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The Keith Reid Project

The Common Thread • CD album + downloads, August 2008

This is the first of Keith Reid's two solo albums to date. The second may be found here

14 June 2008: 'Beyond the Pale' is excited to announce the first-ever Keith Reid solo album, as it were, The Common Thread. Keith's words are the eponymous thread uniting the thirteen songs, written with a variety of collaborators, that constitute this intriguing album. It is on the Rockville label: text below in brown comes from the Rockville site or from the associated MySpace page. See also The Only Monkey video (YouTube, MySpace) and the Reid interview about lyric writing from 2009

The album can be pre-ordered, as of 1 September 2008, from Amazon UK: shipping will be 15 September: click here


1 In God's Shadow (sung by John Waite, composed by Waite, A Krizan, J DeNicola)

2 You're the Voice original version (singer: Chris Thompson, music by Chris Thompson, Andy Qunta and Maggie Ryder)

3 The Heartbreak House (sung and composed by Michael Saxell)

4 A Common Thread (singer: Southside Johnny, music by  Matt Noble)

5 Potters Field (singer: Bernie Shanahan, composed by Michael Saxell)

6 Gold Fever (singer: John Waite, music by John Waite / Jeff Golub)

7 Venus Exploding (singer: Bernie Shanahan, music by Matt Noble)

8 The Only Monkey (sung and composed by Chaz Jankel)

9 It Might Be Your Heart (singer: Chris Thompson, music by  Chris Thompson / Mark Taylor)

10 Silver Town (sung and composed by Steve Booker)

11 Ninety-Nine Degrees in the Shade (singer: Southside Johnny, music by Matt Noble / John Lyon)

12 Too Close to Call (singer: Terry Reid, music by Barry Goldberg)

13 Right About Now (sung and composed by Steve Booker)

For The Keith Reid Project, Keith Reid has gathered together a highly-impressive group of singers and songwriters around him. The album The Common Thread has made a dream become reality, for these songs have accompanied Keith's life like 'a common thread'.

In all there are eight singers/songwriters to interpret Keith Reid's lyrics and stories. There is Chris Thompson (the voice of Manfred Mann's Earth Band) and John Waite (Bad English, The Babys and a very fine solo artist) – they are both among the world's great voices of rock – having stamped their unique character on worldwide hits such as Blinded by the Light (C Thompson), Mr Wonderful and Missing You (J Waite). There is Southside Johnny, also known as 'The Godfather of the New Jersey Sound', acknowledged by Jon Bon Jovi as 'my reason for singing'. And also there is the legendary Terry Reid who has firmly stamped his name in rock history and continues to enjoy high status among music critics. Also Steve Booker, co-writer/producer of Duffy's 2008 #1 hit Mercy, wrote and sings two songs on the album.

The achievement is a singer/songwriter album containing timeless beautiful rock music, tailor-made for great voices. In the finest classic tradition Rock, Pop and Folk are tied together harmoniously. Here and there you can find some Americana, Blues, Latin and Irish influences. Anyone between the age of 8 and 80 in the mood for good handmade music should listen to The Common Thread. AOR-Worldmusic at its best.

Also: a very special rarity is the song You're the Voice, a worldwide hit by John Farnham in 1986, co-written by Chris Thompson and Keith Reid. The Common Thread contains the previously-unreleased original version of You're the Voice, recorded by Chris Thompson himself in early 1986.

Keith ReidKeith Reid
Keith Reid and Gary Brooker founded Procol Harum in 1967. From then on Keith Reid's surreal lyrics defined the “intellectual identity” of the band. With the worldwide chartbreaker A Whiter Shade of Pale Brooker/Reid created an all-time rock classic.

And with Homburg, A Salty Dog, Conquistador, Pandora’s Box, Grand Hotel, and the Live With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra album Procol Harum became one of Rock's defining bands. Keith Reid wrote all Procol Harum lyrics from 1967 until now.

Besides Bob Dylan there is barely any artist whose lyrics were as important for the songs' intentions as Keith Reid's words are for the art of Procol Harum.

Chris Thompson Chris Thompson (left)
The voice Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band gave unmistakable identity to worldwide chart breakers like Blinded By The Light and Davy's on the Road Again. Chris Thompson worked with Alan Parsons, Mike Oldfield, Sarah Brightman, and has been extremely successful as a solo artist. Thompson/Reid co-wrote the song You're The Voice, a worldwide hit by John Farnham, in 1986. The Common Thread contains a very special rarity: the previously-unreleased original version of You're the Voice, recorded by Chris Thompson himself in early 1986.
John Waite
John Waite (right)
No matter if John Waite performs as the singer of Bad English, The Babys or as a solo artist: his voice is unmistakeable. Mr Wonderful, Missing You and When I See You Smile are only some of John Waite's worldwide hits.
Southside Johnny Southside Johnny (left)
By the mid '70s Southside Johnny, along with Bruce Springsteen, defined the sound of The New Jersey Sound music scene. Consequently his early albums contain some songs written by Bruce Springsteen. Southside was rightly called 'The Godfather of New Jersey Sound' and Jon Bon Jovi has acknowledged him as 'my reason for singing'. In 1982 Rolling Stone voted his album Hearts of Stone among the top 100 of the '70s and '80s. Southside Johnny has released over twenty albums.
Terry Reid
Terry Reid (right)
One of the most remarkable voices in Rock. His career, lasting over forty years, has seen many notable moments: his definitive early recording of Season of the Witch; his great songs Friends and (the much-covered) Rich Kid Blues, his famous classic album The River, and – one of Keith’s favourites – The Fifth of July. He has toured with the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull and Fleetwood Mac. His warm and emotional voice mark him among the greatest.
Steve Booker Steve Booker (left)
Steve Booker is an English singer, songwriter and producer. He is currently enjoying huge success with Duffy, having co-written and produced her No 1 single Mercy. He’s written country music in Nashville and had many songs recorded by some of the country’s biggest names. He has also received a BMI Most Performed Song award for the Kinley's hit Somebody's Out There Watching. He also recorded with and produced artists such as Natalie Imbruglia, Heather Small, Marti Pellow and Paul Young.
Bernie Shanahan
Bernie Shanahan (right)
Bernie Shanahan signed his first major deal in 1989 with Atlantic Records. He is successfully working as a singer/songwriter and has recorded with such artists as Alice Cooper, Cher and Michael Bolton.
Chaz Jankel Chaz Jankel (left)
Founder member of Ian Dury and the Blockheads and writer of all their chart hits in the British funk/new wave of the late '70s. Including Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Reasons to be Cheerful, Sweet Gene Vincent, etc. Besides film music (eg Number One from the film Real Genius). He is a successful solo artist and also writer for other artists, eg Quincy Jones worldwide hit Ai No Corrida.
Michael Saxell
Michael Saxell (right)
Highly respected singer/songwriter: more than 250 of his songs have been recorded by other artists such as Randy Bachman (Bachman Turner Overdrive) and Eric Bazilian (The Hooters).

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