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Procol Harum : Millennium Concert

Keith Reid's message to the Band

Left, Gary declaims Keith's FAX at the soundcheck.

'I like rapping,' he declared afterwards. 'I've done a bit before, you know Dead Man's Dream The Worm and the Tree.'

Right, the text itself

'Feel free to share it with the fans if you think they will be interested' said Keith.

Thanks to Franky Brooker for getting permission for BtP to exhibit this remarkable message.

The text is Bluebeard Music 2000

  To Gary and The Gang

Have fun. Break a leg. Tear it up. Rock on. Do it to it. Party hearty.
Large it. Take no prisoners. Go crazy. Go wild. Keep on keeping on.
Say it with feeling. Get down with your bad self. Feel the force.
Get funky. Have a funky goodtime Let the goodtimes roll. Be bad.
Be first. Be the best that you can be. Bees make honey. Honey honey.
Blow the roof off the dump. Rock'n'roll. Shake, shake, shake.
Take your time. XXXX XX XXXXXXX X marks the spot. Spot the
deliberate mistake. Make no mistake. Stake your claim. Give a shit.
Dont give a shit. Shit, shit, shit. Groove to the feeling. Have mercy
Show no mercy. Mercy, mercy, mercy. Deliver the goods . Enjoy. Joy.
Dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes. The eyes have it.
Knock their socks off. Sock it to 'em. Stop the rot. Rot'n'roll.
Love the one your with. Once more with feeling. Be part of the party
Now is the time. Spread the message. Dont mess with Bill. Say the word
Words can never hurt you. Oh yes they can. Get off your can. Get off
Be groovy. Shake your groove thing. Little things mean a lot. Mean it.
Dont be mean. By all means. By any means necessary. Cut the rug.
Cut the cheese. Cut the shit. Its all good. Good God a'Mighty. Mighty
mighty mighty. Dont mess with whitey. Out of sight. A sight for sore
eyes. Eye, Eye, Eee, i, adio. Lawks a'mercy. Lord almighty. Storm force
frighty. Lock the doors, bar the gates, an' keep your squeakers clean.

Good luck lads



Millennium Concert

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