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Procyl ... Parocial ... Porocol ... Procul ... Procik ... Harem ... Haven ... Harom ... Harlum

Some nasty typos and 'thinkos'

Jonny Moen writes to BtP (regarding this article)

I almost go mad every time people write 'Procol Harum'

There's a lot of ways to do it ... I try to argue with "what about Rolling Stunes" or something like that, but I'm seldom heard!

Worst is when catalogues, pretending to be serious, do it the way this illustration shows!

It's taken from Music Master by John Humphries in 1984.

Claiming to be "The world's greatest record catalogue", it contains 860 enormous pages!

Nice - very nice!

Note the random oscillation between correctitude and impropriety

The UK's TV Times (mid-December 2000 ... see above) ought to know how to punctuate Jools's ... but in the light of that incompetence, perhaps the hilarious stupidity of 'Proul Haven' is understandable. Even by clicking on the illustration, it's too late to put anything right, and we fear for the sanity of Jonny Moen (see comment above).

Gary Brooker's comment (20 December) was simply, 'This one takes the biscuit.' Click here to see the pictorial response from Henry Spinetti.

All that BtP can say in favour of TV Times is that it's slightly less useless than the corresponding Radio Times which didn't even bother to mention Gary at all ...


We'd like to tip our collective Homburgs to the sound-alike artists' band 'Beyond the Fringe', who cover Conquistador, and whose mis-spelling of 'Procol Harum' is among the most ghastly we have ever seen.

Doubtless they are more accurate when it comes to music!

USA's Monarch Record Manufacturing Co white label test pressing for the 1972 A&M release of the first Procol album with the addition of (and the title of) A Whiter Shade of Pale.

A Whiter Shade of Pale
She Wandered through the Garden Fence 
Something Following Me 
Cerdes (Outside the Gates of)

A Christmas Camel
Salad Days (Are Here Again)
Good Captain Clack
Repent Walpurgis

The matrix numbers here are "A&M SP 4645-M1" and "A&M SP 4646-M1", though the actual release came out as A&M SP 4373 (the 4646 catalogue number eventually went to an LTD LP called Somebody to Love.)

On one side the production controller has erroneously written With a Shade of Pale by Parocial Harem.
Would this be more forgivable if 'parochial' were spelt correctly?

This hilarious test-pressing luckily 'not representative of the finished record' scores a feeble one out of five, for managing to spell 'Dog' correctly.
Otherwise 'A' is missing from the song-title, 'Salty' has an intrusive 'r', Procol has a rogue 'a' in place of the second 'o', and 'Harum' has gained an 'l'.

Porocol Harum and The Prodical Stranger ... at least 'Brooker' is spelt correctly. See it all here

And a shipshod effort from The Times of 14 April 2009 may be winced at here

Nice to see bloggers posting about Procol Harum, but people's spelling continues to baffle ...

Even the supposedly reliable Q magazine lapses, here

Advertisement for a gig probably in 1968, when 15 July was a Saturday (thanks, Per)

February 2014: Wikipedia forestalls confusion between a classic rock band and the congregation of People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad

And here's why one of the BtP team didn't get his 2015 van-insurance reminder by e-mail:

According to IMDB (click here) the 2015 film Stonewall contains 31 soundtrack items; it documents not only a song (Uptown Baby) co-written by Procol's Josh Phillips, but also this curious semi-tautological typological alias:

More Features at 'Beyond the Pale'


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