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More praise for Barrie Wilson

Bill Lordan

Bill Lordan is an accomplished drummer whose credits include Sly and the Family Stone, nine of Robin Trower's albums and James Dewar's solo album Stumbledown Romancer, produced by Matthew Fisher. See Bill's website for information about his current projects including his new CD. See also here for some Lordan / Trower pictures.

Bill sends these words of praise for BJ Wilson to BtP:

"I saw BJ Wilson live in Minneapolis in the 60s at the Labor Temple with Procol Harum and Robin Trower.

What I noticed about BJ Wilson's drumming style was it was the military ingredient in his playing that added to the structure of his overall sound. He must have played some military-type drumming as I did, with the all-Black Drum and Bugle Corps, (with the exception of me), the Elks' Lodge of Minneapolis.

I never met BJ Wilson and I think that his death was a loss to the music world and he is missed by many fans and other musicians."

Bill Lordan, March 2000

Bert Saraco (of Bert and Carina) wrote to BtP in October 2001

I've recently had a few correspondences with Bill Lordan (drummer: Robin Trower Band, Sly and the Family Stone, etc.) and thought that the Palers might want to read what he had to say about BJ Wilson:

" ... I always admired B.J. Wilson's drumming as I heard the military influence in his style and his precise timing and interesting drum fills. I was influenced by a marching group myself called "The Ames Lodge" I played with as a teenager in Minneapolis so I can relate to how B.J. incorporated that influence into his style. Too bad he left us so early. We all miss him and his drumming ..."

It's interesting that they both played behind Robin, isn't it? Bill Lordan is still going strong and quite active playing, writing and producing. You can find out more about his recent work, hear soundclips, and order CDs that he's involved with at: and

BJ's page at BtP

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