly), Conquistador, Boredom, The Dead Man's Dream, A Christmas Camel, Long Gone Geek, Pandora's Box, Still There'll be More, Grand Hotel, This Old Dog, A Whiter Shade of Pale
*played and sung by Gary Brooker


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