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Alan George Cartwright

10 October 1945 – 4 March 2021

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to tell you of the passing of long-time Procol Harum band member Alan Cartwright, who left us in the early hours of the morning of 4 March.

Loved and cared for by family and friends, he was at peace.

A fine musician but, more important, a fine person: amiable
 with a great sense of humour. Greatly missed.

This doleful bulletin came to 'Beyond the Pale' on 7 March 2021 from Kenny White, whose friendship
with Alan (and BJ of course) goes back some sixty years to their North London schooldays.
He also kindly supplied the photograph below.

Main instrument: Bass

Live with Edmonton Symphony 
Grand Hotel 
Exotic Birds and Fruit 
Procol's Ninth




At Redhill in 1997Alan played a borrowed bass, having given his own to his son; he had not played for many years, but now runs a bar. 


Previous work: Every Which Way

Tunes Music Network on Alan Cartwright
Sessions list: all non-PH and non-Paramounts records (up to 1986) to which Procol Harum members contributed

From Chris Copping
18 November 2008

Hi Roland

I just want to be recorded on the following.

I have been making copies of my favourite PH live recordings – notably Croydon '76 and Hollywood Bowl '73 – and have come to the conclusion that Alan Cartwright is the unsung hero of such gigs.

The way he anchors things down whilst being able to push forward when required recalls such footballers as Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole (to mention Puskás would reveal my age but that's widely documented).

It is part of the secret of the band actually playing as a team and being on the same page.

As for Mickey's guitar work at the Bowl – I think we'd all like some of what he had!

I don't have any contact details for Al so hope this can be passed on.

I am proud to have been part of these gigs.



HARUM MAN QUITS (from Sounds, 3 July 1976)

PROCOL HARUM have announced a line-up change just before they headline an open air concert at York this Sunday.

Alan Cartwright, bass guitarist, has left the group. His place has been taken by Chris Copping who was originally the group’s bassist before moving to keyboards.

A new keyboard player has thus been added to the group, Pete Solley. Pete was one of Chris Farlowe’s Thunderbirds back in the Sixties and has also worked with Arthur Brown, Terry Reid, Paladin and SNAFU.

He makes his British debut with the group at York. (thanks, Per)

The picture apparently shows Alan Cartwright and BJ Wilson (and DJ Tony Prince) when they played together in Freddie Mack's band, Dublin 1966. Click the photo to read a related interview

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