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Robin Trower interviewed

in a special 'Classic Guitarists' issue of Guitar One, March, 2001:

First with psyche-prog rockers Procol Harum (Whiter Shade of Pale) and then as a solo artist, Robin Trower has had an illustrious career as a guitarist. To this day the Hendrix acolyte enjoys the kind of vital acclaim his first solo hit, Bridge of Sighs, could only hint at.

What have you been up to? (author/interviewer not named)
I just finished some extensive touring of the states during the last few months. I might be going down to tour in Brazil and Argentina next year, as well as to Germany to continue to promote the new album, Go My Way. I wanted it to have a deep vibe and a real sense of performance about it. I worked very hard on getting the tone right on this album. The guitar sounds are split, with one signal to a '69 Marshall and the other to a new Fender Twin. I also use the Deja Vibe from Fulltone.

Were you trying to stick to your blues roots on the album?
Well, that's my food and drink - the blues, R&B, and blues-rock. Whatever is on the album is just what I play naturally. What I'd like to do next is put together a bigger band and record all the stuff live in the studio, with more jamming and multiple soloists.

Do you still practise?
I play mostly for my own amusement, and out of that some songs will take form. The first thing I do when I pick up the guitar is play a slow 12-bar blues, and that seems to set me off and get the creative juices flowing. I seem to connect the fingers with the brain if I do that first. It's very important to get the heart involved, and to not just be playing with the mind.

What moments in your career stick out the most?
I suppose being top of the bill at Madison Square Garden with Procol Harum in the 70s is a great achievement. You always tend to think that your best thing is yet to come.

Thanks to Joan May for finding this for BtP

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