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Millennium Concert : Index Page

'Worth the Wait in Gold'

Reports and pictures from the 
Palers' Convention
Reports and pictures from the 
Millennium Concert
Buy the Official 2CD set of the Palers' Band (+ Gary) Roland's Festival Programme Notes, and the full Set-list
Friday: fans gather at Guildford; players in the Palers' Band Keith Reid's pre-concert message to 'Gary and the Gang'
First report on what went on at the Palers' Convention Charlie Allison: a first report
Gary at the Convention, and Franky Brooker's message to BtP George Lovell reports on the Guildford weekend
Linda's pictures of the Palers rehearsing in the hotel Malène Lemoine reports in French and English
Two setlists from the Palers' band Frank Matheus: pictures from convention and concert
Fritz Friedl's pictures of Palers (and others !) at the Convention Jonas Söderström's concert pictures : an index
Jonas Söderström's Convention pictures : three pages of Palers Jonas Söderström's pre-concert pictures : three pages of Palers
Jonas's study of Dave Ball playing Conquistador Marvin Chassman's pictures of the Festival Afternoon
Larry Pennisi's intriguingly-presented Guildford images More afternoon pictures from Marvin
Peter Christian's comprehensive photo-guide to the Convention Concert pictures from Marvin
Sam Cameron's talk on PH covers, and the absentees' messages Some excellent concert portraits of GB+4Ms … plus!
Marvin Chassman's pictures of the Convention More fine pictures of Procol Harum in action
Romance at the Convention: the Richard-and-Donna story Before and during the concert: Greg's pictures
Guildford, the town: Greg Panfile's pictureque pictures 'Scenes From A Doll's House': Alan Matthews reports
Before and during the Convention: Greg's pictures Interesting comments on the above review
John Lock on the Palers' Convention Beverly Peyton's Festival and Convention pictures
Richard Ashworth on the Palers' Convention Mirek Plodzik reports, in Tylko Rock 11, 2000
Allen Edelist's pictures of the Palers' Band in action Allen Edelist's pictures of soundcheck and performance
Allen Edelist's various Convention pictures  Allen Edelist's Guildford miscellany
Jim Krapf's 87-stanza evocation of the UK Experience António Alfaiate's images of the Guildford weekend
Convention and concert-pictures from Paul Holland More convention and concert-pictures from Paul Holland and some more again and some more again
Some unusual shots from the camera of Dave Knight Video-clips from the Millennium Concert
Larry's supplementary picture-page  

The build-up to the Concert
First news of the Millennium Concert as sent out exclusively to subscribers to BtP's 'Fresh Fruit' newsletter (subscribe here)
Comprehensive schedule of bands and attractions …(earlier details of the programme)
Procol Harum personnel on this occasion …[Did you expect them to play … see BtP poll-result] … and first pictures of the present band
Procol Harum in rehearsal for the Millennium Concert
Booking tickets for the Festival … several methods, one that really helps the charities
The build-up to the Procol Party:

Socialising over the weekend

The Palers' Convention and Live Music … the big event for Saturday 16 September. Public booking for this has now started. Ring the Civic Hall Box Office UK (0)1483 444555 if you didn't reserve a ticket through BtP … it's twelve pounds per head
List of Palers who will be in Guildford … to add your name, just mail us
What is the Palers' Band? What should it be called?
If you aren't able to come to the Convention, send a message to those who do gather, and Sam Cameron will read it out! (thanks, Sam)
Getting to Guildford and where to stay 
About the venue at Stoke Park, Guildford, and how to get there by various means
Hotels to stay at, and details of how to book your rooms
Press releases sent out before the show
About Procol Harum and the concert at the all-day multi-media arts festival entitled The Web, 17 September 2000 (thanks Richard)
About the Palers' Convention in Guildford Civic Hall 16 September 2000 (thanks Tito)
Guildford hosts a celebration of the arts, including Procol Harum, 17 September 2000        
Richard Amey interviews Gary Brooker  
Brooker fulfils promise

Other Procol Harum concerts
Longstanding rumours of further Procol activity
Gary promises to play in 2000 (search for 'promises')
Gary plays Guildford, 1998
Fans' Christmas wish-list
Fans' ideal set-lists
Guildford Arts : website
Family Fandango … a funk band of Procol fans!

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