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Procol Harum : Millennium Concert

Palers' Convention and Live Music 2000

You are invited
'Beyond the Pale' is happy to invite you, your friends and Procol Harum fans from all over the world to the Palers' Convention and Live Music 2000. (Numerous reports indexed here)

The Convention will be held at Guildford Civic Hall on Saturday 16 September: a perfect social start to the weekend of Procol Harum's Millenium Concert. Share the evening with fellow-fans from all over the world, listen to the music, have a drink or two. You'll get the music, the party, a great exhibition, a late-night breakfast buffet and Procol films all for only Ten Pounds Sterling. Oh, yes and your ticket will also enter you in the raffle for a Procol Harum 'Salty Dog' T-shirt, signed by the Millennium line-up of the band.

The Civic Hall's 'County Suite' will seat 100 persons. We don't quite know if this will prove to be many or few, but we encourage you to book your tickets now. Read the details below, and you won't want to be left standing outside!

Palers' Convention and Live Music : What, when, where etc.


7.00 pm, Saturday 16 September 2000


'The County Suite',
Civic Hall, London Road, Guildford

about 40 yards from the Jarvis Hotel


Illustrated talk on Procol cover-versions
Exhibition: Procol with orchestra down the years (thanks, Frans)
Great numbers of fellow-fans to swap info etc. with
Raffle of a signed Procol tee-shirt
New Brooker / Copping collaboration on an unused Brooker / Reid song (thanks, Chris)
Win a CD competition
Whaling Stories patches at Convention discount prices!
Matthew Fisher CD (Journey's End / I'll be There) at Convention discount prices!
Two sets of Procol music played by a band of Palers (buy official CD here)
Late-night breakfast (we advise you to eat before coming to the Convention as well)
We have of course invited the real Procol Harum to join us, but we are not able to guarantee that their rehearsal schedule will enable them to be there

How much

We are pricing this event to cover the cost of food, hiring the County Suite, a doorman, the musical gear, which we also have to insure and transport. Fans pay for their own drink at the bar in the room, but everything else is inclusive.

Tickets are 12 pounds from the Civic Hall Box Office (from 7 September) or 10 pounds to those who registered with us in advance of that date.

The capacity of the County Suite is limited, and food will be provided for advance-bookers it can't be guaranteed for people buying on the door.

Your entrance-ticket is also a raffle-ticket: during the evening one fan will win a 'Salty Dog' tee-shirt specially signed by Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, Mick Grabham, Mark Brzezicki, and Matt Pegg

Palers' Convention and Live Music : Likely Schedule - subject to change

7.00 pm

Doors open drinks and nibbles available from the bar in the County Suite tea and coffee also served

7.30 pm

'The Donwanna-Hearums' a 20-minute illustrated talk on unusual and curious Procol cover-versions, by Dr Sam Cameron of Bradford University

8.15 pm approximately

A performance by fans from all over the world, playing PH songs and rarities (what should this scratch ensemble be called? Fans' suggestions here)

9.30 pm approximately

Raffle of the signed Procol tee-shirt, and more socialising

First hearing for a new Brooker / Reid collaboration from the Commander and Professor Copping, recorded in Australia earlier this year

10.00 pm approximately

A second set of music from fans doubtless with increasing audience participation

11.15 pm

Late-night breakfast: hot snack buffet to include grilled bacon, hot dogs, (and vegetarian alternative) onions, chips, buttered rolls, mixed leaf salad and potato salad.

This will be served in the dining-room of the Jarvis Hotel, 30 yards away, where a (paying) bar will stay open for


Procol films some choice items from Henry Scott-Irvine's collection will be shown in the Jarvis Bar on seven TV screens with loud sound (thanks, Henry!) into the wee small hours until the peaches snuggle closer down into the clotted cream

People and businesses who are kindly sponsoring the Convention
or supplying facilities at rock-bottom prices

Millennium Concert:

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